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  1. With all do respect Doug, I think you overlooked the most damning thing about Dan Savage.

    He began the campaign to change the definition of “Santorum” to a sexual based term that I will not sully your site with.

    Now, I am not a big fan of Rick Santorum, and I certainly do not agree with his (At least then) views on gay marriage, but that type of schoolyard bully tactics are very immature. Not to mention a poor way to make your point.

    Especially considering there is more than one Sanatorium in the world, including his children, all of who now have to live with what Mr. Savage believed one man deserved.

    It would seem that the bullying he claims to have had did not give him empathy, just ideas.

    Again, I do not support Santorum’s views on gay marriage (at the time, they may have changed), but a person who uses that type of tactic is certainly not someone who should passing judgement on maturity.

    However, it is said that what people most compliment or criticize (or in this case smugly laugh along to criticism) is what we first notice… and what we most are self-conscious about. Perhaps that is what it is truly all about.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. My apologies, that should be “with all due respect.” I was tired when I wrote it and forgot to proof read.

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