Why you can’t ‘control’ guns in one image

50 Round Magazine

You can not control guns. This image pretty much sums it up.

From the ‘The Truth about Guns’:

The concept is solid and well established on Ruger 10/22 magazines: couple a whole bunch of them together at the floorplate and rotate the contraption when the mag runs dry. But FAB Defense took things a step further, gluing five 10-round magazines to a central spoke to create a New York-legal 50-round arrangement. Well, as near as we can tell NY legal.

If your state wants to make laws that arbitrarily max out magazine capacity at seven rounds, then someone will create a magazine hub that circumvents the law. If the regulations get even worse, then just wait it out for a year or two and 3D-printing technology will open the door to all sorts of bipods, buffer tubes, buttstocks and magazine parts currently unthinkable. The point is, with tens-of-millions of firearms in circulation, the effort to control the uncontrollable only erodes individual liberties while simultaneously empowering criminals.

At one point in time we had a civil society that valued life enough that even suicidal psychos generally kept their rampages to a single bullet. High schools had marksmanship and hunting clubs and kids actually brought rifles to school without issues. Somewhere along the line the culture changed, and rampaging idiots realized that taking out innocent civilians translated into cable news coverage long after death. Suicidal narcissists rejoiced and decent law-abiding citizens continue to pay the price.

Worse yet, media has managed to brain wash large swathes of the population into believing inanimate objects, instead of people raised in cultural rotgut, are to blame for gun violence.

Consider the reaction of a family that found an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle in the back of a rental car used by Lauren Tannehill, the wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill:

“Thinking they would just call the owner, they searched for an ID, there was none, [the mother] said. Her daughter unzipped the bag and said, “”Oh my God, it’s a gun.’ I said ‘I think I’m going to throw up.'”

“I think I’m going to throw up”? In saner days, Americans would simply shake their head at the bone-headed move of the previous driver, call the cops and move on. They wouldn’t get nauseous. The United States is in sad shape when its own Second Amendment makes Americans ill.

Lauren Tannehill has a gun...and there are actually Americans who feel like throwing up at the sight. Sad.
Lauren Tannehill has a gun…and there are actually Americans who feel like throwing up at the sight. Welcome to the United Twilight Zone of America.