Marvel Comics is known for having a “world outside your window” approach to its storytelling, and for decades the company did it well. These days, however, editor Axel Alonso appears to have issued a fiat that creates the politically correct world outside your window.”

Iceman #1  — along with its Christian villains known as “Purifiers” — demonstrates the state of affairs quite nicely.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would Marvel Comics ever have an anti-mutant group called “The Sons of Jihad” that hunts down metaphorical minorities?
  • Would Marvel Comics ever have an anti-mutant group  called “The Sword of Allah” with costumes featuring a star and crescent moon?

Magic 8 Ball says, “Not likely.” But yet, for some peculiar reason, the “Purifiers” and their Christian crosses are on full display. Meanwhile, the defining national security threat of the last 20 years has had nothing to do with Catholic guys like me.

If you want to hear more about the double-standards and hypocrisy of Marvel, then check out my new YouTube video below. And, as always, feel free to sound off in the comments section.

Editors Note: Make sure to stay tuned after the “outro” music for my “letters to the editor”-type idea for future broadcasts.


  1. I am honestly not surprised by this, there is no room for intellectual honesty or nuance when there are virtue points to score and real problems to distract us from.

    Lets look at one of my personal favorites; the common canard that if you don’t support redistribution via taxation, that you just simply hate the needy. Don’t you dare advocate or request private charity, because they cannot wrap their heads around the difference between social welfare and community support.

    At the end of the day the problem is education, lack of real knowledge and wisdom being taught, and in its place is indoctrination and group think. It saddens me to think that studies show young people more and more are embracing the evil political ideologies of communism and socialism.

  2. Even after a Muslim artist uses an X-Men comic to spread hate at Marvel, Christians are still the villains. Unbelievable.

  3. let us compare our superheroes of yesteryear and today’s Marvel:


    “Hello, I’m a superhero. I’m not perfect, but my powers represent a responsibility to my fellow man, to defend his/her life, freedom and happiness. I not only protect the weak and helpless but even the misguided villain from himself, and those he would hurt in his selfishness. Though I can be troubled, I know right from wrong, and will always strive to do the right thing. I care about my fellow man equally and hope I am a good role model, leader and provide inspiration to those that follow me and those facing hopelessness.”


    “Hello, I’m a superhero. I am perfect because I am diverse. All people have a responsibility to respect my diversity and support my causes. My main purpose is to ensure equality by breaking down traditional power structures that threaten oppressed peoples. I have little regard for the lives of my own people that are snuffed out everyday by crime and violence, unless that violence is perpetrated by a certain skin color or police. Because of my noble purpose, I cannot afford to treat people equally, I must destroy or undermine traditional power structures and label ‘racism’ or ‘sexism’ on any that stand in my way. I hope to inspire hopelessness, by showing that certain people are completely irredeemable, such as Christians and other ‘normal’ people and that we cannot get along or learn tolerance unless they, and their beliefs are utterly destroyed and discredited.”

    1. yeah….honestly, I keep reading it myself, it’s like I didn’t really write it, but as if I just felt things into the keyboard. Thanks Doug!

  4. Even my liberal brother-in-law hates the “Iceman is gay” retcon, which surprised me. He agrees with me in saying that it’s stupid and doesn’t do anything for the character.

    It’s just another case of Bendis pandering to SJWs and retconning things he doesn’t like. He deliberately ignored continuity when he did “Avengers Disassembled” thirteen years ago, and he’s been doing it ever since.

  5. It hasn’t helped them in terms of sales. Their “diversity hero” titles are almost all in the pits, not counting She-Thor. In fact, I think the heavy social politics material is one part of what’s been driving Marvel’s sales down (combined with trashy story quality, lack of creativity, price, and customer disgust with events). A lot of people are fed up to their gills with social politics.

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