Karzai: Afghanistan will heal if we allow wife-beating

Hamid Karzai found an interesting way to conduct "outreach" with the Taliban: He's defining ways to knock a woman's teeth out that are "in line with Islamic law." Meanwhile, Joy Behar can't get to sleep at night because Rush Limbaugh made a slut joke.

What would happen if a U.S. soldier, for some weird reason, was accused of beating an Afghan woman? You know the answer—the place would explode into a screaming, yelling, semi-automatic rifle firing ball of Islamic rage. Yet, oddly enough, Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, has opted for “outreach” to the Taliban that touches on (or should I say punches on?) that very topic:

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghanistan’s president on Tuesday endorsed a “code of conduct” issued by an influential council of clerics that activists say represents a giant step backward for women’s rights in the country.

President Hamid Karzai‘s Tuesday remarks backing the Ulema Council’s document, which allows husbands to beat wives under certain circumstances and encourages segregation of the sexes, is seen as part of his outreach to insurgents like the Taliban. …

Asked about the code of conduct at a press conference in the capital, Karzai said it was in line with Islamic law and was written in consultation with Afghan women’s groups. He did not name the groups that were consulted.

Here in the United States, liberal feminists have just spent an entire week going ballistic because radio host Rush Limbaugh made ill-advised “slut” jokes about a 30 year old Georgetown Law student and long-time activist for the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, the entire Muslim world is rife with “codes of conduct” that are “in line with Islamic law” (i.e., blank checks for treating women like a punching bag), and they don’t say a thing. There are millions of people on the other side of the globe who go to sleep dreaming of a world-wide Islamic caliphate, yet Joy Behar and the women of The View spend their air time moaning about Rush Limbaugh.

The United States might officially be leaving Afghanistan, but that doesn’t mean the war is over. The core issue at hand, which too many Americans want to deny, is that we’re dealing with a clash of civilizations. You don’t win a clash of civilizations by declaring victory and going home—you win by erasing the other civilization from any meaningful participation in the modern world.

Shariah Law is not compatible with Western Civilization, and most politicians don’t have the guts to come out and directly say that. Hamid Karzai wants to figure out ways that Islamic men can give those “special” women in their life an upper cut and a bloodied lip when it suits them (burkas cover up more than good looks, didn’t you know?), but somehow U.S. conservatives are waging a “War on Women”? Give me a break.

For far too long the United States has tried to balance a foreign policy where it had to choose between “bad” guys and “really bad guys.” It’s been stuck in a no-win situation because in that part of the world the choice is between an upset stomach with vomiting or diarrhea. Here’s an idea: How about neither?

Fact: The United States has played patty-cake with the Middle East for far too long. We’ve tried to bring a schizophrenic civilization the mental help it needs with a message of freedom, liberty and private property rights. If they ultimately reject their medicine at this point in the game, than there is only one option left—and it’s not pretty. A nation that beats down its women is not one we need to build up. Period.

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