A tale of two Big Birds: Mark Steyn vs. Charles Blow

Charles Blow of the New York Times says if you pick on Big Bird you answer to him. That seems like an empty threat, given that he’s protected his Twitter account from anyone who disagrees with him. It’s unfortunate that he thinks the extremely lucrative Big Bird needs the same protection.

After Mitt Romney took President Obama to the cleaners in the first presidential debate (so much so that Bill Maher said it looked like President Obama spent his $1 million Super PAC donation on weed), liberals needed to latch onto something. They found it: Big Bird. What kind of inhumane, heartless bastard would want to “kill” Big Bird? The answer is no one, but since we’re dealing with adults who act like Sesame Street watching toddlers, we get a false dichotomy — either the government funds PBS or Big Bird will cease to exist.

President Obama’s supporters think they have a winner with the death-to-Big-Bird rants, when in reality their temper tantrum makes it clear to independent voters that they are not up to handling the serious financial problems America faces.

First, let us look at Mark Steyn’s reaction to the affair:

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting receives nearly half a billion dollars a year from taxpayers, which it disburses to PBS stations, who in turn disburse it to Big Bird and Jim Lehrer. I don’t know what Big Bird gets, but, according to Senator Jim DeMint, the president of Sesame Workshop, Gary Knell, received in 2008 a salary of $956,513. In that sense, Big Bird and Senator Harry Reid embody the same mystifying phenomenon: They’ve been in “public service” their entire lives and have somehow wound up as multimillionaires. …

[W]hether or not everybody loves Sesame Street, everybody has seen it, and every American under 50 has been weaned on it. So far this century it’s sold nigh on a billion bucks’ worth of merchandising sales (that’s popular toys such as the Subsidize-Me-Elmo doll). If Sesame Street is not commercially viable, then nothing is, and we should just cut to the chase and bail out everything. …

If Americans can’t muster the will to make Big Bird leave the government nest, they certainly will never reform Medicare.

Now, let us look at the reaction of Charles Blow of the New York Times:

Since 1969, Big Bird has been the king of the block on “Sesame Street.” When I was a child, he and his friends taught me the alphabet and the colors and how to do simple math. …

Big Bird and his friends also showed me what it meant to resolve conflicts with kindness and accept people’s differences and look out for the less fortunate. Do you know anything about looking out for the less fortunate, Mr. Romney? …

Let me make it simple for you, Mr. Romney. I’m down with Big Bird. You pick on him, you answer to me. …

I don’t really expect Mitt Romney to understand the value of something like PBS to people, like me, who grew up in poor, rural areas and went to small schools. These are places with no museums or preschools or after-school educational programs. There wasn’t money for travel or to pay tutors.

I honestly don’t know where I would be in the world without PBS.

First of all, not a lot of people can “answer” to Charles Blow because he’s locked his Twitter account (an odd step for someone who writes for a major American newspaper). Charles is untouchable — kind of like Big Bird.

Steyn’s central argument is that Big Bird is worth big bucks. The makers of Sesame Street and the top brass at PBS have done quite well for themselves. Public Broadcasting is very lucrative for the guys in charge. The kind of content that PBS provides is at the touch of our fingers. It’s everywhere, and it’s cheap. And so the question becomes: Should the American taxpayer be subsidizing this? The answer is no. And if we can not even bring ourselves to let Big Bird leave the nest … is it any wonder why we have government-mandated health care that encourages children to stay on their parent’s medical coverage until they’re 26 years old?

Charles Blow’s piece, in contrast, is purely emotional. He “honestly doesn’t know” where he’d be without Sesame Street. That’s an incredibly sad admission, but if he’s honest about it, let’s examine the subject a little more closely.

Again, absent government funding, the content provided by Sesame Street would essentially still exist. Investors would buy the rights to Big Bird. (Even Mark Levin has said that he would do so.) The Sesame Street crew would end up on Nickelodeon or ABC family or any number of shows on basic cable. Sesame Street and its decades of glory are available on DVD, on Youtube, etc. Big Bird might even wind up in kiddie crossovers featuring Dora the Explorer and “Blue” from Blue’s Clues. Think of the possibilities, Charles!

The Vice Presidential debate is coming up. President Obama’s team is so desperate I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Biden started harping on Big Bird just to keep the conversation going for another week. If he does, more power to him. It’s a debate us conservatives are more than happy to have. And guys like me don’t lock their Twitter account like Charles Blow, either.

Charles Blow: Occupy Wall Street Like Cobain (Who Blew His Head Off).

Charles Blow thinks the Occupy Wall Street movement is "cool"---so much so that he likened them to a band that came to an abrupt end when its lead singer propped a shotgun under his chin and pulled the trigger. Nirvana, Charles? Not to most Americans, Charles.

Every day I’m thankful that Charles Blow is on the New York Times’ payroll. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. He hunts non-existent Tea Party racists with the fervor of a backwoods Bigfoot fanatic. He’s speaks on constitutional issues in ways that suggest he’s never looked at what the Constitution actually says about a government of limited and enumerated powers. He endears himself to independent women by likening Sarah Palin to horror film monster “The Blob.”

Today, he looks at the Occupy Wall Street Movement and sees Nirvana (the band and, seemingly, the transcendental state of awareness):

If the Occupy Wall Street protests were a band, I’d say the closest corollary would probably be the legendary ’90s grunge band Nirvana — both meaningful and murky, tapping into a national angst and hopelessness, providing a much-needed catharsis and gaining a broad and devoted following while quickly becoming the voice of a generation…

This has energized two groups who are notoriously apathetic and lacking in civic engagement — the young and the poor — and has done so outside the existing architectures of power and politics.

This excitement has attracted the attention of progressive politicians, pundits and celebrities, many of whom are making pilgrimages to the protests to lend support while reinforcing their own street cred and pondering how to best harness the energy on display.

Charles, Charles, Charles…the first thing you do when likening a movement to a band is to make sure their lead singer didn’t blow his brains out with a shotgun after pumping himself up on heroin. It can’t be a portent of success when the New York Times is making analogies to a guy who was ultimately found a decomposing mess in his bedroom days after his gruesome death. About the only thing Charles got right is the linkage to “grunge.”

Personally, I would have went with a Pearl Jam metaphor—they embodied the heart and soul of a generation, fought “the system,” and went on to become one of the most respected rock bands in the world. But who am I? I’m just a crazy, racist, conservative Tea Party type who’s completely out of touch with the pulse of the American people. (Right Charles?)

Charles goes on to talk about “progressive politicians, pundits, and celebrities” who are making a “pilgrimage” to “lend support” to the movement. Although he begrudgingly acknowledges it in the proceeding paragraph, Charles’ tummy is sloshing around with so much Kool Aid that he doesn’t realize the most accurate analysis would read:

“…progressive politicians, pundits, and celebrities, many of whom are making a Black Friday sprint to the protests to get in front of a camera while reinforcing their own street cred and pondering how to best exploit the energy on display.”

Blow continues:

“But there has been an even stronger reaction by some on the right, who, out of fear, are seeking to preemptively stain and marginalize the protesters.”

No, Charles. “The Right” hasn’t “stained” the protesters, the guy crapping on cops cars and the Occupy Front Porches with Our Poop squatters have “stained” the movement. The communists, anarchists, socialists, losers, and misfits have “stained” the movement. The college kids who admit they’re there for a student loan bailout have “stained” the movement. And New York Times columnists who insinuated the Tea Party was racist because they didn’t have a ready made bill to place in the House floor’s hopper—while completely ignoring the prominent anti-capitalist strain of Occupy Wall Street—have “stained” them.

The piece,Occupy-apalooza Strikes a Chord, ends with shocking statistics that show many citizens, “agree with many of the disparate ideas being put forward.” Okay. I agree with many of the generic ideas that Democratic Party puts forward (although, doesn’t everyone wish their was less “greed”?), but I disagree with almost all of their methods of implementation because they reduce individual freedoms and liberties.

Dear Charles,

I beat you to the punch on the Occupy Wall Street 90’s Anthem on Twitter: Beck’s Loser. Now I just need one for you. How about one from the Peal Jam vault, because you’re just Sad.

Charles Blow Has Sarah Palin on the Brain: Pressure Causes Blindness.

Charles Blow has Sarah Palin on the brain, and the pressure on the back of his bald head is causing him to go completely blind. When you tell someone they're about to walk off a cliff and they speed up...you might as well watch it all unfold.

Do you remember when Charles Blow of the New York Times was positing that the Tea Party Racist (that Bigfoot-like creature), was a danger because of their “subtle and less visible biases,” more so than your average bear racist of the Yogi Bear variety? Well, now Charles has decided that one of the Tea Party’s symbolic heads, Sarah Palin (who should be  just as racist and worth exposing), is getting too much attention.  Now he’s vowing to ignore her:

The logic goes that if she’s making people on the left this upset, she must be doing something right.

Yet the left continues to elevate her every utterance so that they can mock and deride her. The problem is that this strategy continues to backfire. The more the left tries to paint her as one of the “Mean Girls,” the more the right sees her as “Erin Brockovich.” The never-ending attempts to tear her down only build her up. She’s like the ominous blob in the horror films: the more you shoot at it, the bigger and stronger it becomes.

Yes, she’s about as sharp as a wet balloon, but we already know that. How much more time and energy must be devoted to dissecting that?

I find it interesting that Charles has the gall to call anyone “sharp as a wet balloon” when he was the one who couldn’t see that the individual mandate in Obamacare was unprecedented federal action that might legitimately be a cause for concern among millions of Americans.  I also find it interesting that a liberal like Charles Blow (who probably isn’t too strong on Second Amendment rights) is suddenly comfortable likening Sarah Palin to a monster that must be stopped—preferably by bullets if not for the unexpectedly beneficial effect they have on it.  Regardless, I’d rather play Captain Obvious and say it: Charles Blow is either more delusional than normal, or a really bad liar.  Notice that he starts off his piece by establishing his Sarah Palin escape hatch:

This is it. This is the last time I’m going to write the name Sarah Palin until she does something truly newsworthy, like declare herself a candidate for the presidency.

What is “truly newsworthy” to Charles Blow? Remember, this is the same guy who felt the need to write on the subconscious racist nature of the “some” Tea Party members and the “dark racial prejudices” of “others.” Names? Dates? Specific instances? Don’t ask. I believe Andrew Breitbart is still waiting to give out $10,000 to the first person who can provide him with video of racial slurs hurled at Rep. John Lewis.

Oh. Wait. Forgive me. Charles cited a single study of roughly 1000 people conducted by “WISER.” Didn’t you hear of it? I wonder why it’s not household knowledge…

Charles Blow and his liberal friends have Sarah Palin on the brain. The pressure has caused his vision to be even worse than normal. Conservatives tried to warn them about the cliff they were heading towards going into the midterm elections, and they walked off anyway. It appears as though they’ve dusted themselves off are and looking for something with a few more jagged rocks at the bottom. I look forward to hearing how it works out for you, Charles.

Liberals Go Office Space on Tea Party: “Jump to [Racist] Conclusions” Favorite Game.


Liberals have taken a cue from Office Space. They want you to "Jump to Conclusions" about the Tea Party. Guess what? It's not working.


When journalists start off their stories talking about “blond, blue-eyed” anything…it’s usually not a good sign for the subject they’re describing.  Since the new Captain America movie is on its way I suppose we’ll be seeing that particular word combination pop up more frequently over the coming year, but somehow I don’t think Charlotte Hill had Marvel’s all American boy in mind when describing Stephen Knotts and the rest of his ideological allies:

NEW CASTLE, Delaware (AFP) – Stephen Knotts, a blond, blue-eyed member of the conservative Tea Party movement, is deeply concerned about where he sees the United States heading.

“We are pushing towards European values. Socialism, that’s a European value,” he warns. “Everybody’s kind of zombified over there…”

Paul Lamanna, a member of the shooting club who describes himself as a first generation Italian immigrant, is similarly concerned about what he sees as a turn towards European policies in the United States.

“They have communism, they have fascism, they have socialism, even today. I’m not interested in any of that. I’m interested in democracy,” he says.

In neighboring Newark, Delaware, 31-year-old Kevin Thomas pronounces himself “sick and tired of this big government coming in, taking our money, giving it away basically to people who don’t deserve it.”

“We’re building a nation of slackers,” he warns at a campaign event for O’Donnell.

“What’s wrong with that,” you ask? Let’s fast forward to the end of the article:

The largely white movement also faces accusations of racism from Democrats, including David Tillman, a 67-year-old African-American attending a campaign event for O’Donnell’s opponent Chris Coons.

“Come on, all they did was take off their hoods,” he says in reference to the peaked masks worn by Ku Klux Klan members.

Hill not so surreptitiously throws in enough details to make some of AFP’s gullible readers pay less attention to the completely valid and legitimate concerns of Tea Party members, and more on the red herring race bait their opponents come up with.

Well, he was blond haired and blue eyed. There is a lot of white people there. I suppose that blond-haired, blue-eyed guy and his friends could have been implying that black people are “slackers.”  It makes you kind of wonder about that Tea Party movement, you know?

Nice try, Charlotte.  Guys like Charles Blow tried to paint the Tea Party as racist already—and it failed. Bill Maher regularly goes with the “Racist, Crazy, Dumb” hat trick, and that hasn’t worked.  Kevin Smith (a liberal who made a career out of glamorizing slackers) is making a movie that paints all “Red States” as breeding grounds for religious wackos.  It’s pathetic, and since more people are paying attention to what’s going on the con job isn’t going to be as easy this time around.  Openly saddling future generations with colon-exploding federal deficits has a way of getting people tuned in to the political process.  I highly suggest dealing with the out of control entitlement spending if you want to save face.  But you won’t.  You’ll probably even start calling disaffected Obama voters racists, and in November the polls will show just how badly you miscalculated the electorate.

Bill Maher: Al Sharpton Bullhorn Boycott-proof…Because He’s Liberal.

What would liberals, particularly the New York Times’ Charles Blow, say if I told him Bill O’Reilly said the following:

“I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. You know, this [BP oil spill] is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants. That’s — (in black man voice) we’ve got a ‘motherfu**ing problem here?’ Shoot somebody in the foot.”

Something tells Charles Blow would not be a happy camper. In fact, I’m pretty sure he would be downright livid.

Now, what if I told Mr. Blow that in actuality it was liberalism’s favorite intellectual bile belcher Bill Maher who had said it? Somehow, I think the criticism would be rather muted. Am I wrong? But the interesting thing about Bill Maher’s diatribe are the observations that begin to form because of it, and any one of them that might accurately depict what’s going on is bad news for Maher:

  • He actually believes “real” black people have their “blackness” measured by how much of a thug they are.
  • He doesn’t believe it, but he knows he has an immunity card to make “jokes” that would have Al Sharpton boycotts complete with blaring megaphones outside anyone
    Bill Maher: When you're liberal you can insult black people all day and get away with it. Or maybe they ignore me because they know I'm just a really mean, bitter person....

    else’s studio. The result: he gets to perpetuate a stereotype, but he leaves other people to clean up the cultural mess he makes.

  • He does believe it, and he knows he has a pass.

If you examine those who are usually the butt of Bill Maher’s jokes you’ll see that he holds a contemptuous view of almost all of them (e.g., religious people of any stripe, conservatives, anyone who disagrees with him)—which leads me to believe he thinks the same of black people. Like Keith “I admit I’m a racist” Olbermann, Bill knows that liberals can say the most insulting, derogatory things about “protected” groups and the Political Correctness Cops will turn a blind eye.  They can’t let the word get out that liberals have just as many ignoramuses in their camp as everyone else because then the mystique is gone.  The Racist Boogeyman is an important election-season card liberals depend on, and without it they’re at a severe disadvantage.  It’s hard to convince people to continue voting for you with unemployment near 10%, gut-busting federal deficits, stimulus bills that didn’t stimulate, healthcare bills passed that voters didn’t want, and oil spill response debacles that get worse with each passing day…without the conservative boogeyman to fall back on.

ToeJam and Earl ran from the Boogeyman. Liberals create him every election season.

Liberalism is in trouble. It’s crumbling abroad and giving Americans a sneak peak at what we have to look forward to if we continue on the Nanny State path. It’s exposed on the internet (which is why the president isn’t happy with new technology in your hands), and it’s beginning to sink in with young people that their professors are full of it.

Keep talking, Bill Maher.  In some sick and twisted way you’re the conservative’s best friend.

Update: Mediaite weighs in on this as well.

Students See Greece Enter Eighth Circle of Hell, Realize Profs Lied about Liberalism.

Roger L. Simon has an interesting piece over at Pajamas Media about the Culture Wars:

Woody Allen told Spain’s La Vanguardia that it would be a good idea if Barack Obama could be dictator for a “few years” to overcome obstructionist Republicans. Just a few days later, Friedman fantasized, on Meet the Press yet, that the solution to America’s problems might be to be more like China.

These are liberals? Well, you might say, and you might be right (pace Jonah Goldberg), that this has been their unspoken attitude all along. But publicly, this is crazy stuff. It’s self-destructive…

…Liberalism, as we have known it for decades, is on the defensive. With the welfare state unsustainable, it has nowhere to turn and its adherents are turning tail in every direction.

If you’ve read my blog in recent days you know how I feel about Woody “I sleep with my adopted daughter-turned-wife and I’m okay with it” Allen. However, I don’t want to be too quick on the draw in regards to whatever is happening with the public’s perception of liberalism.  No one wants to become the conservative James Carville, predicting “40 years” of control and then having that prediction crumble before your book hits the bargain bin at your local bookstore.

With that said, I will reiterate what I’ve said before: technology is the conservative’s friend. Barack Obama knows it. The New York Times and any number of liberal race-baiters on their payroll know it. And every liberal who thinks they can scare voters into thinking the Elusive Teaparty Racist Bigfoot is more of a threat to the nation than entitlement spending on methamphetamines knows it.

Students have been taught for years that Europe and its Nanny State satellite sucklers are what we should aspire to be. Now the kids find out their overpaid prof from New Jersey was not telling them the whole story. You know…the part where Greece enters the Eighth Circle of Hell.

Students have been taught for years that “all cultures are equal” (particularly those with a penchant for raising Grade A jihadi whack jobs). Well, it turns out—in case those students didn’t use the internet to watch innocent civilians get their heads chopped off—that those other cultures get all itchy when they watch cartoons, and instead of buying a product with some good antihistamines, they threaten to kill people.

Liberalism is a lie. Their magical utopia is a lie. Al Sharpton’s Communist fantasies are lies. And social media platforms all allow for individuals like you and I to tell everyone about it in detail. In gloriously and honestly researched detail that anyone with a modicum of impartiality in them can understand.

All that’s required of us is to articulate conservatism in ways that our friends, family, and community leaders understand. That’s no easy task, but it’s extremely motivating. So get to it!

Charles Blow and the Elusive Tea Party Racist Bigfoot

It wasn’t too long ago that liberal columnist Charles Blow was hit with an intellectual Hadouken that left him an unconscious mess twitching in the the back alley of the New York Times. Well, he’s back. The Master Higgens of race-baiters is at it again:

“It has attracted hordes of the disaffected with differing interests, including some who’ve openly expressed their dark racial prejudices and others who polls suggest harbor more subtle and less visible biases. Opposition to President Obama triggers a political Pavlovian response among some of these people, and they want to ally themselves with others around a common enemy,”

This has all the makings of a really good murder mystery, Charles! What sort of

Charles Blow is in search of the elusive racist Tea Party Bigfoot with clout. They may have furry American flag markings on their leg, but trust him: They're bad news.

reader doesn’t want to investigate “some” and “others” who harbor “subtle” biases. Personally, when I’m dealing with race I like to deal with specific instances and specific people…but that’s just me.

For instance, I was watching Tim Burton socialist martian stunt double Al Sharpton define “social justice” to the kind of liberal audience that believes someone when they accuse innocent NYC cops of raping women and covering them in excrement:

“Someone was saying to me the other day, ‘Reverend Sharpton, We got an African American president, we achieved the dream of Dr. King,’ and I told them that was not Dr. King’s dream…the dream was to make everything equal in everybody’s house.”

Unlike the mysterious racist Tea Party people with any clout that Charles talks about, Reverend Sharpton is regularly cited as a “leader” of the black community. So, when he unabashedly comes out with Communist talking points to a rapt audience, I think it’s worth noting. We’ve got him on video. Case closed.

I’m not really convinced that the “racist” label will stick to the Tea Party movement, especially since the kind of people who read Charle’s column to affirm their worldview have oddly started online campaigns to say racist things and blame conservatives.If this is such a pressing problem, I would have thought that someone like Mr. Blow would have easily claimed Breitbart’s $10,000 prize, to be given to the first person to offer up proof of the elusive racist Tea Party Bigfoot. Unless I’m mistaken, he’s still out there….somewhere….with “others” doing those “subtle” things that Tea Party Bigfoot does. Perhaps the New York Times will find him in Utah? We already know that Marvel’s Captain Liberal America had some luck with that…

I really wish Charles would just give it up. It’s Saturday night and I have places to be, but if he keeps writing this nonsense I’ll have to go Omnislash on him. Did you shave your head Charles, or did all those poisonous thoughts cause your hair to fall out?

When taking on Charles Blow it's like I'm using Cloud's Omnislash on a Chocobo. I almost feel bad...

The Duran Duran Nanny State: Hungry Like the Wolf.

Whenever I see stories about internships I take a closer look, probably because I have a job that deals quite a bit with the subject at hand. As Ed Morrissey explains:

Meet the Democrats … exploiters of the disadvantaged — at least according to their own definition. On the other hand, conservatives recognize that internships offer students an opportunity to add real-world experience that increases their ability to compete in the labor marketplace later. If the intern volunteers for that kind of relationship, it’s no more or less exploitative if the free labor benefits a private business, or if it benefits a class-war politician who imposes rules on others that he doesn’t abide for himself.

First, let me say that all interns at The Heritage Foundation are paid, and that all housing is available to them if they need it. Most DC internships are not. I interned for a stand-up Congressman from Illinois a few years ago and, sadly, it was not paid. However, the knowledge I gained while working there was invaluable. The friendships

The government doesn't want to make out with you. Ask Duran Duran. It's hungry like the wolf, my friend. And your civil liberties are on the menu.

and contacts I made there opened professional windows that would have remained closed otherwise.

Likewise, my internship at Heritage shortly thereafter forever changed the trajectory of my life. Even though I had already completed graduate school and had plenty of other real world experience on my resume, the human capital that internships often offer is something that can be worth much more than money. Is it possible that an intern can be exploited at an organization if they don’t have a watchful intern coordinator (like me!) monitoring the situation? Sure. But it doesn’t matter one bit whether the organization is “for profit” or a non-profit, because people are people; they’re fallible.

What irritates me about liberals is that they don’t have faith in business. They don’t have faith in the institution of the family. They don’t have faith in God. They only have faith in fellow liberals. As Ohanglaman Makadem claims:

“Oh the voters of America…
Barack Obama be they name
The change shall come
Thy will be done…”

It boggles my mind how the same people who claim Jesus is a “fairy tale” are the same ones who tend to find their personal Jesus in some elitist DC politician who claims to have the power to take all their problems away. Just ask Peggy Joseph.

The only hitch: the reality is exactly the opposite—the federal government is always hungry like the wolf, and it’s your liberties, freedoms, and cash it’s after. Don’t believe me? Then you haven’t been paying attention for the past year (perhaps you’re reading The New York Times’ Charles Blow a little too much?) YOU are the greatest tool at your disposal for shaping your destiny–not the government. YOU and the entrepreneurial spirit inside you are the best problem solver in your life—not the federal government. And YOU will always be a better arbiter of your time and resources than a bunch of wild boys inside The Beltway.

Jason Mattera’s Dave Matthews-Barack Obama Human Waste Dump Conundrum

Jason Mattera, author of Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation, accurately described media coverage of Barack ““Milli Vanilli” Obama with the more contemporary musical phenomenon, The Jonas Brothers:

The media treat leftist politicians as though they are at a Jonas Brothers concert. They’re just fawning licking the heels of their favorite teen idol. I think many young people forgot they were voting for a president, and instead thought they were voting for the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air…Barack Obama would organize these free Dave Matthews concerts around the country…and they’re like ‘Sweet bro! Barack hooked me up with Dave Matthews, I’m gonna vote for him!

I think instead of getting consternated, Jason should use Dave Matthews’

Dave Matthews' fans love him despite the fact his tour bus dumps 800 pounds of human waste on them. Likewise, those same fans voted for Barack Obama and they can expect to find a flaming bag of gut-busting generational debt-diarrhea on their future front doorsteps.

songs in an attempt to convert those same kids into conservatives, as demonstrated in one of my previous blog posts. And if that doesn’t work, we shouldn’t be surprised; the same kids who voted for Barack Obama’s policies also like a guy who dumps 800 pounds of human waste on his fans (just as Barack Obama went through a wormhole and left a flaming bag of explosive diarrhea in the form of gut-busting debt for them on their future doorsteps). When you drink the water…you get sick. (See how that’s done, my friend?) When you vote for liberals, you get health care brown notes that The Mythbusters can’t even deny.

Right now there is Misery amongst the legions of young Obama voters, even if they never heard of Soul Asylum. I assure you, with unemployment at nearly 10%, the “Obama Zombies” want somebody to shove, and George Bush has nothing to do with massive government entitlement programs and the generational debt they’re going to inherit. Kids used to watch Chester Bennington’s liberal, leather-clad soapbox mini-cinema and think of “Bush,” but right now I’d wager that “What I’ve Done” is already more aptly applied to their decision to elect President Obama.

And, if you don’t believe me Jason, I’ll just have to agree with the New York Times and deem you a racist. I’m sure I could even get Charles Blow to agree with me, if he’s ever regained consciousness from the intellectual hadouken I gave him.

Charles Blow of the New York Times: KO’d Street Fighter Style.

According to Charles Blow of the New York Times, opposition to health care is the irrational result of listening to Rush Limbaugh and Fox news. Polls like this apparently have less to do with some of the empirical evidence used by Rush Limbaugh on a daily basis, and more to do with some sort of ignorance-magic that makes people impervious to Presidential ramblings:

The Apostles of Anger in their echo chamber of fallacies have branded him the enemy. This has now become an article of faith. Obama isn’t just the enemy of small government and national solvency. He’s the enemy of liberty.

Actually, Mr. Blow, The Heritage Foundation, The Wall Street Times, and liberal Democrats from Illinois like Phil Hare (him, albeit inadvertently) are highlighting quite nicely that American liberties are being eroded as we speak. The Wall Street Journal is spot on when it notes:

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and 13 other state AGs—including Louisiana Democrat Buddy Caldwell—claim this is an unprecedented exercise of state power. Never before has Congress required people to buy a private product to qualify as a law-abiding citizen…Democrats claim the mandate is justified under the Commerce Clause, because health care and health insurance are a form of interstate commerce…[but] all human activity arguably has some economic footprint. So if Congress can force Americans to buy a product, the question is what remains of the government of limited and enumerated powers, as provided in Article I. The only remaining restraint on federal power would be the Bill of Rights, though the Founders considered those 10 amendments to be an affirmation of the rights inherent in the rest of the Constitution, not the only restraint on government. If the insurance mandate stands, then why can’t Congress insist that Americans buy GM cars, or that obese Americans eat their vegetables or pay a fat tax penalty?

That’s a fact, Mr. Blow. So the next time you tell your readers that “Rush & Co…strum their fears and feed their anxiety,” perhaps you should take a step back and actually read The Constitution or The Federalist Papers instead of taking Nancy Are you serious? Pelosi’s word for it. Because she certainly isn’t.

Myself, any many other Americans out there are very familiar with the Rule of Law:

An individual mandate to enter into a contract with or buy a particular product from a private party, with tax penalties to enforce it, is unprecedented– not just in scope but in kind–and unconstitutional as a matter of first principles and under any reasonable reading of judicial precedents.

And finally, your assertion that everyone on the left “loves” the President? Think again. It appears the only person misleading people around here…is you.

And that, good sir, is what you call getting KO’d, Street Fighter style.

Ryu-Hadouken takes Charles Blow out like he was Chun-Li...because he basically is.