The next Marvel “team-up” with Netflix will be streaming live within days, which means social justice activists are chomping at the bit more than usual to complain … and complain … and complain. They gave us a taste of what to expect last weekend when they chased Finn Jones of Iron Fist off Twitter for essentially being a nice guy.

I’ve covered the whole “Danny Rand should be Asian!” complaints before on this blog, but I figured it was the right time to revisit the issue since the perpetual victim crowd managed to chase an apparent ally off Twitter. Smooth move, guys!

Anyway, for the full rundown I invite you to check out my latest YouTube video. As always, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments section below.


Iron Fist casting: io9’s Rob Bricken epitomizes SJW crowd’s intellectual bankruptcy

Iron Fist Netflix casting gives ulcers to race-obsessed fans


  1. The one review I’ve read so far (Hollywood Reporter, i think) wasn’t kind. I don’t know if they have an agenda, but they thought it was pretty flaccid.

    1. “The one review I’ve read so far (Hollywood Reporter, i think) wasn’t kind. I don’t know if they have an agenda, but they thought it was pretty flaccid.”

      I’ll probably check out a few episodes now just to see how many critics are being unfair. My guess is that the same people who unjustly tanked “The Great Wall” … and the same people who gave “Ghostbusters” glowing reviews … are once again showing their partisan cards.

    1. “Wait, someone tanked ‘The Great Wall?’ I don’t do theaters, not worth the exorbitant price, but I did want to see that one.”

      It got a horrible Rotten Tomatoes score. It got a 35 percent “rotten” score after they aggregated the critics’ reviews. Fans gave it a 52 percent, which I thought was fair. I’d probably give it a 60 percent.

  2. Honestly, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be good. However, I can’t help but point out how incredibly ignorant the reviews are, especially over the ‘controversy’.

    I can think of few things more racist than to say that a show failed because the actor is white, but many of the reviews hint at this.

    What blows me away is that the atmosphere that creates this ‘safe’ exploration of ‘Asian’ themes (I hate the use of Asian…more in that in a minute), is entirely the fault of the people complaining about it. How can you possibly explore any culture deeply when legions of ‘Geeks of Color’ Groups are given license to go insane over your work and likely get extensive media coverage over every tiny little mistake you probably didn’t make? They tore Gran Torino apart….the most authentic film of Asian and American life I have ever seen (I know, I know, but the list is very tiny lol)…now I know that some obscure hmong custom wasn’t followed to the letter according to researchers who know better. BURN THE FILM

    It’s the South Park Christmas episode where everyone complained about Christmas, and we got a bland ‘celebration’ with the kids in grey suits and minimalist music. In the episode, the parents are self aware enough to realize how their complaints ruined a Christmas celebration. In real life, the reviewers are far too stupid and Insular to get it.

    Anyway. Asian isn’t a race. Of course many people know that. It’s a census/application dodge so they dont have to list every race in the continent. But like ‘Muslim’, the usual suspects will treat it like one. The creation of martial arts isn’t ‘exclusively’ Asian either, and the variety within the continent of Asia is known for traveling vast distances and cultures…

    …except in SJW review writer land…where all Martial Arts are static, Asian, and not fit to be touched or explored by anyone but a proper, mythical ‘Asian’ of mixed every Asian race that has practiced all martial arts and can act in a way that pleases them.

    1. “I’m assuming you’ll talk about it, but did you hear about Nick Spencer being harassed and called a Nazi?”

      Hola, Conner! I’m not sure about the whole story surrounding this, although I know it started with a Bleeding Cool article that may have been rather misleading. The idea was that Magneto, a Holocaust survivor, joined Hydra. If that isn’t true, then Mr. Spencer may have been attacked in response to shoddy reporting.

    2. “Well, yes, I do believe he got harassed thanks in part to shoddy reporting, but there were people accusing him of being a Nazi.”

      One would think that Mr. Spencer would come to the realization that he has repeatedly crawled into bed with people who will stab him the back at the first opportunity. It’s so predictable, but yet his personal politics remain unchanged. Sigh.

    3. “I’m sure Spencer is on the side of punching Nazis (aka people he disagrees with). So I wonder if he’ll take any actual punches.”

      You would be wrong! 🙂 He actually took a lot of flack from SJWS for saying that it’s not right to just punch people on the street.

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