“Bill Maher Liberal” Election Strategy: Call Modern Paul Revere Racist, Crazy, or Dumb.

Bill Maher wants you to believe he's a Liberal Professor X. He can read minds, and his opposition is apparently racist or crazy. Today, most people are laughing at him because they know the Federal Government has racked up the kind of debt that can castrate a nation. Trying to label the modern Paul Revere racist for sounding the alarm isn't going to work.

I was talking to a liberal friend yesterday on the phone who told me that the Tea Party movement “hates black people.”  I guess my friend missed the memo: The Tea Party movement is no longer racist because…they’re crazy! Or, if you’re John Kerrythey’re dumb.

A new report from the Culture and Media Institute shows a widespread media attack on the Tea Party and its candidates’ sanity, something the report’s author, Nathan Burchfiel, told The Daily Caller is most likely a result of the left’s inability to form a legitimate argument against the Tea Party.

“It [calling Tea Partiers crazy] is a way to distract from the issues,” Burchfiel said. “It’s the same thing with the racist argument: You try to paint them as racists so you don’t have to talk about the issues.”

The reason why the mathematically-challenged Bill Maher and his friends in the media are having a hard time dismissing the Tea Party movement is that, despite a rotting education system, there are still enough old people who can look at numbers and discern what they mean. Take, for example, any number of entitlement programs. The nation simply can’t fulfill the promises politicians have been making for years. Entitlement programs are on autopilot, and it doesn’t matter who’s in control of Congress—it’s going to get worse unless we get serious about reform. Quickly.

Tea Party members regularly cite the federal government's own numbers when expressing their concerns over the direction the country is going. The liberal response is to call them crazy or racist. The only thing that's divorced from reality is the Progressive idea that you can spend yourself into a black hole and then come out on the other side all right. Somewhere, a liberal is calling me subconsciously racist because I used "black hole" as a metaphor.

The racist theory has been tried for years by people who, for whatever reason, don’t have a grasp of the issues. The person making the charge seeks to convince you that they’re somehow a living, breathing version of The X-Men’s Professor X. He or she can read minds and pull motives from the recesses of his opposition’s mind, and if you just believe in Liberal Professor X everything will be all right.  That worked in the past, but these days it’s harder to do because a tsunami of retiring baby boomers have forced smart people to crunch the numbers. And they’re not pretty.

Bill Maher is now on record as saying that “European Socialism works.” How can anyone take him seriously?  Even the Europeans don’t believe that any more. Europe is a sad, lost, cultural husk that’s blowing around on the international landscape.  It’s looking for an identity, and right now the only people who are actively trying to shape one for them have a predilection towards violence when you disagree with them.

When the election results come in, don’t say I didn’t try and warn you Bill.

If you're concerned about the future of Social Security, spending as a percentage of GDP, and the stresses that Baby Boomers will place upon it...liberal talking heads assume you're a racist. I hope Bill Maher runs for office, because the reaction to his campaign stump speech would be priceless.

Seth MacFarlane’s Coffee Cup Glued To Face During Bill Maher’s Show. Breitbart Victorious.

Seth's sudden desire to get lost in his cup whenever he had an opening to disembowel Breitbart is interesting. Oh, wait, liberals only come off as public policy geniuses when they're interviewed by their allies or debating the conservative equivalent of Peter Griffin.

Fight night is over, and I can rest easy because my prediction about Seth Macfarlane was on the money, so much so that Bill Maher even called out everyone’s favorite liberal Family Guy. Instead of diving into the ring when an opening presented itself, Seth’s primary option last night was to lose himself in a cup of coffee. Viewers who tuned in found out that he’s confused by Obamacare and that he doesn’t need tax breaks (which is odd because nothing is stopping him from unloading his wealth by donating it to the Federal Government):

Bill Maher: Let’s concentrate on the part where sick kids get thrown off the rolls because of pre-existing conditions…

Andrew Breitbart: Obamacare is a comprehensive package, that you’re now taking the tear jerker utopian thing that everyone is going to clap at when you say Republicans are taking that away—it’s the cost of this thing—it’s an outrageous cost…and this was shoved down not just the Republican’s throat without bipartisan support.  70% of Americans are opposed to this.

Bill Maher: First of all, (turning to Seth MacFarlane) help me any time.

*audience laughter*

Seth: It’s funny because I think it’s hard for a lot of liberals to get on board with…there’s so much about this health care reform that’s baffling to a lot of us…

Andrew Breitbart: When this process starting coming out in 2009, when the townhalls started to happen, what happened was, is that when people started asking the basic questions (espeically  old people who understood Medicare), not people like us who don’t pay attention to that sort of stuff, they shut down the debate…it seemed like a rigged process from the very beginning, where America didn’t have the opportunity to debate the issue…

Bill Maher: They debated for a year.

Seth Macfarlane: *silence*

Andrew Breitbart: This thing was not debated in a rational way.  This thing was shoved down the American people’s throat.

Bill Maher: That was a slow shove—it took a year.  I tell ya, if I had something in my throat for a year, I’d be gay by now.  That was a slow shove.

It’s funny that a year to Bill Maher is a long time when it comes to debating major decisions for the nation as a whole (with a Democrat in office), and yet the decades-plus middle finger that Saddam Hussein gave the international community—and the year of debate that followed when George Bush told the world that despotic, dictatorial “F-yous” weren’t going to cut it in a post 9/11 world—was a sprint to war with the Real Time host.  Regardless, this post is about Seth and his sudden habit of sticking cups in his face when he should have been making the Big Bad Breitbart look like the conservative neanderthal every “smart” person knows he is, right?

Seth, is that cup glued to your face? Did someone pull a prank on you in the Green Room, or did you just REALLY like that coffee?

Let’s turn toward Seth’s ingenius response to the extension of Bush tax cuts:

Seth: We don’t need those tax cuts.

Bill Maher: No, we don’t.

Andrew Breitbart: That’s hard to believe. I would say this:  the idea that this country is going to go through this period…that the Repubican party is going to tap into it the Teaparty thing going on out there…there the people at the grass roots have created this momentum, and the Republicans are trying to tap into it and they have not whatsoever. They are now suffering because of the Teaparty. They  have not figured it out…They’re not even close to what the Teaparty wants out there.  It’s not just Democrats that don’t know what’s going on, it’s Republicans that are completely lost.

What followed was Bill Maher demonstrating for his audience that he doesn’t understand basic Math.  Anyone can look at the government’s own numbers and see that taxing “the rich” is not going to save the nation from collapsing under the weight of a mountain of debt.   Bill Maher bathes in quixotic ignorance and doesn’t even realize that he’s intellectually naked in front of millions of people.  The Government’s own numbers on a wide range of issues are available to him, but instead of honestly examining them and realizing that the ideology he clings to has us on The Road to Serfdom, he’s decided on getting applause lines by mentioning that he cares for kids with pre-existing conditions.  Bravo, Bill.

And Seth, I’ll see you on the next installment of Real Time, when Bill rewards you with a conservative even Peter Griffin could handle.

Bill knows that government data is readily available to him. Here, we're just looking at interest on the national debt. Instead of looking at the numbers and realizing his "tax the rich" argument is a fairy tale in light of the bowel-busting debt heading down the national gastrointestinal track, he'd rather throw out applause lines about sick kids... Guess what, Bill: the NATION is sick. It's a debt junkie that is just now realizing the bill is going to come due. And it's going to hurt. Bad.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong: Jesus of Suburban Hot Topic Shoppers.

Whenever I look at this blog’s visitors, it always surprises me how many people still read a post of mine titled: Billie Joe Armsrong: American Idiot, Sunshine Patriot, or Both? It must have struck a chord (perhaps one of the four Green Days plays over and over and over, albeit really well?). Who knows. But it seems there are a lot of people out there coming to the same conclusions I do about Billie, although perhaps The Killers’ Brandon Flowers was the first high-profile musician to do it:

“You have Green Day and American Idiot. Where do they film their DVD? In England. “A bunch of kids screaming ‘I don’t want to be an American idiot’ – I saw it as a very negative thing towards Americans. It really lit a fire in me. “You have the right to say what you want to say and what you want to write about, and I’m sure they meant it in the same way that Bruce Springsteen meant Born in the USA and it was taken wrongly, but I was really offended when I saw them do that.” “To go to a place like England or Germany and sing that song (American Idiot) – those kids aren’t taking it the same way that he meant it. And he (frontman BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG) knew it.”

Is it me, or did Brandon Flowers just take out “Glass Joe” like Little Mac on steroids? That one had to leave a mark…

"Glass Joe" (aka: Jesus of Suburban Hot Topic Shoppers), TKO'd by Brandon Flowers of The Killers.

Billie Joe knows exactly what he’s doing, which is why it’s annoying that in his mind the US military is only legitimate when all branches apparently become support for Coast Guard humanitarian missions; (otherwise they’re just mindless drones suckered into enlisting by the big bad Bush-Hitler and predestined to die a needless death, a 21-Gun salute to remember them by?)

If you’re not familiar with Green Day you might wonder what Jesus of Suburbia is all about. I’d say, skip that question for now, because the more interesting observation is that Billie Joe seems to think he’s Jesus of Suburban Hot Topic Shoppers whose lives are so comfortable that they have to create things to be angry about.

Perhaps this blog post is a bit pre-mature, as Billie will be appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher…or was that Real Time with Guy Who Gets Paid to Belch Intellectual Bile? Either way, I’ll be watching. And then writing, because right now we haven’t heard too much from Billie Joe since Barack Obama’s nomination left a lump in his throat. Oh wait, we do have this little gem:

“I am optimistic, as long as these right-wing conservative a**holes don’t try to ruin things for people — like throwing around ideas that we’re headed for a socialist government. Which, the way they’re throwing it around, they don’t even know what socialism really is.”

Hmmm…perhaps I’m just a “right wing a**hole,” but I’d say the government taking control of one-sixth of the US economy in one fell swoop is pretty darn close to what conservatives said would happen if he was elected.

When you go on Maher’s show to wax political, Billie, just remember that at one time you understood that it was you who happened to be the basket case. Word for the wise: You still are. Only now, you think you’re Jesus of Suburbia…

Leave the reform up to people who actually know what they’re talking about and stick to being a punk, because that’s what you’re good at.