‘Tiger mom’ Amy Chua touts U.S. minority success; feminist Suey Park raises the flag for mediocrity

The Tiger mom has returned. Yale Law professor Amy Chua made headlines a few years ago when an excerpt of her book, ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,’ ran in the Wall Street Journal. The headline: “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.” In February, ‘The Triple Package’ is set to hit bookshelves. Media outlets are already talking about […]

Quintessential feminist Suey Park blames ‘structural whiteness’ for her personal problems

Suey Park is a young liberal feminist who recently gained some notoriety within academic circles for starting the Twitter hashtag “#NotYourAsianSidekick.” She told the Washington Post she wanted to “create a space where Asian American feminism does not leave any group behind and where they’ll be anything but a sidekick.” Her story gives us a […]

‘White privilege’: Break glass and use in case of ideological emergency

Multiple Facebook friends of mine have shared an article titled “30 People Arrested For Food Stamp Fraud; Guess How Many Were Black.” In each case I pointed out that the piece’s key statistic makes the headline laughable — “Approximately 99.83% of the population is white.” If a county’s population is 99.83 percent green, then it […]

Slate writer: You’re ‘racist’ if you’re attracted to someone of the same race

Slate’s Reihan Salam wants you to know: You’re a “racist” if you’re attracted to people who look like you. The great thing about his piece is that if that conclusion bothers you, reading past the headline is unnecessary. It’s titled: ‘Is It Racist to Date Only People of Your Own Race? Yes.’ Take OkCupid, for […]

Colbert cannibalized by liberals for joke using Asians: The thought police always turn on its own

Dutiful liberal Stephen Colbert decided to wade into the Washington Redskins debate by making a joke on air and over Twitter, which has now highlighted quite nicely where you end up when you follow that worldview to its logical conclusion: the land of livid thought police. Colbert’s tweet — “I am willing to show #Asian […]

‘White Privilege’ artist: Does it exist, or do I simply lack critical thinking skills?

There was a time when people who lectured Americans on “white privilege” were mostly content to read the ramblings of Peggy McIntosh and shame-scribble self-loathing messages on their faces. Since that didn’t work, artists like Jamie Kapp — formerly known as “jamie the ignorant American” on Tumblr — decided they would mangle statistics in comic […]

U.S. feminists worry over pressure to ‘wear Ugg boots’ while India still deals with dowry

In America today, the modern liberal feminist has a strange problem on her hands — the United States is light years ahead of much of the rest of the world when it comes to women’s rights. Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice, Meg Whitman, Nancy Pelosi, Ruth Bater Ginsburg, Janet Yellen, Sonya Sotomayor, […]

Memories Pizza attacked because Islamic State fights back, gay killings hard to forget

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act is front page news across the nation. With one swift stroke the of the pen, Governor Mike Pence guaranteed that Republicans from now until election day 2016 will get bizarre questions about whether or not pizzerias should cater gay weddings. A big reason for that is because it’s much easier […]

Boko Haram thugs scream ‘Allahu Akhbar,’ kidnap girls as U.S. feminists lament ‘micro-aggression’

American feminism is dead because we now live in a world where Ayaan Hirsi Ali — whose genitals were mutilated by Islamic subhumans — is barred from speaking at Brandeis University, while Suey “only white people can be racist” Park has articles published by Time. Condoleezza Rice must essentially be forced out of a speaking […]

When government gets in the gay wedding cake business, it’s a recipe for more rules, regulations

With gay marriage comes the need for gay-themed cakes. Simple, right? Sadly, no. First there were stories of bakers denying cakes on religious grounds in Denver, and now we have a similar story in Oregon. The bakers who are refusing to bake cakes for gay couples seem to be fighting an uphill battle, but should […]