Leaving for LA. If I come back with one ear, it’s Sean Penn’s fault.

In a few hours I’m leaving for Los Angeles, home of Sean Penn. And if I happen to run into him I’ll ask about screaming rectal cancer patients and Hugo Chavez.

Penn wonders why people question his motives for visiting Haiti, but I

I have rectal cancer? Bummer…

have to ask again how many truly altruistic people will wash the feet of the poor and hungry one minute only to turn around and wish the guy next to him die, screaming in agony, of rectal cancer the next. It would almost be as ridiculous as if I linked to a third story chronicling Penn’s bizarre, mean-spirited wish that you died of rectal cancer, and then became indignant if you surmised I wasn’t a huge fan of Spicoli.

If my blog posts are sporadic this week it means I’m either promoting conservatism to college students in Southern California…or Sean Penn’s man crush, Hugo Chavez, sent his goons to cut my ear off. See you in a week!