1. Dear Mr Ernst.
    I missed your live stream today but as I was watching the uploaded version you mentioned we could contact you via this blog(I didnt know it existed!) to get a copy of your beautiful book Soul Finder: Demons Match, so I came straight here.
    I watched a great review from Just Some Guy and the story really looks like something I would enjoy a great deal. I dont quite know how this book wasn’t on my radar in the first place. Perhaps my lack of social media can sometimes be a bad thing.
    Could you please email me with how much for the book(and any extras you had in campaign) and International shipping, plus how to get you the money and give you my details so I receive a copy?

    Kind regards

    Simon Barnett
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    (I’m a bit of a luddite so don’t know how to email you at this site so hoping leaving a comment works)

  2. I didn’t realize this guy was like that. I do think he is kinda childish and he kinda reminds me of Kevin Smith. Dude gets way too excited about comics and acts like every comic is great. It’s one thing to have an interest but this guy like actually gets excited just hearing heroes names and talking about them. I don’t care if you enjoy comics or have a high interest in them but you shouldn’t be so obsessed with fictional heroes that you treat them like actual humans.

  3. Looks like he got his wish. Comic shops already had an uphill battle, but the coming New Corona Economy might be one hill too far.

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