There used to be a great show called Get Smart that aired in the 1960s. I used to watch reruns as a kid, and I think it’s safe to say that I had a crush Barbara Feldon… Regardless, there was a running joke where the main character, a spy named Max, would attempt to use “the cone of silence” with his boss. It never worked, and they had to abandon the device to just talk to each other like normal people.

The point of this tale is that writers and artists at Marvel Comics want their own “Cone of Silence,” and they will go to great lengths to create it. This cone requires censoring voices that don’t agree with their partisan politics, and doing so in petty ways.

Check out my latest YouTube video for the full rundown, and as always let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Editor’s Note: Regular readers may also smile when they receive a blast from the past regarding writer Dan Slott’s weird threats of legal action against me over at ComicVine.


    1. “I appreciate your podcasts, you have a good voice, and the subject matter is interesting.”

      I try to work on presentation because I’m not a huge fan of my voice. Haha! No matter how many videos I do, it’s always weird to hear my own voice.

  1. You and D&C are the only ones I really watch because you don’t ramble. Everyone else tends to get a little caught up in their outrage that they then get lost in the weeds and weaken their argument.

    One, what you guys do is as valid and needed as any other critique. I think the problem the creator have is they you aren’t critiquing their work, you are commenting on their politics. They have so wrapped up who they are as a creator and person in their political beliefs that they see you critique of that as a critique on who they are as a person.

    I was watching D&C have a twitter conversation with a former Marvel editor, and the former editor was trying to use either Tom King or Scott Snyder as an example of someone political that does not suffer the backlash that Marvel does. D&C missed a great opportunity because while both are political, they are not so in a ham-fisted or inflammatory manner as Marvel has adopted.

    Marvel almost as a matter of corporate culture does not understand that they aren’t winning any converts (sales prove this) and are just pushing and alienating the audience even more. It will be interesting to see when and if this finally effects the movies. My wife and I had no interest in Spider-Man and the only reason we are going to see Thor is Taika Waititi. Both excited for Black Panther, but that is pretty much the only Marvel movie that we are at this point.

    As for the censorship it simple, they have forgotten the Gold Rule (love thy neighbor as thy self) so when it works for them censorship is all the rage. But they will be crying and whining like little babies when it is used against them.

    1. “You and D&C are the only ones I really watch because you don’t ramble. Everyone else tends to get a little caught up in their outrage that they then get lost in the weeds and weaken their argument.”

      Thanks, man. I try to keep all the videos between 5-8 minutes. If I did anything longer, then I’d make sure to map it out. Like you said, there is a danger of meandering all over the place.

  2. Hi Douglas,

    I have recently discovered your you tube videos and your blog, which I like. I have a feeling we’re on different end of the political spectrum (I voted for Hillary) but I find common ground with you on interjecting politics into superhero comic stories. I think that creators would be better off taking political stuff out of the comics and their facebook pages.

    1. Hola, Morlock! I’m happy to have you on the boards. My older posts detail my politics, but in terms of the election I voted for Gary “Aleppo” Johnson as a protest vote. Heh. I went with the libertarian dude, although I’m definitely a free-market economics/limited government type of guy.

      Regardless, feel free to share your thoughts on comics (or other issues) at any time!

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