Is Twitter throwing people in ‘Twitmo’ for discussing Gosnell, calling out hypocrites like Al Sharpton?

Cuba Guantanamo

They call it “Twitmo” instead of Gitmo on the “Break the Media Blackout” Facebook page. That’s where Twitter has apparently been sending individuals who have been tweeting too much on the Kermit Gosnell abortion trial, suspending accounts and putting users in a virtual “time out” until they check off a few boxes in a “I promise to behave” form.

Yesterday I ended up a detainee, my accounted frozen until I promised the Twitter gods that I would abide by a vague collection of rules that are selectively enforced by nameless faceless Twitter moderators.

At 12:38 p.m. I posted a story on the media blackout of the Gosnell case, and throughout the day I used the #Gosnell hashtag:

• Ignoring #Gosnell infanticide, #MSNBC investigates if #GOP voters too #prolife

• Thanks for all your work on bringing light to the #Gosnell case, @leslieps918. #prolife #tcot #CNN #NBC #ABC #CBS

• Talked media bias on #Gosnell w @AndyParksTWT, DC’s 102.9 FM. @iowahawkblog’s great observations mentioned. #tcot

• . @TheRevAl leads #MSNBC show ranting about #RandPaul talking to minorities. No talk of #Gosnell murdering minorities. #ProLife #tcot

Only moments after Tweeting Al Sharpton, my account was suspended for sending “multiple unsolicited mentions” to other users. I have used Twitter for years in the same manner and have never been banned, and my last mentions to Al Sharpton that I know of were February 1 and September 26, 2012:

• #TawanaBrawley found after decades, served court order for defamation case – Any reaction, @TheRevAl? #apologize

• #MSNBC’s Politics Nation: You’re a racist, but Tawana Brawley isn’t mentioned @BlackEaglePower @TheRevAl #tcot…

Is it unacceptable to tweet Reverend Al Sharpton a handful of times over the course of months, when his cable news show on MSNBC routinely casts conservatives as racists, bigots, sexists and homophobes? Are the objects of his slander not allowed to respond to him directly? On Twitter, that may be the case.

Al Sharpton Twitter

So millions of viewers are allowed to be told that guys like me are racists, but if I take a moment out of my day once in a blue moon to tell Al Sharpton that he’s a man who made his career peddling lies, I get my account frozen? Unbelievable. What would happen if I reminded Al of the time he ruined a man’s career by accusing him of raping a black woman and smearing feces on her face when, in reality, it was all just a hoax? I’d probably be banished to a Twitter gulag forever.

Although, there is another possibility: I ended up in “Twitmo” for simply using the hastag #Gosnell in ways that made too many pro-choice Twitter users upset. Armed with the spam button, they are notorious for getting conservative accounts suspended (‘Twitter gulag’ is what some users call their probationary period).

Testimony from the “Break the Media Blackout” page include:

• Catherine Contreras: Ugh! Suspended from Twitter! How long does Time Out last?? Using other account in the meantime

•Markie Marie Works: I’m in Twitmo and I haven’t even tweeted that much,?????

•Rebecca De Anda Boucher: second twitter account…win!

• Karen Elizabeth Clark: Twitter says I am over my limit of tweets for today … I have never seen that before on Twitter

• Philip A Hagen: Twitter is censoring this movement. Time to take it to our local news stations?

• Sabrina L Beaz UGGG I just got suspended again! Dang Twitmo

• Yvette Gonzales So I just tried to get into my Twitter acct and I’m blocked right now.

The Kermit Gosnell case is shaping up to be not just a murder trial, but an examination of free speech in America. On one hand we have media outlets that have abdicated their role to provide citizens with timely, comprehensive and important stories. Why would Al Sharpton lead his show with a day old story on Rand Paul when social media sites everywhere were exploding about the Gosnell case? In another segment, he talked about how guys like Paul Ryan were too pro-choice for at least five minutes and not once did Gosnell come up with anyone on the panel.

On the other side of the debate we have grassroots conservatives covering a story, only to be blocked on social media platforms because of rules that are seemingly enforced in full when conservatives shift momentum in their favor.

The Kermit Gosnell case is far from over, and whether or not The Associated Press, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or Twitter moderators are happy about it, conservatives aren’t going away without a fight.

All Sharpton can use his nationally syndicated talk show to call conservatives racists, bigots, sexists and homophobes every day. Take the rare occasion to call him out on his hypocrisy and he'll have your account suspended.
Al Sharpton can use his nationally syndicated talk show to call conservatives racists, bigots, sexists and homophobes every day. Take the rare occasion to call him out on his hypocrisy and he’ll have your account suspended. If Twitter existed decades ago, he’d probably would have used the platform to falsely claim cops smeared feces on Tawana Brawley.

Sharpton’s Politics Nation: Where you’re a racist, but Tawana Brawley isn’t mentioned

I’m Al Sharpton, and this is Politics Nation, where no one will ever mention the time I ruined a man’s career by accusing him of raping a black woman and smearing feces on her face when, in reality, it was all just a hoax.

If you ever wondered where the lost and confused Obama voters from Howard Stern’s instant-classic election interview go on the rare occasions they need news, look no further than Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Then, the next time you’re upset at your mom or dad, son or daughter and think, “How could they be so stupid?” think back to Sharpton’s show and you’ll remember just how much you have to be thankful for.

Take, for instance, the Rev’s interview with Joe Madison, of Mornings with Madison. Sharpton asks why Newt Gingrich would call President Obama a “false president,” as if those bastions of conservatism,  CNN and NBC, weren’t mocking Mr. Obama for sitting down on quaint couches with the ladies of The View while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was at the big boys’ table. Instead of attributing Newt’s criticism of Obama to the Las Vegas fundraisers the day after an American diplomat was murdered overseas and al Qaeda flags were going up at embassies across the Mideast, Mr. Madison sees — wait for it — racism! But not just any racism — we’re talking about “coded-outright racism.”

For the younger generation, when you hear ‘lazy,’ you know that’s the kind of code word they would say about African Americans in the 60’s and 50’s and the decades before. This is more than outright racism. … This generation isn’t falling for it. … [Republicans are] the neanderthals. They’re the ones whose children are sitting there looking at them and wondering, “What cave did you come from?””

Republicans speak in “code,” but it’s also “outright.” No one can hear it, except that everyone hears it. So, in essence, they’re not speaking in code, but they’re really cavemen. And it’s so bad that their kids silently loath them. Bravo, Joe. Bravo. Or should I call you Dr. Watson?

Here’s some more code for you, Joe: You’re an idiot. Oh, wait … that wasn’t code. I really just mean that you’re an idiot.

Remember when Al Sharpton accused cops and a prosecutor of raping Tawana Brawley before smearing feces on her, but it turned out to be a hoax? Remember when Al was successfully sued for slander? I do. Remember when it could be argued that Al Sharpton really did speak in “code,” when he referred to “diamond merchants” after a 1991 tragedy — and then things got out of hand (and by out of hand I mean a man was murdered)? I remember that.

A Hasidic Jewish driver in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section accidentally kills Gavin Cato, a 7-year-old black child, and antisemitic riots erupt. Sharpton races to pour gasoline on the fire. At Gavin’s funeral he rails against the “diamond merchants” — code for Jews — with “the blood of innocent babies” on their hands. He mobilizes hundreds of demonstrators to march through the Jewish neighborhood, chanting, “No justice, no peace.” A rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum, is surrounded by a mob shouting “Kill the Jews!” and stabbed to death.

As Ned Flanders would say: “Whoopsie-Doodle.”

Is it “coded-outright racism” when I ask why President Obama has time to schedule in a meeting with “The Pimp with the Limp,” but not the Prime Minister of Israel? Is it racist if I wonder why President Obama  can make time for David “I cheat on my wife in adultery dens above the CBS studios” Letterman, but not the guys who want to give him a morning intelligence briefing — in person? Is it racist to wonder why President Obama was able to make a fundraiser with Jay-Z and Beyonce happen, but he couldn’t hammer out a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq? (Meanwhile, Syria spins out of control, and Iraq turns to Iran to fill their security needs in the absence of U.S. troops.)

Is the New York Times racist because, for all intents and purposes, they’ve exposed the guy who won a Nobel Peace Prize for, umm, not being George W. Bush, as the one who sat back and “led from behind” as the Mideast melted down?

The civil war in Syria is testing Iraq’s fragile society and fledgling democracy, worsening sectarian tensions, pushing Iraq closer to Iran and highlighting security shortcomings just nine months after American forces ended their long and costly occupation here.

There are so many substantive issues that critics of the President are talking about, but MSNBC hosts and their guests do the equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears while screaming racism because in any honest debate President Obama comes out battered and bloodied. (Is that “code” too, Joe?) Every question on MSNBC is some variation of the question, “How dumb is Mitt Romney?” and the answer is always, “Really dumb.” And then everyone chortles like Martin Bashir and the cycle starts all over again.

Newsflash: I can give you 16 trillion reasons not to vote for the president, and not one of them pertains to the color of his skin.

Good luck with the “coded-outright racism” pitch, Joe. It sounds like a real winner. I’m sure the Rev will give you a lot more chances to trot it out between now and election day. Just don’t get on his bad side; he might accuse you of wiping feces on a teenager.

“Did I just say that Republicans speak in “code” while being “outright” racists? Perhaps I meant to say that they are “subconsciously-consciously” racist? I’m so confused … and yet now I’m wondering: If a Republican calls me “confused,” what is THAT code for? I need to get race off my mind. I really do.”

Bill Maher: Al Sharpton Bullhorn Boycott-proof…Because He’s Liberal.

What would liberals, particularly the New York Times’ Charles Blow, say if I told him Bill O’Reilly said the following:

“I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. You know, this [BP oil spill] is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants. That’s — (in black man voice) we’ve got a ‘motherfu**ing problem here?’ Shoot somebody in the foot.”

Something tells Charles Blow would not be a happy camper. In fact, I’m pretty sure he would be downright livid.

Now, what if I told Mr. Blow that in actuality it was liberalism’s favorite intellectual bile belcher Bill Maher who had said it? Somehow, I think the criticism would be rather muted. Am I wrong? But the interesting thing about Bill Maher’s diatribe are the observations that begin to form because of it, and any one of them that might accurately depict what’s going on is bad news for Maher:

  • He actually believes “real” black people have their “blackness” measured by how much of a thug they are.
  • He doesn’t believe it, but he knows he has an immunity card to make “jokes” that would have Al Sharpton boycotts complete with blaring megaphones outside anyone
    Bill Maher: When you're liberal you can insult black people all day and get away with it. Or maybe they ignore me because they know I'm just a really mean, bitter person....

    else’s studio. The result: he gets to perpetuate a stereotype, but he leaves other people to clean up the cultural mess he makes.

  • He does believe it, and he knows he has a pass.

If you examine those who are usually the butt of Bill Maher’s jokes you’ll see that he holds a contemptuous view of almost all of them (e.g., religious people of any stripe, conservatives, anyone who disagrees with him)—which leads me to believe he thinks the same of black people. Like Keith “I admit I’m a racist” Olbermann, Bill knows that liberals can say the most insulting, derogatory things about “protected” groups and the Political Correctness Cops will turn a blind eye.  They can’t let the word get out that liberals have just as many ignoramuses in their camp as everyone else because then the mystique is gone.  The Racist Boogeyman is an important election-season card liberals depend on, and without it they’re at a severe disadvantage.  It’s hard to convince people to continue voting for you with unemployment near 10%, gut-busting federal deficits, stimulus bills that didn’t stimulate, healthcare bills passed that voters didn’t want, and oil spill response debacles that get worse with each passing day…without the conservative boogeyman to fall back on.

ToeJam and Earl ran from the Boogeyman. Liberals create him every election season.

Liberalism is in trouble. It’s crumbling abroad and giving Americans a sneak peak at what we have to look forward to if we continue on the Nanny State path. It’s exposed on the internet (which is why the president isn’t happy with new technology in your hands), and it’s beginning to sink in with young people that their professors are full of it.

Keep talking, Bill Maher.  In some sick and twisted way you’re the conservative’s best friend.

Update: Mediaite weighs in on this as well.

Students See Greece Enter Eighth Circle of Hell, Realize Profs Lied about Liberalism.

Roger L. Simon has an interesting piece over at Pajamas Media about the Culture Wars:

Woody Allen told Spain’s La Vanguardia that it would be a good idea if Barack Obama could be dictator for a “few years” to overcome obstructionist Republicans. Just a few days later, Friedman fantasized, on Meet the Press yet, that the solution to America’s problems might be to be more like China.

These are liberals? Well, you might say, and you might be right (pace Jonah Goldberg), that this has been their unspoken attitude all along. But publicly, this is crazy stuff. It’s self-destructive…

…Liberalism, as we have known it for decades, is on the defensive. With the welfare state unsustainable, it has nowhere to turn and its adherents are turning tail in every direction.

If you’ve read my blog in recent days you know how I feel about Woody “I sleep with my adopted daughter-turned-wife and I’m okay with it” Allen. However, I don’t want to be too quick on the draw in regards to whatever is happening with the public’s perception of liberalism.  No one wants to become the conservative James Carville, predicting “40 years” of control and then having that prediction crumble before your book hits the bargain bin at your local bookstore.

With that said, I will reiterate what I’ve said before: technology is the conservative’s friend. Barack Obama knows it. The New York Times and any number of liberal race-baiters on their payroll know it. And every liberal who thinks they can scare voters into thinking the Elusive Teaparty Racist Bigfoot is more of a threat to the nation than entitlement spending on methamphetamines knows it.

Students have been taught for years that Europe and its Nanny State satellite sucklers are what we should aspire to be. Now the kids find out their overpaid prof from New Jersey was not telling them the whole story. You know…the part where Greece enters the Eighth Circle of Hell.

Students have been taught for years that “all cultures are equal” (particularly those with a penchant for raising Grade A jihadi whack jobs). Well, it turns out—in case those students didn’t use the internet to watch innocent civilians get their heads chopped off—that those other cultures get all itchy when they watch cartoons, and instead of buying a product with some good antihistamines, they threaten to kill people.

Liberalism is a lie. Their magical utopia is a lie. Al Sharpton’s Communist fantasies are lies. And social media platforms all allow for individuals like you and I to tell everyone about it in detail. In gloriously and honestly researched detail that anyone with a modicum of impartiality in them can understand.

All that’s required of us is to articulate conservatism in ways that our friends, family, and community leaders understand. That’s no easy task, but it’s extremely motivating. So get to it!

Joy Behar: Why read Thomas Sowell When I can Look Perpetually Constipated Pretending to be Smart?

Joy Behar

It’s been awhile, but I finally get to write a post on Joy” I perpetually look constipated” Behar. Today, at long last, the source of her liberalism was revealed:

CBS News anchor: Where did this liberal streak come from?

JOY BEHAR: It comes from, uh, being smart.

But of course! How could I have overlooked something so self-evident! One doesn’t heighten their intellectual horizons by reading Thomas Sowell or Thomas Paine or Adam Smith or Friedrich Hayek and on and on and on… No, dear friend, your liberalism is a gift, God-given genes embedded only in the best and brightest of us. And with that superior grey-matter circuitry liberals possess comes the ability to be “open-minded.”

BEHAR: Listen, I have my prejudices, you know, too. I think that people who are liberal are more open-minded. That’s all. I just believe that. You know, you can argue with that all you want—you can say, ‘Oh, conservative people are open-minded,’ and I don’t agree with that. I don’t.

And Behar’s right. Liberals are more open minded. Look at the “intellectuals” she pals around with on The View—they’re so open minded that they can parse “rape” from “rape rape”! I admit, as a conservative, that I couldn’t look at a guy who pumped up a 13 year old girl with drugs and alcohol before raping her and say that it wasn’t “rape-rape.” Unlike Roman Polanski I’ll admit it: Guilty as charged.

Likewise, liberals are so “open minded” that they can see how complicated the word ‘is’ is. And–they can look at a lying woman willing to destroy the career of life-long NYC cops by claiming she was raped while covered in dog feces…and see a Holocaust victim forced to “sit down in front of Mr. Hitler,” (Yes, I’m talking about liberal “leader” and Joy Behar mind-meld soul mate Al Sharpton).

For further reading, you can see how “open-minded” liberal Supreme Court Justices can find penumbras in emanations, or “hip hop intellectuals” hear phantom racial epithets and calls to violence where only anti-Nanny State rants fill the air.

The funny thing about those who claim to be the most open minded is that most of the time—they’re not.  Read longshoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer’s fabulous book True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements for a better understanding as to why that happens, or read up on Keith Olbermann if you’re pressed for time.

Joy, I already know you won’t be reading Eric Hoffer anytime soon. Although, that’s probably why you and your friends don’t know what the word ‘suffrage’ means. Or am I just “close-minded” and it really means whatever you want it to mean? Touché, Joy. Touché.

Treating Al Sharpton Like an Alien from Burton’s Mars Attacks! helps No One.

I was reading a story about New York’s Governor Three Shoes, Drop it Like It’s Hot Paterson, and his support among black “leaders” last night, when it dawned on me: Who deems these guys leaders? What person looked at Al “I won’t say sorry for my accusation you smeared feces on that girl” Sharpton and thought, “Leader, baby. Leader.”

This blog post is a minefield for a multitude of reasons, but hopefully when I’m done I can say I’ve traversed it with Catherine Zeta Jones precision (and if not, perhaps the mere fact you got to watch that clip will temper your disappointment).

Even though TIME magazine has been forced into covering the sad state of affairs Harlem’s old-school black leadership is in, the notion that a few liberal guys can somehow speak on behalf of all black people isn’t going away. When was the last time you heard Clarence Thomas and “black leader” in the same sentence? I’m sure Larry Elder hasn’t gotten his platinum black-leadership card in the mail either…

Personally, I find it a bit insulting that Harlem’s liberal guys are treated as an alien life form from a 1950’s martian flick, or a Tim Burton take on little green men. But it begs the question: How come those who are insistent about their hyphenated-American status don’t get qualifiers to their leadership positions? Al Sharpton: African American Leader to those with a penchant for making knee-jerk, career sullying false rape accusations. Jesse Jackson: African American leader who serves to inspire white and black John Edwardsonian politicians everywhere. I’d ask “America’s History Teacher” Tom Hanks, but somehow I don’t think he’d be much help.

The bottom line is, having a few liberal men huddled in a room together does nothing for the unemployment rate among black men (especially when they’re ideological soul mates with a guy who thinks 9.7 percent unemployment and 36,000 jobs lost qualifies as a “big day.” I think a better option would be for urban communities to elect conservative politicians who would encourage them to unleash the force (i.e., entrepreneurial force) within them. They should elect conservative politicians who understand that one of the biggest impediments to more black success stories is big, bulky government like an iron lung. But sadly, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Until it does, I’ll keep watching Tim Burton movies.