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Marvel writer Dan Slott wants everyone to know that Comicsgate is and always has been a “hate group.” He’s convinced it must be true because liberal writers parroted his stance in op-eds over the years with straw man arguments, red herrings, and lies by omission.

Even if outside observers were to agree with his (false) premise for the sake of argument, there’s one uncomfortable truth that he doesn’t want people to know: Dan Slott, on many levels, created Comicsgate. 

For those who aren’t up to date on what Comicsgate is, for the purposes of this blog post I will direct readers to writer AJ Glickson’s piece at Medium titled “What is Comicsgate?”

Mr. Slott took issue with the piece and vented about it with the author on Twitter.

The Marvel scribe’s evidence includes the claims that Richard C. Meyer — the creator of Jawbreakers and a popular YouTuber  —  once engaged in “harassment” of transgender individuals “because they were transgender,” and Mr. Meyer’s friend Ethan Van Sciver — the former DC artist who created Cyberfrog — randomly says mean things.

Dan Slott July 2020 RCM

Dan Slott July 2020a

Putting aside the fact that Richard C. Meyer apologized years ago for offending the transgender community and literally donated $10,000 to a nonprofit organization that supports suicidal transgender teens, Dan Slott’s criticism begs the question: How do liberal comic book pros define the so-called “Comicsgate hate group”?

The definition seems to be, “Richard C. Meyer and Ethan Van Sciver are Comicsgate; members include anyone who agrees with them on issues not in line with liberal comic book pros or their allies in the media.”

Dan Slott hate

Comicsgate, however, was never considered a hierarchical structure in its early days. It was a set of principles about professionalism, art, and the craft of storytelling.  It was embraced by YouTubers (like myself) when industry “pros” smeared anyone who criticized their behavior as racists…bigots…homophobes…Nazis…etc.

And what were those early YouTubers focused on besides calling out bad art, hyper-politicized comic books, shoddy storytelling, and bad editing?

Answer: The unprofessionalism and very real bigotry of guys like Dan Slott who, for example, told Christians to go to “Christ-Land” after their victory at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dan Slott C tweet

The trail of Dan Slott’s unprofessionalism at this point is a mile long. A few examples from this very blog and my YouTube channel include the following:

Richard C. Meyer’s YouTube channel would have never existed if it weren’t for guys like Dan Slott, Mark Waid, and other industry “pros” who needlessly alienated thousands of long-time comic book readers.

My own YouTube channel would have never existed if it weren’t for Dan Slott’s mean-spirited partisan rants casting anyone who disagrees with his personal politics a bad person.

Similarly, early “Comicsgate” names like Captain Frugal (still making videos) and Capn. Cummings (who literally helped Mr. Meyer set up his YouTube channel) were driven by the appalling behavior of men like Dan Slott.

Even more fascinating about Dan Slott’s definition of “hate group” is that by his own standards he is a card-carrying member, given his decision to promote Ethan Van Sciver’s YouTube channel as he was getting it off the ground. 

Dan Slott EVS

To reiterate:

  • Dan Slott’s unprofessionalism was the catalyst for many early YouTubers who were ultimately slimed as “Comicsgate” by the industry and its shills in the media.
  • Dan Slott continues to this very day to engage in the same immature and petty behavior that fueled Comicsgate YouTubers at the movement’s inception.
  • Dan Slott helped to propel Ethan Van Sciver’s YouTube channel upward as he was still trying to escape the platform’s gravitational pull for upstart creators.
  • Dan Slott now seeks to revise history so his own followers are ignorant of his culpability in creating a so-called “hate group.”

The fact of the matter is that “Comicsgate” is a blanket term industry pros use for anyone who spotlights their ridiculous antics. Normal people agree on some issues and don’t on others but, in the mind of Dan Slott, anyone who agrees with Richard C. Meyer and Ethan Van Sciver on random issues is branded a “hate group” member for life.

Do I agree with Mr. Van Sciver at times? Sure.

Do I ever disagree with him? Yes.

Have I ever shared the same opinion as Mr. Meyer? Yes.

Are there times when I’ve thought he was wrong? Of course.

In Dan Slott’s mind, however, nuance doesn’t exist. He has created a catch-all definition of the “Comicsgate hate group” that nets right-leaning individuals who accurately call out his atrocious behavior. Guilt by association is the name of the game, and if he can tie you, dear reader, to Richard C. Meyer or Ethan Van Sciver for life then he’s done his job.

It’s embarrassing. It’s been embarrassing for many years, but the good thing is that more and more people are seeing through the lies of industry “pros” like Mr. Slott.

And with that, I leave you with The Main Event’s 2015 takedown of the Marvel writer. It’s a classic. Mr. Slott is covered for the first eight minutes of the video.


  1. Good article. Well written and professional. I think your niche is one of the most taboo. I went to  https://readallcomics.com/  and typed in “holy” and most of the results had “unholy.” Maybe there is no market for Christian comics and heroes, I don’t know. As for Ethan, he just wants to be like Howard Stern and has never even come close to the level of meanness of Stern. Hobby Lobby and people who go there are cool to me. Thanks for sending this. I like the format.

  2. We will remember all of these people who tried to save themselves by throwing others under the bus rather then stand and fight. These men and women who are “professionals” at Marvel and DC, many older then me, embarrass me as a Veteran that they have no pride in being part of a community that wants to better each other. It reminds me of when I was a kid in mid 90s the popular insult to say was that someone was “G@y”. We didn’t really know what it meant, nor did we care. We just knew it was something that got attention. We just wanted to hurt someone’s feelings. These adults never grew the F up. The “SJW” crowd needs to look up the definition of Habituation. Calling people racist and hate groups all the time will eventually take all stimulus from the words. Then real racist and hate movements will go unchallenged because no one cares when those words are used anymore. If I here the word racist I already automatically think the accuser is in the wrong and the accused in innocents without proof needed. Cry wolf to many times and no one will come save you when you really need it.

  3. Dear Doug,

    What are your thoughts about HBO Max’s recent announcement that they will make a Green Lantern series featuring all the Green Lanterns, including the original Alan Scott. In 2012 DC reimagined Alan Scott as a homosexual. I wonder if the live adaptation of Alan Scott will be gay. I not very optimistic he will be straight since the Executive Producer Greg Berlanti is a homosexual, and in Arrow Verse has had LGBT. Batwoman, Mister Terrific, etc.


  4. People that spend so much effort attacking and tearing people down shouldn’t have blogs. I’ve perused through this and all you do is bitch like a child with a skinned knee.

    1. You sound like some left-wing activist from Portland or Seattle who immediately discloses his weirdo desire to shut down anyone with a different opinion, Justin. You’re the perfect Dan Slott supporter. You even added in the petty insult right off the bat. The funny thing is, I’m not the one who created a giant echo chamber like Dan Slott with his blockchains on Twitter. The dude was forced to apologize to his own fans multiple times over the years because his never-ending quest to shield himself from criticism slams his ideological allies in the face. Embarrassing.

      Take care, though.

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