There was a time not too long ago when I was excited about Chip Zdarsky’s take on everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man gave fans hope that Marvel would get back to basics and away from Peter Parker: The Not so Spectacular Tony Stark Clone.

Sadly, it appears as though Mr. Zdarsky’s take on Spider-Man continues Marvel’s obsession with turning the character into an immature man-boy. The superhero is most certainly a funny guy, but he isn’t a total goofball.

Readers should never wonder if Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive clown instead of a radioactive spider, but that is unfortunately the case with PPSSM #2.

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Editor’s Note: A YouTube subscriber asked me to share this image on the blog for future reference. Critics often say that guys like me are imagining things when we say Marvel writers and editors use the books to push an agenda. 

Spectacular SpiderMan 2


  1. I had great hope for this book as it would bring a different take on Spider-man. Now I have been disappointed again, why can’t Marvel write Peter in character anymore, why must they make him a man-child?

  2. I’ve been reading the classic Spectaculars lately…fantastic books with good flare for dramatics, sincerity, heart, and the occasional dip into farcical territory but still fun. It has a great Scorpion story that follows up a bit on Peter and MJ’s ill fated first marriage proposal and actually softens the blow. Carrion saga is also intense and sound adventure. I recommend those, not this def jam comedy sessio

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