Green activists wishing they were dead won’t respect your right to life

If someone asked my daughter a question about the earth and she responded, "Sometimes I wish we didn't exist," I'd be extremely concerned. No child should ever question their existence or self worth. The woman in this picture just smiles as if she was infected with something The Joker cooked up. Her silence speaks volumes about the green movement.

It was only yesterday that I covered the Sith-environmentalists who made George Lucas beg for mercy, winning a war of attrition that lasted decades. What I neglected to mention is that these same people target kids. They need another generation of storm troopers to bully the rest of us around, even if deep down they wished we were all dead. Exhibit A: the sixth grade girl Brian Sussman, author of “Eco-Tyranny,” interviews at Santa Cruz’s Earth Day Festival. I mentioned the weird self loathing environmental activists have during a recent post, but video of one of their young pupils deserves coverage.

Brian Sussman: What is the most serious threat facing humanity today?
Student: Human existence.
Brian Sussman: What are the humans doing to the planet? What are they doing to harm the earth.
Student: They’re polluting. The birds and animals eat it and then they die.
Brian Sussman: How does that make you feel?
Student: I wish they didn’t pollute…and sometimes I wish we didn’t exist.
Brian Sussman: How much of this are you learning about in your school these days?
Student: We’re learning a lot about it, but I don’t know about other schools.

Most people who watch the video zero in on the girl, who sadly has been inculcated to believe her mere existence is a burden. However, perhaps the scariest part of the video is her mother, silently grinning off to the side for the duration of the interview. She almost looks as if she was infected with some of the chemicals the Joker cooked up in Tim Burton’s Batman.

Every human being has self-worth. In fact, you have a right to be here. You have a purpose, and as such you should never feel guilty for being alive. People who walk around wishing they were dead won’t respect your right to life. They won’t think twice about messing with your basic freedoms and liberties, and so it should come as no surprise that totalitarian tendencies show up every time you run across a true believer of the green movement.

If you believe humans are a scourge upon the planet and if you believe there are “too many people,” then it only becomes a matter of time before the ends justify the means.  Green activists are scary, even if they do a good job hiding their frightening side behind smiles and heartfelt testimonials. Underneath their patty-cake hippie exteriors are ruthless people who will stop at nothing to force you into compliance with their worldview.

The solution? You have to fight harder for freedom and liberty than they do for oppression and tyranny.

William Shatner: May His Carbon Emissions Never Cease.


If Stalin cut carbon emissions by hundreds of millions of cubic tons, does that make mother earth happy? And why do I have this weird self-loathing that grows in concert with my bank account?

I would have posted this on Earth Day, but I spent it thinking about some of the strange people that inhabit the planet, particularly those who are on the brink of insanity. Say, for instance, your average liberal from Berkeley:

So right now I am panicking. And in my panicked state, I become shrill and unrealistic. So I am calling for four actions–at least one of which, in particular, is robustly unappealing.

  • Beg the rulers of China and India to properly understand their long-term interests;
  • Nationalize the energy industry in the United States

I’m not going to bother with his third and fourth propositions, because the first two bullet points are already giving me a headache.

It used to be that liberals called on the United States to be a better member of the “world community” (i.e., they wanted us on equal footing with countries like Iran, North Korea, and any number of backwards nations run by weird warlords with a penchant for tuxedo shoes). That was bad enough… But now we find out it was all one big euphemism for grovelpolitik. Reagan had peace through strength. Your liberal economist from Berkeley has peace through lowliness. The plan seems to become an irrelevant outpost in a world filled with tyranny.

The second point is interesting, in that, if government control was strongly correlated with cleanliness the Soviet Union would have been a paragon of Green Living. Instead, it was simply Red. With blood.  I suppose you could count the weird shade of green gulag victims turned after our Commie counterparts were done with them… Sometimes, strange microbial things feed on your body when you die. And bizarrely, there probably is a strain of the environmental movement that quietly cheers Stalin’s handy work in “cutting down on carbon emissions” by millions of cubic tons. I’m assuming they would also redefine murder as “aged zygote termination” or “blastocyst from the pastocyst”  wish-fulfillment.

Regardless, the difference between conservatives and liberals when it comes to solving our environmental problems couldn’t be clearer. Liberals have strange self-loathing and subconsciously think we’d all be better off if there were a few billion people less in the world, and conservatives believe the answers to our problems can be found by mining the creative mind of man. We are the world’s greatest resource, whether liberals like it our not. Exhibit A: Alpha Zygote William Shattner.

Darn it, you conservatives: You're not humans. You're always just a zygote somewhere in the space-time continuum.