Regular readers of this blog know that I have chronicled the problems within the comic book industry for many years. Therefore, I hope I’m seen as a credible witness when I say that that things are nearing a breaking point.

The insertion of ham-fisted partisan politics into the books, unprofessional online behavior by creators, and mainstream comic websites that shill for the industry have contributed to a bubble that appears ready to burst. Sales continue to plummet and writers regularly lash out at YouTube creators like Capn. Cummings, Diversity & Comics, yours truly, and many others.

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Check out my latest video for the full run-down on Marvel’s downward spiral and the YouTube channels that are putting pressure on them to change course before its too late.


  1. It may already be too late for both Marvel and DC. And it may just be that the medium is obsolete.

    Kids today are into computers and video games, not magazines with comic strips (i.e., still pictures) in them. And there are not enough Sheldon Cooper geeks to support an industry.

    But the constant political propaganda and self-righteous virtue signaling can’t be helping matters any.

    If I owned a comic book specialty store, I would put Miller’s Holy Terror book on display in the window. Or back issues of DC’s G.I. Combat, with its lead feature, The Haunted Tank (the ghost of General J.E.B. Stuart was mentor to the OIC, and the tank was festooned with a Confederate battle flag).

    Then Antifa and/or BLM would fire bomb the store, and I could collect the insurance. Which is the only way to make money off of a comic shop these days.

  2. I don’t believe the industry will die, but it will be totally different in a few years.

    I don’t know what it will look like, but the current way of operating is not sustainable. Marvel no longer appears viable, and that will take DC and maybe Image with it. The smaller guys who survive on 15-30K sold per book will continue to go, but it will be up to IDW, Valiant, Alterna, Boom, and other small publishers to get the industry back on track. My real worry is all the small businesses Marvel kills, that would be the real crime and they will never pay for it.

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