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Hollywood director James Gunn was fired last week after conservative activists consolidated and posted his long history of rape and pedophile “jokes,” in addition to tweets that were shocking for the sake of being shocking.

James Gunn tweet

The interesting thing about Mr. Gunn’s “jokes” is that guys like me would not have been aware of them had he not been the kind of person who climbs upon a moral pedestal to lecture President Trump and Roseanne Bar about “abhorrent” rhetoric.

James Gunn Rosanne

The rise of internet busybodies who destroy careers by spotlighting a single tweet can be traced to left-wing ideologues — often times guys like Patton Oswalt — who are furious that their Frankenstein monster has turned on them.

Patton Oswalt tweet

The commander in chief must be intellectually flogged for lewd comments he made about women many years ago, but Mr. Oswalt is now upset that a sustained flow of pedo and rape “jokes” by Mr. Gunn resulted in his termination from Disney.


James Gunn tweet 2

What makes the situation more pathetic is that a large population on social media see nothing wrong with his “jokes.” Mr. Gunn deleted at least 10,000 tweets in a very short amount of time to cover up his disturbing behavior (as a 40-year-old man, mind you), yet many observers think Disney should have yawned and said, “Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here.”

DTE on Gunn

The lesson of the day: Don’t go finger-wagging at politicians and fellow entertainers about “abhorrent” rhetoric if your past includes many years worth of sexual jokes about minors. That seems like it would be common sense, but then again common sense is in short supply as of 2018.

If you’d like to hear my full thoughts on Mr. Gunn’s firing, then feel free to check out my recent live-stream with the multi-talented Brett R. Smith. We wrap up the discussion with commentary on his latest project with artist Timothy Lim and writer Chuck Dixon: Trump’s Space Force.

You can check out the Indiegogo campaign here.


  1. To be clear, Gunn was fired for ” many years worth of sexual jokes about minors,” and his firing had very little to do with actions taken by “Conservatives” or “finger-waggers” overstepping, and some parts of this post seem to imply.

    Gunn did this to himself. Others called him on it. End of story.

    Best to you,

    Sally Ember, Ed.D.

    1. Conservative commentators were the ones who consolidated his “long history of rape and pedophile ‘jokes,’ in addition to tweets that were “shocking for the sake of being shocking.” Fact.

      I provided a screenshot where I tell a guy that he will one day meet his Creator and have to explain his “Bizarro Patrick Henry-ish” defense of Gunn’s tweets. Talk about making my stance crystal clear.

      Noting that Gunn’s own busy-body behavior prompted conservatives to look into his social media history does not “imply” some sort of weird condemnation of conservatives that needs your clarification. What a needlessly defensive comment.

      If you’re this way with people who literally agree with you, then what are you like with those with whom you disagree?

    2. Your positions were neither clear nor consistent in your post. I agreed with some parts, not all. I read carefully. Not everyone does. Skimmers find what they agree or disagree with and respond only to those parts.

      Re-read your entire post carefully, trying to recognize your lack of clarity.

      Appreciate the response. Didn’t appreciate the slam.


    3. The title of the piece is “James Gunn torpedoed his Disney career.” It wasn’t “Conservatives torpedoed James Gunn’s career.”

      Your issue seems to be with the idea that there are busybodies in the world across the political spectrum, or that conservatives might weaponize the Frankenstein “gotcha!” monster that left-wing guys like James Gunn helped to create.

      News flash: Conservative finger-waggers and busybodies exist. Unprincipled right-wing actors use left-wing tactics against them. If that too is considered a “slam,” then it’s not my problem.

      You were defensive. Whether you appreciate my honest appraisal doesn’t concern me. It’s not my “lack of clarity” that’s a problem; it very well may be an inability to appreciate nuance on your part. Left-wing ideologues and Right-wing ideologues tend to have that problem. Perhaps you fall into one of those two categories? I don’t know you and can’t speak with authority on that issue, but it’s something to consider asking yourself.

      Update: I repeat: It may be time for some serious reflection on extremism. It causes psychological blind spots.

    4. “It must be lonely and exhausting maintining order all by yourself up there on your self-appointed critic soapbox. Good luck with that.” — Sally Ember, Ed.D.

      Good one, Sally. You totally got me.

      Make sure to hit the “like” and “subscribe” button for the next live-stream with Brett R. Smith.

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