The past couple of years have been rough for Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. People got sick and tired of having partisan politics jammed down their throats, and as a result they withheld their cash. DC Rebirth showed the world that sound storytelling has the strange ability to win over people who like … sound storytelling, but that hasn’t changed Mr. Alonso’s mode of operation.

Exhibit: Z-971 is America #5, by Gabby Rivera. Instead of “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda” covers, Marvel now has its characters talking about ways to “slay the patriarchy.” Each month this book brings forth new and unexpected ways to add to its badness. It seems as though this book inspires a never-ending string of creative missteps, and for that reason it will be chronicled.

Behold! One of the ill-conceived Marvel comics is before us, dear reader. Check out my new YouTube review of the title and then let me know what you think in the comments section below. And, as always, if you enjoy the format then make sure to subscribe for regular updates.


  1. Between you, Diversity and Comics, and I Love Comics I have been convinces Marvel no longer wants to be one of the big 2. They have to have some weird desire to scale down the operation to that of a niche indie publisher. The movies make them more money, they are farming out Star Wars to IDW, and they are perfectly happy to kill books and heroes that sell (Wolverine) for ones that do not (X-23).

    If it were not for the fact that DC is crushing it comic wise, and between IDW/Valiant/Image/Boom! there is something for everyone, I’d be worried the industry was finally headed for that collapse Marvel helped divert in the 90’s.

    1. “They have to have some weird desire to scale down the operation to that of a niche indie publisher.”

      That’s a really interesting theory. I’d love to see a Diversity & Comics video on that one!

    2. The comic book medium is obsolescent. Today’s best-sellers probably would have been cancelled for low sales in the Silver Age, or even in the Bronze Age. DC and Marvel exist mainly as IP, to be mined for more profitable media (movies, TV, video games) and merchandising (toys, t-shirts).

      Sooner or later, Disney and Time-Warner will tire of subsidizing their low profit (or maybe even no-profit) subsidiaries, and DC and Marvel may shut down completely. Surely, the parent companies can retain ownership of the copyrights and trademarks by using the characters in the other media. (Disney still owns Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, although there were no Disney comic books published from 2011-2014, IIRC.)

      Part of the problem is technology; kids now are more interested in watching movies and playing games on their phones than in reading comics. And there are not enough geeky Sheldon Cooper-type adults to support a publishing industry. High prices are also a factor.

      But the self-righteous virtue signaling and constant political lecturing can’t be helping matters.

  2. Forty years ago there was only one women’s support group, now every woman is her own feminist chipping away at men’s rights. The irony is, that they couldn’t have done it without the support of the ‘patriarchy’. Keep those you tube commentaries going, Douglas.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this comic book. It sounds like it could be an interesting story,and I do like that she is a lesbian it adds a different element for me,but I think the writers are going about this story the wrong way. People do want an escape from politics,race,and sexuality,and gender so they look to things like comic books but when comic books have these things in them and they are so in your face about them,it turns people off. I think new writers should be added and this comic should definitely be given a second chance.

  4. That was a great commentary on the comic, and I appreciated the american pie joke. It seems that Marvel has begun to care more about furthering their political beliefs and agenda than about actually entertaining people, which is strange considering that until recently the role of comics was to entertain. However they aren’t the first to put politics over their fans, and hopefully they will be brought back to creating good stories to actually entertain their fans. Once again it was a great video.

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