Ben Affleck, puffy Batman, slurs up storm during ‘Deflategate’ ‘f–k’-fest

Ben Affleck Any Given Wednesday

Batman v Superman is now in the rearview mirror and the general consensus is that it was a sloppy mess. Warner Bros. says changes were made to Justice League after the critical tsunami rolled in, but now its key star — Ben Affleck — is once again acting like a fool in public.

Sometimes “Batman” says he doesn’t like Republicans. Sometimes “Batman” nearly cries when someone says Islamic terrorism is, in fact, Islamic in nature. Sometimes he volunteers to do a show on finding one’s roots and then tries to cover up the fact that his ancestors owned slaves. These days, however, the puffy-faced (Botox?) star is launching into slurred f***k-fests that make him look like an immature frat boy. He is 43 years old.

Mr. Affleck, aka Bruce Wayne, looked like an alcoholic on Bill Simmons’ Any Given Wednesday, and now it will be exponentially harder to forget his antics when Justice League finally arrives in theaters.

Ben Affleck tweet

Here is 1:33 minutes of Mr. Affleck’s rant on the NFL’s decision to go after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for “Deflategate”:

“Deflategate is the ultimate bulls**t f***ing outrage of sports — ever. It’s so f***ing stupid that I can’t believe it.  Do you realize (slurred) they gave him a suspension for a quarter of the regular season, which would be equivalent of suspending a baseball player for 40 f***ing days … which is what they do when you get busted taking steroids. And by the way, if the NFL had real testing, it really knew how to test for steroids and HGH in the NFL, there’d be no f***ing NFL.

So instead, what they did was suspend Tom Brady for four days for not giving them his f***ing cellphone. … I would never give an organization as leak-prone as the NFL my f***ing cellphone so you could just look through emails and listen to my voicemail. … The first thing they’re going to do is leak this s**t. … Maybe Tom Brady is so f***ing classy, and he’s such a f***ing gentlemen, that he doesn’t want people do know that he may have reflected on his real opinion of some of his coworkers.”

Ben Affleck Pats tweet

HBO’s Bill Simmons tried to quell talk about the star being drunk by noting how the show tapes in the morning.

Note to Mr. Simmons: You just made things worse.

Either Ben Affleck was still drunk from the previous night, or he was drinking in the morning — because there is no mistaking what fueled his weird facial expressions, slurred speech, and countless f-bombs.

Bill Simmons

Fact: I said in my review for Batman v Superman that Ben Affleck did a fine job. An unpolished script and Jesse Eisenberg’s Jar-Jar Binks-like performance nearly destroyed the movie. I do not have an irrational dislike of the actor, but it is difficult to cheer for him when, in many ways, he acts like the pompous jerk who tried to embarrass his character in Good Will Hunting.

Ben Affleck Good Will Hunting

Warner Bros. needs Justice League to be pitch perfect after dropping the ball with Batman v Superman, and that will not happen if Mr. Affleck’s personal life prompts him to act like a buffoon.

When a man slurs his speech and acts like a drunken fool before millions of YouTube viewers, then he becomes a joke. When he becomes a joke, then millions of fans will not consider him a convincing Batman. That is the truth. If the people coughing up money for Justice League want to see a profit on their investment, then they will speak to the actor about his behavior sooner rather than later.

Watch the video and determine for yourself if Ben was merely “fired up.”


About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.


  1. LOL, I’ve never liked Mr. Affleck, as aka Bruce Wayne. That’s terrible casting, he went and violated all my illusions about Batman. That was before any drunken tirades from the actor himself.

    1. “LOL, I’ve never liked Mr. Affleck, as aka Bruce Wayne. That’s terrible casting, he went and violated all my illusions about Batman. That was before any drunken tirades from the actor himself.”

      The one good thing about Batman v Superman is that you can’t really recognize him in the suit — and his voice is changed. The Affleck-ness isn’t there.

  2. Oh man, I love it when a celebrity decides down some tequila before he goes on and shows us what he’s really like!

    Imagine his other interviews: “Yeah man, I never even met a republican, HAHA, I just know like…F**K them you know! ‘Cause like they like piss me off and S**t, If I found out a republican likes the same ice cream I do, I’d f**cking never eat ice cream again, you know what I mean?!”

    “MAAAAN, Terrorists from that whatever religion that I was told to like, make me want to PEE MY PANTS, maybe if I give a few more f**king interviews where I pretend they all good an s**t they won’t like, off me”

    “Yeah my family owned slaves! We are F**cking proud of it too, cause they were all republican slaves!”

    1. “Oh man, I love it when a celebrity decides down some tequila before he goes on and shows us what he’s really like!”

      I think that’s the key. That’s how weird and annoying Ben Affleck gets about a football team when he’s drunk. Imagine how he acts with a whole host of other issues…

    1. “‘fired up…someone ought to BE fired for letting that spiel over onto tv.”

      Some of these celebrities act as if HBO exists in a separate dimension where YouTube was never invented. Sorry, Ben.

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