CNN goes full-Orwell during Milwaukee riot, scrubs call to burn suburbs down


Anyone who ever wants to know why Americans do not trust the media needs to merely turn to CNN’s Orwellian coverage of the Milwaukee riots after the shooting death of Sylville K. Smith. After members of the local community went ballistic, burned down a BP gas station, looted buildings, injured cops and shot a man in the neck, Smith’s sister called for them to, “take that s–t to the suburbs! Burn that s–t down!”

CNN then selectively edited its video and said the woman was calling for peace.

Once enough people called the network out on its 1984-inspired reporting, another edit was made and correspondent Ana Cabrera attempted to explain away the decision as “shorthand” that “unintentionally gave viewers the wrong impression.”

Ana Cabrera Twitter

We’ve always been at war with Eastasia…right, CNN?

DeeconX tweet

For those who are not up on the latest details:

  • Sylville K. Smith, an armed black man, was shot by a black cop and killed last Saturday.
  • Sylville K. Smith had a history of arrests.
  • Cops pursued Mr. Smith, who was traveling in a stolen vehicle. The car eventually stopped and he fled on foot.
  • Mr. Smith, armed with a handgun, eventually turned towards a cop with his weapon and was shot.
  • Locals, without any concrete details other than the fact that a man was shot by a cop, started burning their own community to the ground while screaming “Black power!”
  • It is now unacceptable for cops — even black cops — to use deadly force against black suspects for any reason. Sylville K. Smith should have been let go or stopped with fairy magic that wrapped him in warm pink blankets.
  • Police Chief Edward Flynn said body camera footage will vindicate the unidentified cops’s actions.

This story is important because a random guy on Twitter identified as DeeconX should never be in the place where he needs to expose “shorthand” better fit for the old Soviet Union.

This story is important because one of the reasons Donald Trump is popular (again, I’m voting for the Sweet Meteor of Death), is because mainstream media as a whole is often untrustworthy.

This story is important because at some point in time journalists decided that their job was to be political hacks instead of truth-seekers. The long-term consequences to civil society when the media completely abandons its original purpose are enormous. Until there is a shift in perspective, the Western world will continue its downward slide.