Hillary Clinton pairing up with all-female ‘Ghostbusters’ cast … because pandering

Ghostbusters 2016

Imagine a scenario in 2012 where Mitt Romney decided to appear on Jimmy Kimmel with the cast of The Expendables 2. Jimmy then tweeted, “The entire cast of The Expendables is here next week and now @MittRomney is coming, too! Get your Man Cards ready.”

You would probably lose a ton of respect for Mr. Romney for a.) blatantly pandering to a certain demographic of men, and b.) doing so when nothing about him says “cigar chomping, beer-chugging dude.”

Now consider the following tweet from Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday:

“The entire cast of Ghostbusters is here next week and now @HillaryClinton is coming, too! Get your Woman Cards ready.”

Sad, isn’t it? It screams, “Vote for Hillary because she’s a woman. Seriously. I mean it.”

Ellen DeGeneres Hillary Clinton Ghostbusters

The weird thing about Mrs. Clinton’s May 25 appearance with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones is that no one has apparently warned her: Ghostbusters is literally the most reviled movie trailer in YouTube’s history.

The Hollywood Reporter covered the infamous milestone April 30:

Not only does it have the most dislikes for a trailer on the social platform, but it also makes the top 25 most disliked videos overall.

Things are not boding well for director Paul Feig’s upcoming Ghostbusters based on the film’s first official trailer on YouTube.

Released March 3, the trailer, viewed 29.2 million times and counting, is the most disliked movie trailer in YouTube history, according to “MyTop100Videos” channel’s “Most Disliked Videos” list that was last updated April 16.

Mrs. Clinton, a pale political imitation of her husband, will link herself with a cast that will likely be a pale imitation of the original Ghostbusters. It’s the kind of pandering that only a desperate candidate would resort to because someone who was confident would want the stage all to herself.

If Hillary Clinton were confident that she represented the majority of women, then there would be no need for “Get your Woman Card ready” tweets by Ellen DeGeneres.

If Hillary Clinton were running a smooth campaign, then the cast of Ghostbusters would appear the next day and talk about her for most of the interview.

If Hillary Clinton had decent political instincts, then she would not appear with any cast that would allow critics a segue into discussions about “ghosts” that haunt the former secretary of state at night.

Again, I would be highly insulted if a male candidate showed up on a talk show with a bunch of “manly men” as guests because … “bros before hoes in the voting booth, bro!” I can only hope that millions of intelligent women feel the same way about the Clinton campaign’s shameless efforts with female voters.

Howard Fineman: Obama Era and its Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfies are as powerful as Putin

Howard Fineman Oscars

Howard Fineman is The Huffington Post’s Editorial Director and an “analyst” over at MSNBC. He’s also the author of one of the most cringe-worthy tweets you will ever see that touches on both politics and culture.

Yes, according to Mr. Feineman, the “cultural creativity of the U.S. in the Obama Era” is just as powerful as Vladimir Putin. Perhaps if more insanely rich liberals would get together at big parties and take “selfies” of themselves Putin would pull his forces back into Russia, huddle his generals and say, “Kevin Spacey…Brad Pitt…Julia Roberts…together in one place — it was too much for Mother Russia to bear, comrades! ’12 Years a Slave’ won Best Picture. The diversity, the tolerance, it’s a Hind attack helicopter’s Achilles heel. We must regroup.”

Ellen DeGeneres Oscar tweet

On Friday I mentioned CNN’s Chief International Correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, and her inability to even conceive of the idea that Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine. I said that she was part of a culture that foolishly laughed at President Obama’s jokes about Mr. Romney’s foreign policy chops — because Romney knew what he was talking about.

On Sunday I mentioned that this same media culture was one that bought into the administration’s dangerous use of euphemisms (e.g., “uncontested arrival”). I said they covered for guys like Joe Biden, who have been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” (according to former Defense Secretary Bob Gates), while criticizing someone like Sarah Palin — who called a Ukraine invasion in 2008. Then, Sunday night, Mr. Fineman goes and writes something that sums up the culture he belongs to perfectly. Thank you, God.

Russian Armor AP

Yes, culture does matter, but Hollywood culture is not the “soft power” that wins wars. Hollywood and “Obama Era” culture is about narcissistic know-it-alls (who know little to nothing outside their craft) gathering together in big rooms and patting themselves on the back for how awesome they are. It’s about Mr. Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize after months in office…and then coming out with his ‘Terror Tuesday Kill List’ soon afterward. It’s about MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow winning the Walter Cronkite Award after three days on the job. It’s about friends who give themselves Lucite blocks and golden statues and then acting as if world peace would be achieved if more people just bought tickets to see Cate Blanchett in Woody “It would be good…if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years”  Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’

Ukraine Russia AP

It’s hard not to read Mr. Fineman’s words and think of Adam Sandler’s ‘Billy Madison’: “I award you no points..and may God have mercy on your soul.”