It was only a few months ago that Marvel Comics released America, by writer Gabby Rivera. Fans who thought Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso had reached a saturation point with politicized comics were proven wrong, as America turned out to be the perfect storm of social justice activism meeting Alonso-vision. I analyzed the first two issues on my YouTube channel and thought I would be done with it, but the sheer interest in this train wreck all but guaranteed another review.

Behold, brave readers! America #3 is what happens when Marvel superheroes mix with racial politics, the “fly girls” from the 1990s show “In Living Color,” bizarre sexual fetishes best left to 50 Shades of Grey, and elderly luchadores.


    1. Wow, how did super hero’s get kinky? There are better genre’s to explore that, which doesn’t bother me… but Marvel was supposed to appeal to our youth but I’ll be damned if my sons read that before they’re 18.

  1. Who knew, apparently overweight dance groups make excellent backup when fighting super villains. This book continues to amaze me with its awful writing. Marvel has been on a downslide for quite a while, but I honestly don’t think that they can go any lower than this book. I have a feeling that when they do come to their senses at some point, that they will bury this particular series in the deepest, darkest pits of their archives, never to be referenced again.

    1. “If anyone wonders why Marvel comics are failing just show them this book.”

      This would certainly be used as evidence in the trial of the century: The People vs. Marvel Comics. 😉

  2. I remember a time when a book like this was published by one of the minor indie publishers. Seeing it published by a major publisher is odd for many many reasons.

    Does it sell well?

    I know that The Crew was killed after only 2 issues, how has this survived to 4?

    1. Did you see Joss Whedon’s “Mother’s Day” tweet, Michael? He is a very, very, very disturbed man. He is a man who needs others to seriously pray for his soul…

  3. Indeed. I crawled through his Twitter after I read the article. Part of me wants to make a joke comparing him to Norman Bates and his mother here, but he’s so clearly (SERIOUSLY) lost his mind.

  4. Interesting article in the Washington Post on Gabby Rivera.

    She definitely is race obsessed. Also she, like totally cares about intersectional representation in popular culture. Diverse creators are obviously more important than silly things like talent and experience. 😉

    1. Thanks for sharing the artcle, Admiral Petty. The headline was classic for all the wrong reasons: “Marvel hired Gabby Rivera, a queer Latina writer, for its queer Latina superhero. That matters.”

      Women must write female characters. Men must write male characters. LGBT community members must write LGBT community members. Minorities must write minorities, etc. These activists are so strange…

  5. I think Marvel should hire reporters from places like CNN, and the Washington and Huffington Posts. They’re currently writing some of the best fiction to be found these days.

    1. “I think Marvel should hire reporters from places like CNN, and the Washington and Huffington Posts. They’re currently writing some of the best fiction to be found these days.”

      Zing! 🙂

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