Hillary Clinton Snapchat email joke

There comes a point in time when a nation becomes so corrupt that its death becomes imminent. The United States, in all likelihood, has crossed that threshold. One only needs to look at Monday’s revelation by the State Department that it has no emails from Hillary Clinton’s top IT aide during her four years as secretary of state.

Correction: A single “happy birthday” email was found in 30,000 pages of documents related to the personal server Mrs. Clinton ran out of her home in New York.

The Associated Press reported Monday:

The State Department can find no emails to or from a former Hillary Clinton aide who worked for the agency and also managed Clinton’s private computer server while she served as secretary of state, the government told a Republican party group in a court filing made public Monday. The agency insisted later that some messages to and from the ex-aide were recovered and turned over in other inquiries.

The government’s revelation in U.S. District Court in Washington came in answer to a lawsuit by the Republican National Committee. The committee had sued over its public records request for all work-related emails sent to or received by Clinton’s former aide, Bryan Pagliano, between 2009 and 2013, the years of Clinton’s tenure. The lawsuit also pressed for other State Department records from the Clinton era.

The lack of any official State Department emails raises the question whether he limited his email traffic using a private account, much like Clinton did during her four years as secretary, or whether his government emails were deleted. …

State Department officials told Senate investigators last year they could not find a file containing Pagliano’s work emails during Clinton’s tenure, an assertion first reported by Politico.

Pagliano has been offered immunity by the Justice Department in its continuing investigation into Clinton’s server and emails and whether the setup violated national security laws. Pagliano’s lawyer, Mark MacDougall, declined to comment.

The one email sent by Pagliano that surfaced among Clinton’s 30,000 emails was sent to Clinton was a November 2012 birthday greeting. He wished her “Happy Birthday Madam Secretary. To many more!”

As has been stated on this blog multiple times: It would take the federal government less than five minutes to have someone like me handcuffed and dressed in an orange jumpsuit if I were given access to highly classified information and then funneled it through a private server in my basement to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests.

Years ago I was an IT intern for a major think tank in Washington, D.C. It was filled with well-established men and women who may have met or interacted with the former secretary of state over the years. They were old, and like most old people they needed a lot of help with technical issues. In fact, some of them seemingly could not go one week without help from the IT department.

The point is this: Anyone who says he believes Mr. Pagliano sent just a single birthday email to Mrs. Clinton in the four years after setting up a private email server for her is either a liar or an idiot.

On a similar note, the individuals at the U.S. State Department who say with a straight face that Mr. Pagliano did his job without emailing Mrs. Clinton are in a special class of liars.

Bryan Pagliano FOIA

The FBI is expected to finish its investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s handling of government documents within weeks. If the agency does not recommend she face some kind of charges related to “gross negligence” on the job, then it will be further proof that America is a dead man walking.

Jazz Shaw puts it well over at Hotair:

Look, I understand that a criminal investigation has to rely on the facts and they must be supportable in a court of law. And sometimes strange things which defy conventional explanation do happen. (How else do you explain all those UFO sightings?) But at some point the public has to be allowed a reasonable level of incredulity when politicians and government officials begin spinning yarns which require us to believe that the sky is actually bright green instead of blue.

The idea that Pagliano didn’t send or receive any emails while managing Clinton’s email services is not just far fetched… it’s insulting to ask us to believe it.

Unfortunately, what the State Department is asking Americans to believe is much more than “insulting.” It’s actually the kind of state-sponsored middle finger to citizens that can spark a revolution.

There are only so many times a corrupt government can do the equivalent of kicking its own people in the groin before things turn ugly. Allowing Mrs. Clinton to make a mockery of government transparency and safeguards to national security may be one boot to the crotch too many.


  1. This annoys me no end. The rules only apply to the little people. Even in my silly little job, I must sign papers acknowledging the Gov has the right to seize my computer, phone, email account, if I ever do anything work related on it. I am a nobody, no state secrets, nothing that could possibly harm anybody, and yet I’ve got this looming responsibility hanging over my head. Apparently the Sec of State does not.

    Take heart however, America is not lost. We’re like a sleeping giant or perhaps Lazarus rising up from the tomb. I’ve written our obituary many times over, but we are often full of surprises.

    1. “I am a nobody, no state secrets, nothing that could possibly harm anybody, and yet I’ve got this looming responsibility hanging over my head. Apparently the Sec of State does not.”

      One of the reasons why I believe a scary number of people only want “the Republican Obama” instead of a return to limited government is because I think they see the writing on the wall. They see just how utterly lost the nation is and have concluded, “Well, if the ship is going to go down then I might as well get mine before we all go under.”

      I wish it weren’t that way…but when you combine Trump’s and Sander’s supporters together, it shows that we leaning over a precipice of darkness.

      “Take heart however, America is not lost. We’re like a sleeping giant or perhaps Lazarus rising up from the tomb. I’ve written our obituary many times over, but we are often full of surprises.”

      I wish I had your optimism. I keep looking for some light at the end of the tunnel, but it seems like every week is just more of the same. If the FBI does the right thing, then maybe there is a chance. If this whole thing is shoved down the Memory Hole, then we’re toast. Like I said, at some point the federal government is essentially kicking you in the gut while bragging about the fact that there are two sets of rules — one for the so-called “elites” and another for everyone else.

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