One of the strangest things about covering the comic book industry — on this blog, YouTube, and Twitter — is the way that Marvel employees define words like ‘dishonest,’ “amoral,” and ‘deceptive.’ It is apparently an underhanded move to take screenshots of things Marvel employees say and then juxtapose them with an argument about why those actions were unprofessional or, ironically, deceptive.

Take our old friend Dan Slott, for instance. Marvel’s scribe on The Amazing Spider-Man recently admitted on CBR’s message boards that he once pretended to be another user, which had the practical effect of making that man’s life miserable for weeks.

  • The individual was harassed online.
  • People who felt as though he lied about his identity lashed out at him.
  • His wife had to create an account to beg Mr. Slott to “fix” the problem.
  • Old online friends still refused to believe that he wasn’t the Marvel writer after Mr. Slott intervened.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger and YouTuber created a video on the whole ordeal — complete with screenshots and links to the original exchange — and literally told people to read it all to judge for themselves.

My conclusion: No professional writer would ever pull a “gag” on a total stranger like that (it could have been a child or a person with mental problems), particularly when said professional admits that he receives threats worthy of the NYPD’s attention.

Mr. Slott’s reaction was to go into his original comment and lambaste me as an “amoral” and “deceptive” blogger.

Doug Tweet

Interestingly enough, it was Mr. Slott who blamed “deranged Paul Reveres” for causing his victim problems. Why is that interesting, you ask? Because it was just last week that yours truly created a video titled Marvel Takes Aim at Paul Reveres: King Alsono, redcoats must go.

Yes, Mr. Slott — the guy who calls me “deceptive” — literally found a way to watch my videos and then link me and my subscribers to the fallout from his bad decisions roughly ten years ago.

CBR’s Mr. Mets then decided that my video, which was germane to the topic at hand, had to be deleted because the person sharing it did not explain his actions.

The Orwellian moderator said: “If you link to a video you need to include your thoughts on it as well. Otherwise the conclusion is that you endorse all of it,” (emphasis mine).

Mr Mets

Got that? Unless a man clarifies his position with left-wing ideologues before sharing my on-topic videos, then they must be deleted.

Question: How would Mr. Mets deal with me posting my own videos since it is self-evident that I “endorse all” of my work?

Anyway, for the full rundown of the latest unprofessional behavior by Marvel’s primary Spider-Man scribe, check out my new video.

If you want a one-hour bonus broadcast of me responding to Diversity & Comics’ take on the whole situation, then you’re in luck!

As always, when you’re all up to speed then feel free to add your two cents in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your reactions.


CBR’s message boards:
The Main Event’s epic video on Dan Slott:


  1. Wow, that guy has zero self control and self awareness. I also love how the “other” person called him out on a sock puppet account, that person was me. He did create a sock puppet account, but where he twists the story is that I never said he did it at that forum, he did it on Twitter. Funny how us irrelevant people keep getting views and twitter stalked from him.

    Dan would not have any problems if he would just learn to behave himself.

  2. This is the kind of thing my 5 year old son does. He gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar and then tries to do anything but take responsibility. But you know what, he is 5, that is what 5 year olds do. Grown men take responsibility.

    So my biggest response to Mr. Slott, grow up.

  3. Don’t post at CBR. Their moderators are aggressive censors toward anything that diverges from liberal ideology. I made one post there, questioning the logic of an article they published that compared the cop that shot Michael Brown to James Earl Ray and was immediately banned for “trolling.” There is no point in trying to have a conversation in that kind of ridiculously biased environment. I come to places like this to avoid places like that.

  4. Speaking of “deranged Paul Reveres,” Hillary Clinton said on the Stephen Colbert show that she feels like Revere, because she is trying to “sound the alarm” about Russia.

    She sold uranium to a Russian company, which then donated money to the Clinton Foundation. And now she wants to warn us that the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming.

    If she is compared to a Revolutionary War figure, it should be Benedict Arnold.

  5. I find it amazing that people working at Marvel let you guys get under their skin so much. Obviously part of the problem is that they know most of your criticisms ring true, but even then, you’d think they would just let most of that stuff roll off their back. I mean, c’mon, Slott has been working on Marvel’s #1 superhero for years now, you’d think he wouldn’t be so sensitive about what some supposedly “irrelevant” YouTubers think of his work. One would also think that an assistant editor like Antos wouldn’t freak out about D&C calling her a fake geek girl, let alone encourage both his stalking and doxxing over it.

    If Marvel comics was as healthy as they keep saying it is, I have a feeling that they would probably ignore you guys altogether. Except for maybe for Slott, that guy has issues and way to much time on his hands.

  6. “If you link to a video you need to include your thoughts on it as well. Otherwise the conclusion is that you endorse all of it.”

    Ah, how typical of Mister Mets. He projects HIS assumption as if it’s “THE conclusion”, as if everyone will unanimously jump to the same conclusions as he does.

    “Unless a man clarifies his position with left-wing ideologues” I apologize if this seems like a rude way of “correcting” you or anything. I realize that this article was posted a couple weeks ago, so this whole post may seem like it’s rather unusual. In any case, in the time I discussed with Mister Mets on the Spider-Man Crawlspace – both publicly and privately – he told me he actually leans more towards conservative values, and is a registered Republican. On the Crawlspace, he was also critical of progressive values, which doesn’t necessarily come up on CBR. I am a liberal myself, so I may not be the best person to say this, but I would say that CBR is most certainly not a case of people trying to shut people down for being “liberal enough”. It’s more that Mets is a conservative who preaches rather hypocritical values, if that makes sense.

    For me? I would say that I’m *TOO* left-leaning for CBR. I became an unwanted presence on CBR because I would report Slott for harassing people the forum, to the point that the moderators were upset that I used the report button more than anyone else. I wanted Slott to be held accountable, and Mister Mets – among others – refused to believe it.

    I hope this doesn’t seem too condescending. I don’t mean to be “Bah, those damn conservatives. Take it from me, a REAL liberal!” If nothing else, I hope I’ve presented some kind of contrast here? In that myself – a liberal – and the conservatives who have commented here before have BOTH been deemed “too extreme” by the administrators on CBR. I could clarify my position with left-wing ideologues, and Mets would claim that I was holding Slott to some unfair standard or whatever.

    That is the ideology that guides CBR, and particularly Mr. Thomas Mets. Dan Slott will not be held accountable for his behavior, and if you bring it up, YOU are the bad guy. Mets is all too happy to shoot the messenger, because whether your message is from the left or from the right, as long as your message illustrates how Slott is a hypocrite for using someone as a “sock puppet” (Funny, Slott seems to HATE “sock puppets”) to, in Slott’s mind, give that person a “taste of their own medicine”, then your message is inherently wrong, because Slott just can do no wrong. I genuinely do not believe that Mets is capable of comprehending even the concept that Slott could ever be a bully.

    (WOOOOOW, this became a rant. If you read this whole thing, thank you for enduring this. My experiences with Slott and Mets over the years have… given me a lot to think about.)

    1. “In the time I discussed with Mister Mets on the Spider-Man Crawlspace – both publicly and privately – he told me he actually leans more towards conservative values, and is a registered Republican. On the Crawlspace, he was also critical of progressive values, which doesn’t necessarily come up on CBR.”

      Mr. Mets knows who butters his bread over at Crawlspace, and there seems to be a few guys who, shall we say, do not agree with Dan Slott’s personal politics. His behavior at CBR, his weird defenses of guys like Dan Slott, and his lame attacks on me all indicate (i.e., his actions instead of words), belie his claims to “lean conservative.”

      That’s rather laughable, given his behavior.

  7. Above all else, Mets seems devoted to making CBR – if not the entire Internet – a “safe space” for Slott, and he condemns anyone who dares to raise awareness of Slott’s antics. His weird defenses of Slott seem to come from him deciding on the defenses after the fact, but not necessarily having an argument prepared. His intentions seem to default to “Must defend Slott” as if it were a Pavlovian impulse, and THEN he structures the argument to fit within that impulse. He portrays ever in terms of black and white, where Slott is inherently “good”, and anyone opposed to Slott is automatically bad.

    Mets calling himself conservative sounds more like he’s trying to find other people with whom he can couch his own opinions to feel better that he has some support. Gotta love those appeals to authority.

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