Herman Cain’s Critics Forget John Kerry’s “Take Three” Media Mulligans.

Cannibal conservatives can't see that media begins to put together a montage from day one that says their guy is an idiot. John Kerry got mulligans. John Edwards got mulligans (except his sperm didn't play along). Barack Obama gets mulligans. Conservatives? Not a chance.

In May I wrote that Herman Cain could win. Just before the Florida straw poll I reiterated it—and he won. I then said that liberals would go all out to destroy him roughly 24 hours before the Politico story broke. So it pains me to say this: I do not believe Herman Cain will win the nomination. The reason for that loss, however, is a bit different than you’ll see in most corners of the conservative universe.

Let us start with a story, shall we?

On Dec. 4 [2004], an impressive collection of the media elite and assorted other notables — Hendrik Hertzberg of The New Yorker, Frank Rich of The New York Times, Howard Fineman and Jonathan Alter of Newsweek, Jim Kelly of Time, Jeff Greenfield of CNN, Eric Alterman of The Nation, Richard Cohen of The Washington Post, Jacob Weisberg of Slate and others, including, as eminence grise, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. — responded to his call and had a little powwow with Kerry at the Upper West Side apartment of Franken and his wife, Franni.

”The whole thing was odd, I would say, because people didn’t know why they were there,” Kelly said. ”But I think the idea was to put John Kerry into the belly of the beast. It may have been the actual beginning of the new approach he took — ‘I’m going to stay in this room and take every question you throw at me.”’ Alterman grilled Kerry on his vote on Iraq, and he gave a long, tortured answer. Then he was asked about it a second time. ”By the third go-round, the answer was getting shorter and more relevant,” Kelly said. (emphasis added)

Interesting how we forget, isn’t it? The liberal media gave John Kerry his own special “powwow”, during which he got do-overs on “tortured” answers until they resembled a coherent answer. All along the American people were told he was the “smart” candidate. They didn’t buy it—but that’s not the point. The point is that media will do anything in their power to make a liberal look like a genius and will pounce on any gaffe or goof a conservative makes to build the case against him that he’s an idiot. The montage clips begin from day one.

What is particularly troubling to me is that there are conservatives who don’t get it. Or, even worse, they’re so invested in “their” guy that they forget that we’re all on the same team!

Fact: Herman Cain has a great personality. Fact: Herman Cain is running for president, and when you run for president you need to know your s**t—particularly if you’re a conservative. The idea of Herman Cain (i.e., an outsider and a businessman) is incredibly appealing and it’s the one thing that’s kept him alive in the polls. He gives one hell of a speech, but unlike Barack Obama he won’t have media covering up for his mistakes. He also has to deal with douches like Joe Scarborough, who wet their pants at the chance to play the “I told you so!” game.

My honest assessment is that Herman Cain didn’t realize that the press would give him the kind of examination even a demonic proctologist would shy away from. He came prepared to fire up the base, but he didn’t come prepared to wow the egghead-set with nuts-and-bolts details. When he says he has stuff “twirling around in his head” he’s not lying. Running for office is a dizzying experience, and it’s even more so when you didn’t bone up beforehand. His conservative instincts are strong, but he’s in over his head on the policy details. In some sick way he’s actually in bad shape because he’s not a career politician.

It’s bad enough that the media cover up all the bone-headed gaffes Barack Obama makes on a daily basis, but it’s downright disgusting when I see conservatives resort to cannibalism.

Think about it. And people wonder why I love Rush Limbaugh…

Skeletons in the Pizza Box: Liberals Will Go Nuclear on Cain

How does the Democratic Party head off an existential threat? It will feverishly looks for skeletons...in a pizza box.

Herman Cain is an existential threat to the Democratic Party, and as such their operatives will go nuclear on him. I guarantee you that as I write, private investigators are traipsing around Cain’s home town, striking up conversations in bars, and looking for every piece of dirt he’s ever stepped in. Democrats have been beholden to blacks for decades, which have essentially voted as a monolithic block, and they will not allow anyone to change that dynamic.

Whether it’s The New York Times’ Charles Blow, Hollywood has-beens who mistake race baiting attention for relevancy, or democratic strategists on CNN, all indicators suggest liberals will metaphorically carpet bomb the political landscape to destroy Herman Cain. Reasons include (but are in no way limited to):

  • Conservative black man: Check.
  • Tea-Party favorite: Double-Check.
  • Self-made man: Check.
  • Comfortable talking about God: Check.
  • Private sector success: Check.
  • Gregarious: Check.
  • Self-deprecating humor: Check.
  • American Dream personified: Check.

Sadly, the people who always claim to envision a color blind society want no such thing. Even if only 15 percent of black Americans want a piece of Herman Cain presidential pizza pie, the Democrat machine would be in many respects decimated. If Herman Cain is given a large enough microphone, his voice will resonate long and hard within minority communities. The question: “What does it mean to be ‘authentically black’?” would take place at kitchen tables across the country. Old canards would fall away for millions of people.

The hard left of the Democratic Party will not stand for this. Men who are personally invested in keeping racial divisions perpetually raw will not stand for this. And so, they will attempt to destroy Herman Cain. The hunt is on for whatever rumor—or true, partially true, or frustratingly-ambiguous story—that can bring him down.

Man is fallible. Incredibly fallible—which is why putting too much faith in them is a dangerous proposition. We all have skeletons in our closet. What bothers me is the selective enthusiasm media have when it comes to exposing candidates, based on their political affiliation. Think about how close John Edwards was to winning the Democratic Party’s nomination. It was only after it blew up (like a pregnant mistress) that they begrudgingly gave it the air time it deserved.

Herman Cain is in a dicey position because his skeletons aren’t in a closet, per se—they’re in a pizza box. And no one likes skeletons with their pizza. Even in October.

When the stories come out, like they do for all candidates (e.g., Reverend Wright), I just hope Cain supporters factor in the malicious fervor with which the liberal media reports and embellishes them.

Carter begat Reagan. Black Carter to beget Black Reagan? Herman Cain Train Chugs Along.

I wrote not long ago that Herman Cain could win. Way back in December I tweeted on Cain as possible VP pick. I believe he can win it all, and many who saw him talk about his victory over colon cancer believe it as well. Hurdles he faces are cancerous media that eat up air time covering gay soldiers instead of global economic meltdowns, or apprehensive voters on the verge of letting their fears create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Herman Cain has been funny. He has shown heartfelt emotion. He has shown command of economic issues. He has shown an ability to learn from his mistakes. His stump speeches are inspiring and uplifting and genuine. His known flaws in no way disqualify him as a candidate.

Anyone who wants to see the melting bowels of Morgan Freeman, Bill Maher, and the liberal media race baiters on national television just needs to put up a black champion of the free markets and our founding fathers against “The One.” Those who want to see Charles Blow of the New York Times blow a gasket only need to empower Herman Cain to do just that.

Herman Cain isn’t a career politician, but he was standing up to Bill Clinton in 1994. In 2011 he’s been standing up for free market principles, balanced budgets, and limited government in ways your average American can understand and appreciate. It appears as though the biggest obstacle standing in his way are primary voters who might not have the courage of their convictions.

Whomever you vote for, let your principles lead you. Political calculations are for Beltway mathematicians who see zero problems with 14 trillion dollars of debt.

Update: Traffic is spiking, in part, because this was posted before the Florida straw poll results were in. The moral of the story is that the people will determine who wins—not the media.