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A funny thing turned up in my Twitter stream yesterday: Images students from the University of Texas juggling sex toys — sometimes on a unicycle. The “Cocks Not Glocks” protest was underway, which meant that hundreds of dildo-wielding students marched around and pretended that the world would be a safer place if cops carried plastic genitalia in their holsters. At UT, law-abiding students with concealed carry permits are a bigger threat to peace than psychos who always seem to be sane enough to target gun-free zones.

The College Fix reported:

“If you’re uncomfortable with my dildo you cannot imagine how uncomfortable I am with your gun.”

So says Rosie Zander, a College Democrat at the University of Texas who helped lead on Wednesday a “Cocks Not Glocks” protest on the first day of school. Zander made the comments to the Austin American Statesman in explaining that their goal was to “fight absurdity with absurdity” in protesting a new state law that allows people 21 and older with concealed carry permits to bring their weapon on campus.

“Why can we have guns on campus, but we can’t have dildos out in public, that’s absurd,” Zander said, referencing campus and state policies that forbid the public display of dildos.

Protest organizer Jessica Jin then told the New York Times that the point of “Cocks Not Clocks” was to “normalize sex culture the same way [gun-rights advocates are] normalizing gun culture, and see how they feel about it.”

Note to Ms. Jin: “Gun culture” in the U.S. was “normalized” with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1788 (perhaps slightly later if you want to get picky about the adoption of the Bill of Rights).

CN Glocks

Fact: “Sex culture” is normalized in the U.S.

Fergie Milf Money

Turn on television, go to a movie, or surf the Internet for about 30 seconds to see people objectify themselves in weird and grotesque ways. No one bats an eyelash at kids juggling dildos on an American campus in 2016 because “higher education” is mostly a joke. Students meander from safe space to safe space, and as long as they parrot their professors then they can graduate with a useless degree in Gender Studies.

If, God forbid, there is an active-shooter emergency on UT’s campus in the near future, then it is a good bet that every single one of these kids will be praying that someone with a gun — not a sex toy — comes to end the carnage.

UT campus protest

Exit question: How many of these male students are really only pretending to care about “Cocks Not Glocks” protests because they have some sad delusion that female activists will sleep with them? Your friendly neighborhood blogger has witnessed a few conservative/libertarian guys over the years who were happy to put on a liberal mask for a night if they thought it would be worth it…


  1. I wonder how comfortable the protestors would be if other students decided to give out rubber vaginas for holsters and have the cops use blow-up dolls as riot shields.

    1. “I wonder how comfortable the protestors would be if other students decided to give out rubber vaginas for holsters and have the cops use blow-up dolls as riot shields.”

      The blow up dolls can only be white men. We’re not allowed to use female sex dolls as shields because that would be sexist. 😉

    1. “per your note…Even the transformers went through it…warning, the link is pretty offensive…and pretty much right.”

      Thank you for destroying my childhood, Chuck. 😉

    1. “As a resident of the State of Texas, the only thing you can say is, ‘Keep Austin Weird’!”

      One of these days I’ll get around to visiting Austin. I went to Dallas and the surrounding area for work a few years ago, but that’s about it. A cop pulled me over in a rental car with Florida plates. I had a drivers license at the time for Virginia, but I lived in Maryland. I think he was like, “You know what, screw this,” and gave me a warning. It was probably the right thing to do anyway since I was just keeping up with traffic. Hmmmm, I wonder if he pulled me over because I had out-of-state plates…

      New Jersey is the same way. The speed limit will be 65 mph, but everyone is going 80 — in the right-hand lane. It’s actually more dangerous to go 65 mph. than to just keep up with traffic. I think they do that on purpose just so they can arbitrarily enforce the law.

    1. “A neo-conservative is a liberal who got mugged. These stupid kids haven’t been mugged yet.”

      Genius UT students: “Hi, I’m a young lady, and I think it’s a good idea to walk home late at night with a sex toy in my hand instead of a gun.”

      It’s also interesting that the same people who complain of so-called “rape culture” want to “normalize sex culture.” They yearn for the day when openly walk around with giant plastic sex-toys on campus, yet they act as if that would totally cut down on sexual harassment, etc. Okaaaaaay.

  2. School Shooter:I will purge the weak! *sees person with a dildo* W-why do you have a dildo?
    SJW student:Uhhh to protest guns on campus.
    School Shooter:I got a gun on campus……..how does the dildo stop me? I mean I can just shoot you and your dildo.
    SJW student:Well is it weirding you out? Are you so weirded out enough not shoot people?
    School Shooter:Yes to the first, no to the second.
    SJW student:A-are you going to s-shoot me?
    School Shooter:No, your too pathetic to waste a bullet on.
    (Sorry I got dark there X D just wanted to write my dark humor down)

  3. Let’s face it, those boys just wanna get laid. Yes, when your life hangs on the thread and you have seconds to decide, the cops are minutes away. And no, dildos won’t save from an active shooter situation or even a simple assault from a crazed mugger. I just wanna slap my head against the wall at all these special snowflakes in colleges today. Would we be better off if we just destroyed the colleges and started again?

    1. “Would we be better off if we just destroyed the colleges and started again?”

      We certainly have gotten ourselves into a conundrum, that’s for sure. I’m not sure what it will take to move the cultural pendulum back the other way. There are a lot of younger people who — finally — are getting this, but it’s really hard to gauge the percentages. If we fast-forward 20 years, then we’re either going to have a government overrun with the “UT sex toy” brigade or the ones who are pushing back. I fear that it will be the former, but I’ll be in my late 50s by then. I’ll still be writing on this kind of stuff, God willing, but on another level it’s like, “Well, I tried to warn you. My wife and I are off to the beach!”

    2. Yeah, if they haven’t rounded up all us evil cis-white-straight-evil-conservative leaning people up already. Okay, socially I’m pretty laisse faire but the Libertarian in me STILL requires personal accountability.

    3. “Okay, socially I’m pretty laisse faire but the Libertarian in me STILL requires personal accountability.”

      I have always had a bit of a libertarian streak in me as well on social issues. I’m certainly more conservative now that I’m older, but I’m very wary of certain religious types who pay lip service to limited government…until their pet issues come up.

      I will never shirk from my Catholic faith and will gladly talk about it with strangers, but at the same time I have no problem calling out guys like Mike Huckabee.

    4. True, Huckabee and Cruz are charlatans. As for conservative, I meant purely in the social sense. In the government/fiscal realm I am pretty small government conservative. And THAT is why I’m hated by both sides.

    5. “And THAT is why I’m hated by both sides.”

      Well, you’re definitely not hated around here. Haha. I lived in D.C. for nearly a decade and certainly felt like a political nomad.

  4. The whole thing is a scam setup by companies selling sex toys (see we can turn around and use the same silly argument they use about guns).
    The outrage is just another case of liberals getting all stiff about a subject that they do not understand.

  5. I wonder what these people would do if they tried to regulate knives, the possibilities are almost horrifying to think about…

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