Treating Al Sharpton Like an Alien from Burton’s Mars Attacks! helps No One.

I was reading a story about New York’s Governor Three Shoes, Drop it Like It’s Hot Paterson, and his support among black “leaders” last night, when it dawned on me: Who deems these guys leaders? What person looked at Al “I won’t say sorry for my accusation you smeared feces on that girl” Sharpton and thought, “Leader, baby. Leader.”

This blog post is a minefield for a multitude of reasons, but hopefully when I’m done I can say I’ve traversed it with Catherine Zeta Jones precision (and if not, perhaps the mere fact you got to watch that clip will temper your disappointment).

Even though TIME magazine has been forced into covering the sad state of affairs Harlem’s old-school black leadership is in, the notion that a few liberal guys can somehow speak on behalf of all black people isn’t going away. When was the last time you heard Clarence Thomas and “black leader” in the same sentence? I’m sure Larry Elder hasn’t gotten his platinum black-leadership card in the mail either…

Personally, I find it a bit insulting that Harlem’s liberal guys are treated as an alien life form from a 1950’s martian flick, or a Tim Burton take on little green men. But it begs the question: How come those who are insistent about their hyphenated-American status don’t get qualifiers to their leadership positions? Al Sharpton: African American Leader to those with a penchant for making knee-jerk, career sullying false rape accusations. Jesse Jackson: African American leader who serves to inspire white and black John Edwardsonian politicians everywhere. I’d ask “America’s History Teacher” Tom Hanks, but somehow I don’t think he’d be much help.

The bottom line is, having a few liberal men huddled in a room together does nothing for the unemployment rate among black men (especially when they’re ideological soul mates with a guy who thinks 9.7 percent unemployment and 36,000 jobs lost qualifies as a “big day.” I think a better option would be for urban communities to elect conservative politicians who would encourage them to unleash the force (i.e., entrepreneurial force) within them. They should elect conservative politicians who understand that one of the biggest impediments to more black success stories is big, bulky government like an iron lung. But sadly, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Until it does, I’ll keep watching Tim Burton movies.

Confront Moral Relativism and…Do it Live!

Over the past few years we’ve heard a lot about “corporate greed.” Apparently, all those guys inventing technology that raises the standard of living for tens-of-millions of people around the globe are also going to be the cause of America’s ultimate demise. (For those nerds out there, this is like Marvel Comics’ reverse claim that the same serum that killed Harry Osborn…saved him.) But I digress. And I’ll put aside the blog post that explains how it’s really Christmas holiday public policy drops and the ideas floated about by boneheads in Congress that warp market incentives and exacerbate human beings’ base instincts. The market harnesses human “greed” and redirects it in ways that benefit society. For further reading I suggest Dinesh D’Souza’s fabulous book The Virtual of Prosperity: Finding Values in the Age of Techno-Affluence.

Today, I’d like to focus more on what for now I’ll just deem Spiritual Greed. This is something that is much more dangerous to society than a corporate CEO giving himself and his buddies a “golden parachute.” And it’s most-readily planted inside you by the moral relativism espoused by liberals.

If you don’t believe there are objective truths that can be self-evident, you find yourself in a world where fellow Americans actually make the case for a “living Constitution” (or as Thomas Sowell notes, a dying Constitution.

Multi-culturalism, moral relativism, and a me, me, me, mentality pushed by the entertainment industry come together in a toxic soup to produce things like Bush-Hitler elementary school projects, chat room users who encourage suicide like crazed-sideline sports fans, and large swathes of society asserting “all cultures are the same” when that is certainly not the case.

Corporations do have responsibilities to surrounding communities. I don’t dispute that. But when the moral fabric of society falls apart like Weezer’s sweater because its left flank is okay with being a nation of narcissists, they shouldn’t be surprised by the wreckage left behind.

Whenever a liberal politician tries to split the nation into “Two Americas,” – private sector vs. public sector – before demonizing entrepreneurs and businessmen, take a real close look before making any decisions.

I’m not an angel (the Lord knows that). I’ve made my mistakes. But the difference between a liberal and a conservative is that deep down the conservative knows when he’s wrong. The conservative acknowledges that he’s fallible and tries to rise above it. Liberalism, by contrast, encourages you to sit in a cesspool of self indulgence and depravity without even knowing it.

We need to fight this. And all of the outgrowth spawned from it. And we need to do it live.