The Sad, Sad Case of Allen Haywood.

Allen Haywood was a man minding his own business when he was assaulted by thugs. He was a victim, but it didn’t have to end with him battered, bloody, and shaken.

Years ago I was in a mechanized infantry unit.  We were trained that when ambushed, a counter-ambush involves getting out of the kill zone quickly, charging full steam ahead, and laying down lead, which is a lot better than sitting around with your thumb up your ass and dying.  Allen Haywood, on some level, learned this lesson in the DC metro area the other night:

On Sunday night, Allen Haywood was randomly and viciously attacked by two kids on the platform of the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station. Dozens of people witnessed it. Several people filmed it. Nobody helped.

Haywood was trying to transfer to the Yellow Line around 7:15 p.m. when the assault happened.

Allen Haywood is a florist who was minding his own business when a group of thugs attacked him (the article mentions “two” kids, which is misleading, as it’s obvious he was in the mist of their friends as well).  He was reading a book when a pack of kids decided it would be fun to beat a man and video tape it…just for the hell of it. I would call them animals, but animals act on instinct—lions hunt because they’re lions, and tigers kill because they’re tigers. These individuals are worse than animals because they have free will; they mulled over the idea in their mind, knew it was evil, and carried through with their plan anyway.

Sadly, Allan seems to be the type of man who doesn’t want to believe that sometimes the dregs of society exist in cesspools because that is where evil likes to reside. And evil can not be reasoned with, as the video shows him attempting to do…to no avail.

One of my squad leaders used to say that the enemy needed to be confronted with SPEED, SHOCK, POWER, AND VIOLENCE.  Not to be neglected is the Army’s saying, “Stay Alert, Stay Alive!”

Because I wanted to exit the military with all of my organs and bones in tact and where I found them on the day I enlisted, I took this advice seriously. Little did I know that it would serve me well upon reentry into civilian life.

Allen Haywood should have responded to these thugs with Speed, Shock, Power, and Violence. The aggressor always sets the rules of engagement. In this instance a bunch of oxygen thieves wanted to rough up a poor man minding his own business. If he was alert (instead of reading his book) he would have headed off his attackers, or at least avoided that first blow. As the altercation commenced, he should have applied:

  • Speed: Find the emergency buttons located throughout the DC Metro and pushed the button.
  • Shock:  If his attackers were not deterred, he should have moved on them with a level of force they would have never foreseen coming from their victim (sticking his thumbs in their eyes and swiping hard would have worked nicely).
  • Power:  Animals prey on the weak. Exuding strength, by subduing or pummeling his assailants, was called for.
  • Violence:  Being civilized does not mean renouncing violence as an acceptable means to sometimes end confrontation. “Peace at any cost” is not peace.  Surrounded, outnumbered, and without a Good Samaritan by his side, Allen Haywood should have gone third-rail ferrel.

Note:  Law-abiding citizens can put an end to such unwanted scenarios by carrying concealed weapons.  Metro-thugs would be less hesitant to attack in the future if they were never sure who might respond to threats to our God-given right to LIFE with a hail of bullets.

It is often said that we’re always one generation away from civilization’s end.  If one generation fails to teach the next right from wrong — or about honor, integrity, and selfless service…good citizens suffer the consequences.

I hope Allen Haywood recovers, physically and psychologically, from his ordeal. However, part of that recovery hinges on his ability to understand that some people out there are just plain evil.  Period.  And evil must be dealt with by delivering swift, sure, and unrelenting force to protect productive, rational, and upstanding men.