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  1. I admire here.

    Its hard to hate someone who wants to help others; in particular WOC. Here inherent bias is admirable. I think the problem is not that she wants to help; its the manner in which she involuntarily chooses to to see the world. Actively discriminating against people; through the observation of skin colour and gender.

    She (chooses to) see the industry; dominated by White Males. Her eloquent solution. Is to force diversification. (Which she and the media then use to amplify; to parade her virtues; as a person to lookup to; and then admire).

    The consequence of her influence is to create jobless people. That will naturally come as a result of corporate peer pressure; forcing companies to adopt, this; new trend with great earnest. Or face ridicule and shame. These changes will hit oldest employes first; to makeway for new (young) blood. Like a final-solution; HR departments will demand compliance with these new initiatives. Fostering a regime of self censorship; and coercion. The diversification of ideas; discarded. (Replaced with the admiring *big* love for Larson – A *sister* for all WOC).

    Privilege is a function of wealth; (There are no other factors in a just and fair society). I think the danger here, is that Brie will exercise her privilege in a way that is harmful. With excessive wealth; you could argue that there is a greater need, for moral equivalence. Unable to be impartial; she will imbue anger in those that she openly discriminates against. (Men, and in particular white men). Creating a society of perpetual resentment and loathing; between us.

    Note well. It is Brie Larson herself, who is a factory; manufacturing hatred, in those she (reassuringly tells us that she) does not despise?

    Ironically; her generous display of her privilege towards WOC; is a disparaging condescending gesture of good will. For she objectifies them, reducing them to simpleminded blackness. That without her as a saviour, WOC are unable to develop the necessary skills and competence; to engage with passion; becoming successful, through their own volition and self determination.

    I conclude. Yes; I admire Brie Larson – I admire her stupidity! For she single handily showing us, why you cannot trust a woman’s judgement. Females reacting to situations based on their feeling, is now becoming the norm. (Lookup Brett Kavanaugh). Unlike good people who can take an objective view; and comprehend a rational decision. She does a disservice to all.

    Have a better one and thank you for the video.

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