Jesse Jackson, Sr. to go after Silicon Valley: Shakedown Rainbows never end

Jesse Jackson tech companies

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition shakedown rainbow never ends, but everyone knows that there is the equivalent of many pots of gold in the bank account of Jesse Jackson, Sr. Regardless, it now it turns out he’s going after the tech industry.

USA Today reported Monday:

Desair Brown: Civil rights activists are turning up the heat on Silicon Valley, calling on major internet firms to release their diversity numbers. I’m Desair Brown for USA Today here with Reverend Jesse Jackson Senior from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Calling, whose partly behind the campaign. So reverend, the numbers show that the tech industry is mostly white male and asian. How have companies been able to get away with that for so long?

Jesse Jackson Senior: The media has not exposed them. Those who have been locked out if not declared they should be let in under some notion it’s somehow Magic Kingdom, kind of economic rock stars. So they have a lot of H1B workers they bring in from outside the country. There’s no job that they do that we can not do in America. So there’s not really a talent deficit; there’s an opportunity deficit. […] This is the next step in the civil rights movement.

Notice Ms. Brown’s question: She asks how tech companies have been able to “get away” with having so many white and asian employees, as if the statistic alone is proof that there is some sort of weird conspiracy to deny black people jobs at Google, Twitter, etc. Mr. Jackson takes the bait and then references minorities (asians apparently don’t count) who have been “locked out” of Silicon Valley.

The liberalism of Jesse Jackson Sr. is one that is favored by intellectual sloths out to make an easy buck or the intellectually bankrupt seeking to enrich themselves materially. As already stated, the racial shakedown is a perfect vehicle for such a thing. In Jackson’s case he’s 2-for-2, being intellectually lazy and intellectually bankrupt.

The line of questioning adopted by Ms. Brown implies that there is no point to digging into the numbers; we don’t need to go beyond Stage 1 because Silicon Valley has already been tried and convicted in the Court of Diversity.

What if Google and Facebook and Twitter all want to hire more black people, but they just don’t have a large enough pool of qualified applicants? These companies are looking for the best and brightest in the world due to fierce competition — hiring mediocre applicants just to get a good grade on some “diversity report card” is, in the tech world, suicidal.

Instead of asking Mr. Jackson how companies “get away” with having so many white and asian individuals on the payroll, Ms. Brown should have asked her guest “What does the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics tell us about the number of women and minorities potentially available for these jobs?” She didn’t do that because a.) Jesse Jackson Sr. is only good at coming up with bumper sticker lines about “opportunity deficits,” and b.) the numbers would take her story in a realm not favorable to Rainbow Push Coalition race-baiting campaigns.

Here is what NSF said in its report “Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 2013”:

NSFGov minority science statsOne online search highlights quite nicely that Ms. Brown and Jesse Jackson Sr. are either intellectually lazy or disingenuous when they imply that the technology sector is “getting away” with “locking out” minorities. The fact is that American minorities as a whole (at this time) aren’t particularly interested in pursuing math and science — and when they do go into the field it’s in a “soft science” like psychology. There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what tech companies are looking for in an applicant. In less than five minutes bloggers can find government data that suggests the problem is a lot more nuanced than the tech-companies-are-probably-racist story, but Mr. Jackson can’t? Telling.

The interesting thing about “diversity” activists is that it’s not true diversity they want. Take for instance The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport’s 2014 “Racial and Gender Report Card” for the NBA. The organization found that African Americans “comprised 77 percent of all NBA players while 80.5 percent of players were people of color.” The grade for NBA player hiring practices: A+.

From a true “diversity” point of view, that is horrible. How is the NBA “getting away” with having such a dearth of asian point guards? Why are there so few white people on the basketball court? If the field of play is supposed to be representative of the racial breakdown of the country, the Rainbow Push Coalition should be looking to reduce the number of black players (and by extension black millionaires) in the league. However, if the NBA’s goal is to have the best basketball players in the world, should it then do nothing.

Perhaps most bizarre about the Jesse Jackson Sr. worldview is that if I came up to his fans on the street and told them more black people should concentrate on science and technology, there’s a good chance they would say that I was trying to impose “white” culture on them. They would say that the history of black culture indicates that black Americans have always been attracted to the liberal arts. They would rightly note singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, etc. as all the reasons why I should just mind my own business and not worry about whether or not a black kid from Chicago wants to be the next Michael Jordan, the next Oprah Winfrey or the next Steve Jobs. The end result is that diversity activism boils down to “I want what I want when I want it.” What constitutes “diversity” is completely arbitrary. When numbers can be used as a racial cudgel, expect to be beaten. When numbers are inconvenient, it’s none of the white/asian guy’s business — stop trying to change my culture, Mr. Ernst.

If Mr. Jackson really believes that there is an enormous pool of black talent that isn’t being tapped, then he should start his own tech company with an all-or-mostly black staff just to prove a point. If Silicon Valley has really “locked out” black techie all-stars, then it has willingly denied itself massive profits. Mr. Jackson should have no problem finding recruits for a new company that will be based out of Chicago.