Students See Greece Enter Eighth Circle of Hell, Realize Profs Lied about Liberalism.

Roger L. Simon has an interesting piece over at Pajamas Media about the Culture Wars:

Woody Allen told Spain’s La Vanguardia that it would be a good idea if Barack Obama could be dictator for a “few years” to overcome obstructionist Republicans. Just a few days later, Friedman fantasized, on Meet the Press yet, that the solution to America’s problems might be to be more like China.

These are liberals? Well, you might say, and you might be right (pace Jonah Goldberg), that this has been their unspoken attitude all along. But publicly, this is crazy stuff. It’s self-destructive…

…Liberalism, as we have known it for decades, is on the defensive. With the welfare state unsustainable, it has nowhere to turn and its adherents are turning tail in every direction.

If you’ve read my blog in recent days you know how I feel about Woody “I sleep with my adopted daughter-turned-wife and I’m okay with it” Allen. However, I don’t want to be too quick on the draw in regards to whatever is happening with the public’s perception of liberalism.  No one wants to become the conservative James Carville, predicting “40 years” of control and then having that prediction crumble before your book hits the bargain bin at your local bookstore.

With that said, I will reiterate what I’ve said before: technology is the conservative’s friend. Barack Obama knows it. The New York Times and any number of liberal race-baiters on their payroll know it. And every liberal who thinks they can scare voters into thinking the Elusive Teaparty Racist Bigfoot is more of a threat to the nation than entitlement spending on methamphetamines knows it.

Students have been taught for years that Europe and its Nanny State satellite sucklers are what we should aspire to be. Now the kids find out their overpaid prof from New Jersey was not telling them the whole story. You know…the part where Greece enters the Eighth Circle of Hell.

Students have been taught for years that “all cultures are equal” (particularly those with a penchant for raising Grade A jihadi whack jobs). Well, it turns out—in case those students didn’t use the internet to watch innocent civilians get their heads chopped off—that those other cultures get all itchy when they watch cartoons, and instead of buying a product with some good antihistamines, they threaten to kill people.

Liberalism is a lie. Their magical utopia is a lie. Al Sharpton’s Communist fantasies are lies. And social media platforms all allow for individuals like you and I to tell everyone about it in detail. In gloriously and honestly researched detail that anyone with a modicum of impartiality in them can understand.

All that’s required of us is to articulate conservatism in ways that our friends, family, and community leaders understand. That’s no easy task, but it’s extremely motivating. So get to it!