Your friendly neighborhood blogger has been away for awhile, but I’m back — and with good reason. The #Comicsgate community continues to grow, dear reader, and left-wing ideologues like Marvel’s Dan Slott are terrified.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, a YouTube community of men and women who want sound storytelling formed in 2017. “Comicsgate” flexed its muscles, and in the end (with help from vocal retailers and fans who voted with their wallets), Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso was shown the door. Books that should have been canned long ago were finally put out of their misery.

The past few days has seen the explosion of #MoveTheNeedle, which utilizes Twitter to show insiders just how much money the Comicsgate community spends on superhero fare.

Note: It’s a lot.

Week after week we are figuring out new ways to grow our channels and better disseminate the message. Diversity & Comics is a bigger boogeyman than ever before (Dan Slott refuses to even speak or write his name).

In short, the fight for comics culture is white-hot in 2018 and shows no signs of cooling off.

Check out my latest YouTube video for an extensive rundown of Hulk Hogan Wannabe Dan Slott, along with the desperate behavior of his ideologue peers.



  1. Dan Slott must think that D&C is Voldemort or something, because he refuses to say his name. In reality, I think you guys are doing a lot more good for the industry than Slott ever has.

  2. Ta-Nehisi Coates Writing Captain America Comic Book Series

    In what is likely to be the most high-profile announcement of its Fresh Start initiative, Marvel Entertainment has revealed that Ta-Nehisi Coates will write a new Captain America comic, launching this July.

    The announcement was made by Coates himself in an essay for The Atlantic, “Why I’m Writing Captain America.” In it, he explained, “Captain America, the embodiment of a kind of Lincolnesque optimism, poses a direct question for me: Why would anyone believe in The Dream? What is exciting here is not some didactic act of putting my words in Captain America’s head, but attempting to put Captain America’s words in my head. What is exciting is the possibility of exploration, of avoiding the repetition of a voice I’ve tired of.”

    The series will be illustrated by Leinil Yu, with covers by Alex Ross. “Both Leinil and Alex are legends. Even if you don’t consider yourself a comics-head, you should check out their work to see what the best of the form has to offer,” Coates notes.

    Captain America will mark the first opportunity for Coates at Marvel outside of the Black Panther family, which he took on with artist Brian Stelfreeze in 2016 and turned into a franchise, co-writing spinoff titles including World of Wakanda and Black Panther and the Crew. In addition to his journalism with The Atlantica and books including Between the World and Me and We Were Eight Years in Power, he is writing the screenplay for the next project by Black Panther director Ryan Coogler, the drama Wrong Answer.

    The title will launch with Captain America No. 1 on, appropriately, July 4.

  3. Have you considered reviewing the young animal justice league crossover Milk Wars co-written by Gerard Way and Steve Orlando on the one hand a lot of it is entertaining high concept with a lot of metafiction but the un-event is as sjw as it gets pretty much devoted to attacking functional western civilization especially the 50’s era including suburbia, religion, guns, manners, men, traditional women, corporations and some other stuff and pretty much tried to argue that everyone would be happier if they were mentally ill weirdos no joke the first page of issue #2 begins and ends with the protagonist burning a church and the first page has a panel of her having killing her father before without providing any context. Every issue has dialogue clearly referencing to present day politics.

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