Jesse Watters’ ‘Chinatown’ video: Producer crosses fine line between ‘politically incorrect’ and ‘giant jerk’


Fox News regularly fights the refrain that it is filled with a bunch of racists and bigots. Given that, one would think that producers would shy away from material that feeds the narrative. If you thought that, then you would be wrong! O’Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters came out with a “Chinatown” segment this week that was one of the most disgusting things I have seen on a cable news station in years.

As a staunch conservative, I will now explain to you why friends of limited government should vehemently condemn the network for putting this “political humor” on the air.

Conservatives like to think of themselves as politically incorrect, but there is a difference between speaking uncomfortable truths and being a low-life jerk. Jesse Watters does not know the difference between the two because he approached people who did not understand English, asked them culturally insensitive questions, and then exploited their inability to communicate to mock them.

That, dear reader, is not “politically incorrect” — that is mean. And for some reason people on social media do not seem to get this.


As I told multiple individuals over the past few days, what Jesse Watters did was one step removed from asking a Chinese stranger what “Ching-Chong Ching-Chong” means. The guy literally asked people if he should bow to say hello, if it was the “year of the Dragon,” and if they knew karate. He preyed on the ignorance of an old woman for a cheap joke, and issued a non-apology apology when he was called out by millions of people with a functional moral compass.

What is extra grating about Mr. Watters is that he did what all bullies do — he went after an easy target.

Would Jesse Watters go into a Muslim neighborhood and makes “jokes” to Arabic-speaking women about washing feet in the sink? No.

Would Jesse Watters go into a community of Somali immigrants and joke about child soldiers? No.

Would Jesse Watters go into a Jewish community and joke with people who only speak Hebrew about rhinoplasty? No.

The reason why Mr. Watters created this “joke” the way he did was because he knew he could get away with it in an asian community. If he pulled that level of racial or cultural insensitivity in other areas, then he would have received a black eye and a trip to the hospital.

If you ever wondered why minority groups tend to shy away from the Republican Party, then Jesse Watters’ “Chinatown” is a great learning tool. There is nothing wrong with racial jokes in the appropriate forums (e.g., Comedy Central roasts), but it is certainly beyond the pale to use an immigrant’s language barrier as a springboard for ridicule.

Sean Hannity, who ‘evolved’ on immigration after Romney loss, now bashes Rubio

Regular readers of this blog know that I generally have great distain for cable news celebrities because they seem to care more about ratings than intellectual honesty. I also have a thing against blatant hypocrisy, which is why Fox News’ Sean Hannity attacking Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as a “pawn for [the] establishment” needs to be exposed.

Politico’s Marc Caputo was told by a Rubio staffer that it was ridiculous that Hannity passively watched ersatz Republican Donald Trump bash rivals for months, only to now take offense that Rubio was punching back (e.g., Trump would be selling fake watches in New York City if he didn’t inherit $200 million from his dad).

Hotair did everyone a favor by capturing the exchange below:

Sean Hannity Tweet

Sean Hannity, who has blindly echoed RNC talking points for years, now calls Rubio an establishment “pawn.” That would be like Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster admonishing other people for eating cookies.

Let us take a visit in the “way back” machine, shall we?

After Mitt Romney got hammered in the 2012 election — particularly with Hispanic voters — Sean Hannity “evolved” on immigration. The following audio by Hannity was posted to YouTube on Nov. 9, 2012 by FreedomLightHouse:

“We’ve got to get rid of the immigration issue all together. It’s simple for me to fix it. I think you control the border first, you create a pathway for those people who are here, you don’t say you got to go home. And that is a position that I have evolved on because, you know what, it just, it’s got to be resolved. The majority of peopel here, if some people have criminal records you can send them home but if people are here, law abiding, participating, four years, their kids are born here — you know, first secure the border, pathway to citizenship, done. You know, whatever little penalties you want to put in there you want. But then it’s done. But you can’t let the problem continue. It’s got to stop. — Sean Hannity on immigration reform, Nov. 9, 2012.

Hmmm. That sounds strikingly familiar to Marco Rubio’s position on immigration right this very second. Hannity came to this realization after Romney was crushed and America’s changing demographics finally began to sink in. But yet now he casts his “evolution” as a mistake that was predicated on the failed “Gang of 8” immigration reform bill.

Here is what is really happening: Sean Hannity zipped his lips about a “Republican” candidate who donated to the Clintons, supported Obamacare, supports eminent domain, and (ironically) once bashed Romney for harsh rhetoric on immigration. The Fox host is terrified of being seen as “the establishment” with his viewers now that Trump is the Republican front-runner, which is why he desperately tries to slap the label onto Rubio.

I rarely watch Sean Hannity’s television show these days, but if I did then it would only be to see him “evolve” and “devolve” on issues like a butterfly that turns back into a caterpillar.

Side note: Even conservative wave-surfer Ann Coulter is now calling Sean out for his hypocrisy. Classic. These two were made for one another.

Ann Coulter tweet

Ann Coulter, conservative surfer, rides Trump wave for book sales; pundit exposed by Charles Cooke

Ann Coulter Hannity Charles CookeThe spike in popularity of ersatz conservative Donald Trump has its fair share of downsides, but it also has an upside: opportunists like conservative wave surfer Ann Coulter, whose idea of Reaganesque was once Chris Christie, are exposed.

National Review’s Charles Cooke faced off against Ms. Coulter on Thursday night and exposed the “collective insanity” of so-called conservative pundits, who now gloss over every bit of evidence that The Donald is merely a Trump in conservative clothing (e.g., Clinton campaign contributions).

Mr. Cooke said the following while appearing on Fox News:

“I have to say that I’m just astonished by the collective insanity that seems to have marked the conservative movement over the past couple of months. Donald Trump, who has put forth no plan whatsoever except to pretend that Mexico is going to pay for a wall, is being taken seriously. […] I think what the objections are is that you have a man in the Republican debate who praises single-payer. You have a man still talking about funding Planned Parenthood. You have a man who has flip-flopped perhaps on the wealth tax and on gun control. A man, who on any other circumstances, would have been laughed at through the primary. […]

He said on this show … that he was fine with the progressive income tax. … The day before he suggested he was in favor of a flat tax. Literally 24 hours before. He’s making it up as he goes along and we are all falling it for some reason. […] He cozied up to Hillary Clinton and he gave the Democrats a bunch of money. […] Is pro-assault weapons ban now pro-gun? He was in favor, on the record, of an assault records ban. Is that now pro-gun?”

Boom. Mr. Cooke dropped a series of intellectual tactical nukes on Ms. Coulter’s head. Her ally, Sean Hannity, sat in silence while it happened. She, on the other hand, was left to come up with a list of tortured responses that revealed that the one thing Ann Coulter knows best is where her book sales come from. If you want to be a best-selling conservative author, then one way to do it is to shamelessly ride whatever wave the most rabid right-wing activists are on.

Here are a few of Mrs. Coulter’s attempts to parry Mr. Cooke’s blows:

        • “I don’t think voters go out and think, ‘well, he’s been consistent for 20 years on this.’”
        • “As far as I know, he’s never been anti-gun.”
        • “He’s not a politician. He’s not familiar with all the deceptive ways Planned Parenthood will sneak through funding for abortion.”
        • “He was at the Republican National Convention talking like a conservative.”

Chris Christie is now a “RINO” to pundits like Anne Coulter, but Donald Trump is somehow a conservative. Crony capitalism is the mark of a fake conservative, but yet it’s no big deal that Donald Trump epitomizes crony capitalism. Republicans in Congress can’t be trusted, but the guy who donated to Hillary Clinton multiple times can. Donald Trump showing up to a convention and “talking like a conservative” is now proof that he is a conservative. The willful ignorance is astounding.

Trump Democrat donationsFor individuals who just want a president with no filter, Donald Trump makes sense. For individuals who just want to make the Republican establishment pay for looking down on the Tea Party, Donald Trump make sense. For individuals who just want to burn the whole system to the ground, Donald Trump (and Bernie Sanders) make sense. There are legitimate reasons for backing Donald Trump, but citing his “conservative” credentials is not one of them.

The truth of the matter is this: Certain conservative talk show hosts and their favorite pundits are a.) scared that Donald Trump will direct his fire at them if he is criticized, or b.) want to curry favor with the billionaire because he has money, power, connections, and he probably throws great parties.

Principled leadership is what America needs to thrive, but right now a lot of people seem to think it’s a man who calls all of his critics “losers.” Sadly, Ann Coulter and her friends in the media have decided to stoke the flames of anger for ratings and book sales instead of setting the Republican Party up for success.

Update: Tell me again why any Republican would want Ann Coulter as a political ambassador.

Coulter Trump Abortion Tweet

CNN goes full-Dorothy on Islamic State: ‘There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.’

Wizard of OzYesterday on this blog I said that Americans would be wise to look at the Islamic State group’s execution video of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh. Fox News apparently took the same viewpoint and provided a link for viewers who were comfortable with the decision. CNN International executive Tony Maddox, however, took the “Wizard of Oz” approach: “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

Mediaite reported Feb. 4:

“There was absolutely no editorial justification for showing it at all. You could describe what happened, and in describing what happened it is deeply and profoundly disturbing. As we were discussing Michael, you and I unfortunately have had a lot of exposure to these images. And even by that threshold this is just out-and-out appalling. It makes one despair. Nothing can be gained by showing that. And a key criteria is ISIS want us to show it. If ISIS wants you to show something, you should start with the principle ‘How can we avoid doing that?'”

Wrong, Tony. Nothing can be more powerful than witnessing an event first hand. Since CNN viewers can not bend space and time to their will, the next best thing is to see actual video of newsworthy events with world-wide repercussions.

On Sept. 11, 2001 I was scouring different stations for anything I could find on the terrorists attacks. I stopped on a Mexican television station that showed images of men and women jumping to their demise from the World Trade Center Towers. Those images affected in me in ways that no amount of description alone could ever duplicate. To say that “nothing” was gained from that experience would be a lie.

If I sit down with a man and we’re given the exact same amount of information on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks — but I am given access to audio and video of the event — my understanding of reality should be the one that is closest to reality.

The ability to see just how barbaric the individuals Western civilization is up against is an invaluable asset, and, ironically, it is given to us by the enemy. Yes, the videos serve as a propaganda too for terrorist groups, but it’s a double-edged sword. The U.S. doesn’t have to go out of its way to make it’s own propaganda because the enemy has already demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is evil.

Mediaite asked after Fox’s decision to link to the videos: “when a terrorist group’s actions are as undeniably horrible as beheadings and burning people alive, do you really need to see it with your own eyes to know it’s despicable?”

In a world with a working moral compass, evidence that the videos exist and that they are real would probably be enough. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the President refuses to call the Islamic State group “Islamic,” the State Department doesn’t want to put “labels” on The Taliban, the Obama administration has called terrorism “man caused disasters,” the Fort Hood shooting was called “workplace violence,” and it was only months ago that said commander in chief was calling Moaz al-Kassasbeh’s future killers a “J.V. team.”

Yes, sadly, watching these videos is precisely what many Americans need to do. They could also watch the 9/11 attacks while they’re at it, since many of them said “Never forget!” … just before they forgot.

While CNN pats itself on the back for segments in which it is seriously put forth that a missing airplane may have fallen into a black hole, Fox is busy showing America the true face of a terrorist organization with global ambitions. Americans should obviously not be forced to look at a man’s last moments as he is burned alive, but the evidence of a terrorist group’s ghoulish atrocities should be readily available for any man who wants to see why eternal vigilance is needed to protect his freedom.

For those of you who prefer your news thoroughly sterilized before you watch it, just remember: “There’s no place like home.”

Bob Beckel: Dumb, clapping liberal seal smears real SEALs

Bob Beckel can’t look the audience in the eye when he says U.S. Navy SEALs are “borderline treasonous” because deep down he knows that the only bright thing about him is his suspenders.

Anyone who is remotely familiar with Fox’s “The Five” knows Bob Beckel. He’s the token liberal who constantly looks down at his crotch for long periods of time and mumbles to someone or something under the table. When he does pick his head up and looks into the camera he has a habit of swearing; he’s like Fox News’ Joe Biden — a blowhard who doesn’t realize he’s a blowhard.

Yesterday he took issue with the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, the organization of Navy SEALs and Special Ops guys who are slamming President Obama for the political leaks that have been putting their brothers-in-arms’ lives needlessly in danger. Beckel said that what the vets were doing was borderline treasonous, and then closed with:

If I were them – I assume they are out of the military now – they ought to take their benefits and go home.

It’s no surprise that a liberal like Bob would look at a Navy SEAL and think of the “benefits” the government provides them when they exit the service. It never occurs to Bob that maybe these guys have a fidelity to the constitution and a love for their country that runs to the bone. They don’t give a shit about “benefits” Bob, because guys who become Navy SEALs and Special Ops are selfless warriors who risk their lives for the freedom stupid boobs like you use to spout off.

Bob Beckel’s suspenders must be really, really tight — so much so that they’re cutting off circulation to his brain. What kind of sick soul would accuse Navy SEALs of “borderline treason” because they’re ticked off at national security leaks? Contrary to what Bob says, no one is saying the president is “intentionally” trying to endanger SEALs. What is being said is that President Obama — or people very close to him — care more about his re-election than the safety and security of our fighting men and women in the field. That is a fact. That is what Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., knows and what every other intellectually honest individual is willing to say on the record.

It wasn’t the Navy SEALs who publicly admitted to Stuxnet — it was the Obama administration. It wasn’t the Navy SEALs who disclosed the existence of the “kill list” — it was the Obama administration. It wasn’t the Navy SEALs who disclosed sensitive data about the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden hours after it happened — it was the Obama administration. Bob Beckel doesn’t get it, because like most of the Beltway crowd he only sees the world through a political lens.

Duty. Honor. Country. Sadly, those are words without real meaning to men like Bob Beckel, not because he’s a bad person, but because he’s just not very bright.

Bob Beckel went off the deep end long ago, so I don’t expect him to listen to what our soldiers and CIA agents have to say — but if you get a chance, check out “Dishonorable Disclosure.”

An open letter to Sean Hannity

I like  you, Sean Hannity. You seem like a nice guy. However, as a friend to the conservative movement I have to break the news to you: You need to stop falling into the Obama campaign’s traps.

Let me explain: Not 24 hours after Barack Obama evolved from an anti-gay caterpillar into a gay-marriage supporting butterfly, a media-coordinated hit job took place on Mitt Romney, which accused him of being some sort of predatory high school gay-basher … in 1965. You rightly pointed out the absurdity of it all, but then went on to devote an entire show to digging through Obama’s past, accusing him of “bullying” a little girl (He shoved one in elementary school during recess — so what?), and then playing some of the president’s weirder passages from audio versions of Dreams of My Father. In short, you played right into Obama’s hands.

The United State’s is almost 16 trillion dollars in debt. Unemployment is over 8 percent. (The number is even worse considering the stats don’t include those who have simply given up looking for a job.) No one except perhaps Paul Ryan has seriously tried to talk about entitlement reform. And yet, someone as talented as you spends hours dredging up stories the American people already know about President Obama — and determined it wasn’t enough to stop them from pulling the lever for him — in 2008.

President Obama has a record of disaster. If it was a sentence, it would be a grammatically incorrect collection of gobbledygook with only the killing of Osama bin Laden as a properly-executed punctuation mark at the end. Playing clips of Barack Obama saying, “White greed rules a world in need,” from his memoirs is fine … for about five minutes, but there are bigger problems at hand. Let’s talk about the federal government’s greed, to the tune of $16 trillion dollars. Let’s talk about Barack Obama’s greed, through the confiscation of wealth and capital from small and big businessmen across the country. Let’s talk about Facebook co-founders renouncing their citizenship over burdensome taxation, and the billions of dollars that will now be in banks overseas. I know you do that Sean, but all too often it’s as filler to a pie crust made of Obama’s daily foibles and manufactured distractions.

What the American people need right now is a dissection of what, exactly, President Obama’s governance has done to America over the past three years. The base needs to know, in a way they can articulate to their independent friends and family, how the Constitution has been trampled. They need to be able to intellectually break down and convey to others how liberalism has broken down the economy. They need to know about executive order overreach, the expansion of the administrative state, and the gathering threats abroad that have never make the front page headlines because the Washington Post and the New York Times are worried about a forced haircut Romney gave a kid in high school (as opposed the the forced abortions the Chinese government gives its citizens, or the unconstitutional mandates doled out by the White House).

Sean, I think you are indeed a blessing to the conservative movement but I can’t help but think that sometimes you run your show like a celebrity chef cooking up tasty treats for his studio audience, and not the desperately needed boot camp Drill Sergeant who instills purpose and discipline into his troops. Right now Americans need intellectual Drill Sergeants putting minds through combat exercises until election day. They need philosophical training and ammunition because they’ve become soft. Media feeds us ideological swill, but serving conservative cat nip does us no favors either. Now is not the time for Rev. Wright. Now is not the time for Obama’s teenage drug use. Now is not the time for stories about his elementary school playground mishaps.

As a communicator of conservative thought — one with a large microphone — you have a responsibility to challenge your audience. Challenging people often means making them uncomfortable or angry, which is a risky proposition for a radio host with sponsors to please. I know that. But challenging the audience is what will help oust Barack Obama from office so he can be replaced with someone who could stop the bleeding.

And so I end with this: Leave Obama’s youth alone. Point out the media bias, make it crystal clear, and then move on to discussing the kind of problems that will bring this country to its knees if we don’t get a handle on them soon. I love the passion you bring to the conservative movement, but ask you not to sling your rhetorical arrows at our opponent’s body armor when his head remains exposed.

You’re a great American,


Update: Hannity has read the post, and the tone of his reply suggests he wasn’t thrilled with it. I appreciate him taking the time (I really do), but I will say this: I listen to his show enough to know that he has a tendency to spend time on the side-show stuff that can play into the left’s hands. I also listen to Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin … and have not written comparable pieces on them. There is a reason for that.

Thank you Jehmu: You make Tucker Carlson look like Mark Steyn

Apparently, Jehmu Greene thought she was behind the safe and secure walls of one of her “social justice” campaigns, because she just referred to “bow tie’n white boys” who don’t get it. Sorry Jehmu, you were on national television for all the world to see, and for “white boys” like me to write about.

If you haven’t heard, Tucker Carlson is under fire from the left for telling Fox News contributor, Jehmu Green, “folks like you, voters like you, smug black women … your tactics will backfire on you.”

Oh, wait. I’m sorry. I totally screwed that up. Actually, the exchange was slightly different and no one is calling for Jehmu’s scalp, including 1/32 Cherokee Elizabeth Warren.

Let’s first put the conversation in context. The two talking heads were brought in to discuss the fallout from Elizabeth Warren’s ridiculous claim that she didn’t use vestiges of Indian roots to benefit her career.

CARLSON: Indeed, it’s indefensible and that’s why [Elizabeth Warren] doesn’t want to talk about this, because she did gain material advantage by lying about her ethnic background. And no one should gain advantage because of his ethnic background, period.

GREENE: Tucker! Tucker! Elizabeth Warren has been very clear that she has not gained advantage. …

CARLSON: No she has not been clear.

GREENE: And at the end of the day, she won the teaching award at Harvard two years in a row, she won teaching awards at the University of Pennsylvania, at the University of Michigan, at the University of Houston. To question this woman on her qualifications is going to be something that does appeal to … folks like you, voters like you, bow tie’n white boys, but at the end of the day it is going to backfire. …

See how that works? If your name is Jehmu Greene and you and get backed into a corner, your brain has atrophied so much over the years by never having to debate the issues that the default reaction is to attack someone personally. I have never been a huge Tucker Carlson fan, but he absolutely destroyed Jehmu Green on this topic, and her reaction was to call him a “bow tie’n white boy.”

Whenever I hear someone on the left lecture conservatives about the level of discourse in America I think of women like Jehmu. The rules are different for conservatives — which is fine, because it makes us sharper — but it also means that we have to be more diligent about pointing out the double standards. Jehmu is the picture perfect elitist liberal, brimming with smug self-confidence because they’ve risen to prominence, but completely unaware of how their words are interpreted outside Beltway bubbles and “social justice” spheres of influence.

I hope too many people don’t call for Jehmu to be fired, because having her in front of the camera is great for the conservative movement. She makes Tucker Carlson look like Mark Steyn. Imagine what would happen if Jehmu actually went up against Steyn — there would only be a smoldering crater left in the studio where she sat after he was done with her. Let’s make it happen.

Esquire Takes on Roger Ailes…and Fails.

Esquire's pseduo-satirical hit piece on Roger Ailes failed. Why? Because when bitter liberals attempt to use satire it's still obvious they're liberal. And we all know what liberalism stands for.

Esquire Magazine wants to know: Why Does Roger Ailes Hate America? Unfortunately for them, what readers glean from the pseudo-satirical piece tells them much more about the inner workings of the liberal mind than Roger Ailes. A man with a knack for finding talent and cultivating its creative impulses is scorned instead of celebrated. A man who can accurately identify glaring voids in the marketplace and fill them with quality products is ridiculed. Author Tom Junod may have failed in his attempt to smear Roger Ailes, but he succeeds at entering the Keith Olberman orbit of liberal derangement.

While it takes a distance runner’s endurance to make it through the entire diatribe, there are choice cutlets of liberal absurdity to be found – most notably Esquire’s reaction to Roger Ailes’ eye for capitalizing on a competitor’s misstep. Interspersed between sneering condescension checked only by a begrudging respect, Junod telegraphs in bizarre fashion the real reason liberals despise the man:

You told us yourself that when you saw MSNBC’s new advertising campaign, Lean Forward, you said, “Lean? They paid Spike Lee $3 million for ‘Lean’? What kind of word is that? Isn’t that their problem — that they’re leaning? Didn’t anybody say, What about ‘move’?”

And so once again, you took out your pad, wrote down “Move For-ward,” and in four hours had your own campaign on the air for $1,500.

Pretty clever, Mr. Ailes. You win again. You must be proud of yourself. We wonder if you’ll still be proud when you do the math and figure out what was lost when you did an entire ad campaign for fifteen hundred clams instead of three million:

American jobs.

In Junod’s mind Roger Ailes and the American innovators and entrepreneurs thinking outside the box are inexplicably seen as job killers! He’s portrayed as having a hatred for the American worker because he’s too efficient, too creative, and too much of a cut above the rest. Why Does Roger Ailes Hate America? attempts to convince readers that Ailes’ inner drive and determination to win is worthy of their scorn. Want to be on Esquire’s hit list? Create wealth. Be exceptional. And be unapologetic about it.

The liberalism espoused by Esquire considers failing school districts a success because a lot of paper pushers are collecting paychecks. It looks to “shovel ready” jobs digging ditches and mixing concrete along the highway for long term economic growth. And Esquire wonders why conservatives think they’re living in the Twilight Zone?:

Is Roger Ailes crazy? Now that’s a good question … because Roger Ailes believes that you are — or, at the very least, that you think you are. It’s his grand theory of human behavior. “Look,” he says, “there isn’t a day that goes by that everybody doesn’t say to themselves, ‘Am I nuts?’ They do it in their heads. People think that they’re nuts.” He has such confidence in the validity of this theory that he created a show for his America’s Talking network called exactly that — Am I Nuts? He’s so confident that he built Fox News as a twenty-four-hour Am I Nuts? for American conservatives.

If you watched Congress pass unconstitutional healthcare mandates, you’ve probably spent the past few years wondering if you were nuts. If you watched federal deficits explode in ways that will erode the standard of living of your children and grandchildren, you’ve probably wondered if you were nuts. If you’ve watched Fox News for any length of time you’ve come to realize that you are very, very sane. And you are not alone, as the 112th Congress demonstrates.

Read the rest over at NewsBusters!

Juan Williams Fired because He’s Black. Sacrifice at Liberalism’s Alter Causes Matrix Moment.

Juan Williams just took the red pill and the truth has been revealed to him. He's had his Matrix moment. There's no going back, Juan. It's painful to know that what you thought was real was all just a lie, but now you can move forward.
One of the memes of the left is that racist, conservative, white men have some sort of weird war on Islam, and that guys like Bill O’Reilly contribute to an unwelcoming climate for muslims in the United States.

If women like Whoopie “rape rape” Goldberg and Joy Behar are going to be able to walk off television sets in manufactured anger in the future they need to be able to reliably use the innocuous words of white men against them.  Juan Williams — a liberal, black man with a fairly high profile — threatens to drain the righteous indignation well.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but it’s seems like a rational fear that Juan has in a post 9/11 world.  As long as terrorist attacks attempted by muslim men continue to be thwarted, Juan’s fear is rational. As long as muslims in New York continue to threaten to kill the creators of South Park, Juan’s fear will be rational. As long as Pakistan and Yemen are filled with a disturbing number of men who want to “wage jihad” on Facebook, Juan’s fear will be rational.  As long as Barack Obama continues reaching out to muslims and they respond by psychotically throwing shoes at his image…Juan’s fear will be rational.

Should I go on?  Because the list could be quite large.  I haven’t even touched on the Christmas bomber, cartoonists who are in hiding because Somali men break into their home wielding axes, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and the Fort Hood massacre, honor killings, Sharia Law, or shoe bombers.

If a black, liberal, respected public figure openly agrees with any notable white conservative men then liberalism must destroy him. For decades liberalism has fed on the ignorance and fear of those who are willing to believe that white men look into the mirror as they shave each morning and long for the days when they could have been a slave-owning plantation master. Put another way, liberals bank on the votes of the Kanye “George Bush hates black people” West crowd.

As Bill O’Reilly told Juan the other day, this is ultimately a good thing.  Juan may not know it, but he had his very own Matrix Moment.

“I imagine that right now you’re feeling a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole. I can see it in your eyes. You have a look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, this is not far from the truth… You’re here because you know something…that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad,” (Morpheus, The Matrix).

Congrats, Juan—you took the red pill. There is no turning back.

A liberal black man who ever agrees with a notable conservative white male must be destroyed by his fellow liberals. How's it feel to be sacrificed at the alter of liberalism, Juan? It's probably pretty painful. Now you know what conservatives get to deal with regularly.

Harry Reid Given Kung Fu Panda Treatment: Skadoosh.

How many times does Harry I surrender to everyone, including smelly constituents and Presidents who don’t have a “negro dialect” Reid have to say something really stupid before someone tells him to be quiet and drive (far away)? The guy is politically tone deaf (or was that deftones?) Regardless, he takes it to a

You're not worth it Harry, will be "Skadooshed" before the end of this post.

whole new level in a video brought to you by the folks at hotair. When Greta pokes around for answers as to why liberal Democrats passed a bill the American people overwhelmingly didn’t want, particularly after the blowback from the Cornhusker Kickback, Reid replies:

“The Nebraska deal was terrific for our country…Why do I say that? Because now everybody has the Nebraska deal.”

Oh, I get it: if more Senators were open about selling votes for the sweetest deal in some sweaty back room in the wee hours of the morning we’d all be better off? Wrong. That’s how you get people “wee-wee’d up. Confused? Let Gibblett explain.

Now, with that said, Reid begins to realize he’s looking like the kind of loser who tells high school kids the President is “a loser.” (i.e., strangely, Harry Reid!) Faced with the prospect of looking like a fool and not being able to use the taken out of context excuse liberals always use when they say what they actually mean, he fell back on the “attempt to delegitimize Fox” Hail Mary. The only problem is it’s not working, and the Cable News ratings show it.

“Greta, let me say this, I know that Fox loves to berate anything that is Democratic in Nature…but let me just say this…Ben Nelson is an honorable man.”

Yes, yes, but of course. And Brutus was an honorable man…

Just think, if Harry Reid had watched The Cosby Show, specifically Shakespearean Rap crafted by Theo and Cockroach, we might not be in this mess today. You let Dr. Huxtable down, Harry. You let him down real bad with this one. But then, what did I expect? You’re the guy who tried to let an entire nation down.

Harry Reid makes Dr. Huxtable, Theo, Cockroach, and the nation cry. Somebody didn't read their Shakespeare.

Do you know what I did to you, Harry? Let me put it for you succinctly: Skadoosh.