Regular readers of this blog know that I have taken time out of my regular comic book reviews to lament how so-called “conservative” commentators have jumped on a political bandwagon instead of sticking by principles when it comes to Donald Trump.

I have ripped Sean “I have evolved” Hannity. I have ripped Ann Coulter. I have ripped Eric Bolling. What I have not done is make out a comprehensive list as the Blaze’s Matt Walsh did on Tuesday.

Here are just a few choice snippets from Walsh’s piece. Read the whole thing and find the kind of courage that is lacking among many professional pundits:

“SEAN HANNITY: Although I’ve never found Hannity to be terribly interesting, now that his Fox show is nothing more than a ritual adoration ceremony for Donald Trump, it’s become intolerable. Hannity relentlessly fawns over Trump and refuses to challenge him on any of his myriad lies and inconsistencies. Trump has even used Hannity’s show as a platform to praise Planned Parenthood and repeat false, progressive claims that “abortion is a small part of what they do.” Hannity did not challenge him on those assertions. He does not challenge him on anything.

Meanwhile, as Trump receives no criticism from Hannity no matter how many times he mocks the disabled, brags about his adultery, smears his opponents, spews vulgarities, etc., Hannity has not held back in criticizing Trump’s Republican opponents for their “stunning” and “beyond the pale” critiques of Trump.

BILL O’REILLY: He pretends to be a tough and objective journalist, but his prostrations to Trump have been sickening to behold, never more than when he boasted about all the times he and Trump had milkshakes together or when he attempted to rationalize Trump’s plan to murder women and children.

FOX NEWS: All the other dull, blathering Trump sycophants on Fox News, like Andrea Tantaros and Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle and other various Trump shills who’ve now taken to declaring that “principles don’t matter.” The Fox morning show team hands airtime to Trump whenever he demands it, and they sit in admiration listening to him blabber on like infatuated school boys pretending to be interested in what the pretty girl in class is saying.”

Donald Trump is currently cruising towards 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the Republican nomination. If that was happening with fair news coverage then it would be one thing — but its not. If the man even looks like he might say something outrageous, then cable news outlets cut to a live-feed of his campaign. When Trump refuses to condemn unacceptable behavior at his rallies, pundits like Bill O’Reilly are there to spin it in a way that won’t offend the man.

Ironic, isn’t it? Mr. “No Spin” is now the very essence of spin.

GOP delegates March 16

It is refreshing to see writers like Mr. Walsh, who care more about the truth than getting invites to appear on The O’Reilly Factor. I can not tell you how many people I met when I lived in Washington, D.C., who would demonize their own mother if they thought it could get them an interview with Sean Hannity or some other talking head.

I implore all principled conservatives to take note of the individuals who talked a big game for years, only to abandon everything they claimed to stand for when it really mattered.


  1. Matt Walsh pulls no punches. These guys in the media have truly been exposed for the hypocritical shills that they are.

    It reminds me of Kent Brockman welcoming our new insect overlords:

  2. Remember when Trump announced his candidacy and the talk radio/FOX News/Breitbart braintrust insisted that he would expose the frauds? Well, he did. It’s just that they happened to be the frauds, and they’re really upset about people pointing that out. It’s likely Trump’ll be the nominee, which means Hillary wins in November. Contrary to what a mental midget like Bolling thinks, Trump will be buried by negative ads and a media onslaught. A quality candidate can weather such a storm, but (much to the conservative pundits’ surprise) a lot of #NeverTrump folks are perfectly content to sit out as a matter of principle. I look forward to the “let it burn” crowd begging me and others for votes in November. Me and my family live in PA; believe me, the GOP can’t afford to lose our votes in this notorious swing state.

    There’s gonna be a lot of blame to go around when all this is over. Possible 2020 candidates are going to bang the drum loudly, you can be sure of that, and they’ll have a lot of support for it. If Trump supporters think they are angry, wait until they see how the majority of the party feels about a vocal minority and the sellouts throwing away a winnable election. I suspect we’re already starting to see that angry come into play. I hear Rush was praising Rubio on his show today, which smacks of “I am gonna get so many angry phone calls when Hillary’s elected, so I better start deflecting now and act like I had nothing to do with it.” That’s just the start; be sure to look for the cited conservative pundits to blame the establishment, voters, or anyone else but themselves for Hillary’s election. It is the duty of everyone outraged by these sellouts to do what Walsh has done: call them out, hold their feet to the fire, and hit ’em where it hurts (their wallets). (I hear CNN has been seeing an uptick in ratings at FOX’s expense lately. I hope that’s true and that it continues.)

    Y’know, if you replace the genetics talk with politics and “scientists” with “pundits,” ol’ Ian Malcolm in this clip sums up nicely the conservative pundits who sold out. They didn’t stop to think about what they were doing and a lot of people are going to suffer for it.

    1. “There’s gonna be a lot of blame to go around when all this is over. Possible 2020 candidates are going to bang the drum loudly, you can be sure of that, and they’ll have a lot of support for it.”

      This ends badly no matter how you slice it. Either Hillary Clinton is elected president and Republicans go down in flames, or somehow Trump manages to win (Hillary is a horrible candidate, she should be in jail…and even Democrats know it), and then his supporters get a taste of reality — deals, deals, and more deals will be made not to their liking while the government continues to grow. Oops, it turns out that you can’t erase the national debt by looking for “waste, fraud, and abuse.” Shocker! Sigh.

  3. Limbaugh’s the worst. He’s broken integrity in order to hold onto his Trumpist listeners. Now, every day, he withholds information and misreports events in order to make Trump look as innocent as a newborn baby — the very things he rails against the mainstream media for doing. He is driven by his hatred of the GOP PTB. If Trump was the Democratic nominee, Limbaugh would be savaging him. Instead, Limbaugh whitewashes everything Trump says or does.

    1. All true. Also remember Limbaugh and Trump are golf buddies. Dont underestimate personal loyalties here. Im sick of the lot of them. We get the truest and strongest conservative on a generation and these guys just watch him go down on flames. Awful.

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