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It was only a matter of time before feminist Anita Sarkeesian worked her way into my Facebook feed. The last time this blog mentioned her was when Stephen Colbert was treating her like a delicate flower on Comedy Central in 2014 — and she still had a hard time articulating her point of view. Her website, Feminist Frequency, has released a new video, “Strategic Butt Coverings – Tropes vs Women in Video Games,” where she complains about pixelated female behinds for almost seven minutes.

As a man who cannot walk into Target or Panera Bread on a weekly basis without being bombarded with Jen Selter wannabes in yoga pants, I must laugh.

As a man who watches as millions of young girls and women idolize butt-obsessed Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, I cannot help but scoff at feminist rage over digital behinds.

JS Instagram screenshot

This is what modern-American feminism has come to: YouTube videos griping over how hard it is to look at Batman’s butt under his cape compared with Lara Croft of Tomb Raider. Women are literally sold as sex slaves in the Middle East and North Africa, and the struggle for Ms. Sarkeesian is putting countless hours of time, money and resources into exposing the nefarious game designers who dare to have Catwoman walk…like a cat.

Feminist Frequency YouTube

Break Inter Instagram screenshot

But here is the most telling thing about modern feminists: They are so confident in their claims that they must block the comments section of their highly-viewed videos.

Feminist Frequency no comments

The reason why Feminist Frequency does not allow comments on its videos is because guys like me would mention Beyonce — alleged uber feminst — playing dice on another woman’s butt in her music videos. Video game butts are unacceptable, but Beyonce objectifying another woman with “smack it” underwear in videos seen by millions of little girls gets a pass. Got it.

Beyonce 711 Dice

Here is a suggestion for American feminists — either don’t buy games you don’t like, or become game designers.

Don’t wear yoga pants with your mom in Target that show off every curve of your body, and then expect guys like me to show you sympathy when you complain about the curves of imaginary characters in a video game.

Until American feminists believably target female icons who objectify themselves on a regular basis — you know, real human beings who actually hold sway over popular culture — they will have zero moral authority to harangue gamers over what they find aesthetically pleasing.

Editor’s note: I normally link to videos or embed them within the actual post. I will not do so for this video since Feminist Frequency has blocked all feedback.


  1. Ha! I wish I could help you sort it all out, but it’s all very convoluted, isn’t it? Also, half the young men in this world now have their own pants hanging down so far they’re in danger of tripping over them. What’s with that?

    Very funny about Batman’s cape, too. It never occurred to me that he was hiding his bum. There’s a lesson in there for women, what you don’t reveal apparently becomes ten times as desirable.

    1. “What you don’t reveal apparently becomes ten times as desirable.”

      One would think that American women would eventually get this, but for whatever reason the pendulum has not swung in the other direction.

  2. As a fan of Kameo, my feelers are hurt that she didn’t make the cut for this video!
    In a way, that would’ve been a better example than a lot of what she used; unlike Tomb Raider, Bayonetta or Lolipop Chainsaw, Kameo was kind of a cutesy game that looked like it could’ve been for kids but whose protagonist gives almost perpetual upskirts. Yeah, games that sell themselves as sexy adventures of sexy ladies are probably going to use camera angles and tricks that play that up. And Catwoman? In a way, she could easily be seen as a feminist power-fantasy: she can look and act as sexy as she wants, and when men cat-call her, she can murder them with impunity!

    One thing that makes Kameo stand out, though, is that despite having a barely-there outfit, her sexuality/sexiness was never brought up or lampshaded, she was never sexually menaced by the villains, she was not given a love interest/romance arc, and her game passed the Bechdel test with flying colors and was about the importance of sisterhood. She may be unique among “Miss Fan-Service” video game leads in those regards.

    1. As a fan of Kameo, my feelers are hurt that she didn’t make the cut for this video! In a way, that would’ve been a better example than a lot of what she used.

      The funny thing about American feminists is that they claim to be cultural relativists, but then they’ll get bent out of shape over the ways Japanese game designers portray women. Tsk, tsk, Feminist Frequency. You’re trying to bend Japanese culture to you Western-liberal feminist sensibilities.

    2. Why not Kameo?
      Because unlike the other three you mentioned, Kameo doesn’t have a somewhat vocal support.
      Bayonetta is by Platinum games, Japanese developer. Its fanbase is not really large compared to some other titles, but very vocal in their defence of all thing Platinum.
      Lolipop Chainsaw is by Suda51, a developer easy to attack with the games it makes like Killer IS Dead and No More heroes.
      Tomb Raider just did a reboot, removing a large part of her sexuality (the game did barely move 1 million unit, though)

      All these games allow a target rich enviroment regarding creation of drama. More articles, more articles about the articles, more posts about twitterposts about the articles about the drama.

      Kameo is made by Rare, a company that has a hands-off relationship with its customers and the gaming press.
      From the wikipedia website “Unlike other software developers, Rare acquired a reputation for secrecy”.
      Added to the fact that Rare is under the umbrella of MS, this means less chance of an employe or fan Rare being outspoken against the projection is Ms Sarkesian. It is un uninteresting target.

    3. More than anything, it’s because she’s trolling.
      Over half of her contemporary targets are MA rated games.
      Anita Sarkeesian’s criticism of video games would be like going after the film medium by showing a bunch of Kenneth Anger and Alejandro Jodorowsky clips.

  3. I can’t stand Sarkeesian at all. She’s your standard modern feminist, whining and moaning about things that do not matter. It’s also pathetic that she closed the comments to her latest video whining about non-existent problems. Tells you that she’s not interested in a discussion. Either you parrot what she says, or you’re “sexist.”

    What’s even more pathetic is that she claimed as recently as 2009 that she had no interest whatsoever in video games and started attacking them because she felt gamers would be an easy target. Then once liberal media outlets started giving her airtime, she claimed she was a “lifelong gamer.” So she can’t even keep her story straight. She sounds like a politician who has lied about their past just to sound more electable.

    And I’m glad you brought up the hypocrisy of so-called “feminists” like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Don’t expect clowns like Sarkeesian to address it, though; it would poke holes in her seriously flawed worldview.

    1. “It’s also pathetic that she closed the comments to her latest video whining about non-existent problems.”

      It ticks me off when someone asks me to take them seriously, but then blocks anyone who might intelligently expose flaws in their argument.

      Women should feel insulted that Feminist Frequency assumes its supporters are so stupid that they can’t defend the arguments when guys like us enter the arena.

  4. Well, she’s gotta pretend that all those people who gave her money for work she didn’t do are getting their money’s worth. Keeps the Patreon donations coming. And it helps to make it really, really stupid, because then a lot of men will complain that your argument is asinine and you’re a shallow idiot and you can use all the insulting tweets and such to whine about evil men being mean to keep the fundraising going. “Look how oppressed I am! Evil men call me stupid just because I’m a woman (who constantly says incredibly stupid things)!”

    If you could just as easily make a video going in the opposite direction, and it would make just as much sense, then your argument is stupid. This is true of everything Sarkeesian has ever said about video games.

    Why does society hate men? They must be covered up in armor and protected from view — are men’s bodies seen as so hideous that they need capes and armors and every other sort of covering to keep us from having to see them? Are we afraid of seeing men’s bodies as sexual?

    Look at Batman, Marcus Fenix, or Iron Man. They’re so totally covered with clothing and armor that you can’t see any part of their actual body. Why is society so hateful towards men? Do we hate to see them? Can we not stand to see how their bodies look? Men’s bodies are beautiful too!

    1. The solution of course is simple: we need one of two things:

      Either a two minute long scene of Deadpool having a conversation with his own well sculpted ass … or in the next guardians of the galaxy movie we now need a scene of Star Lord seeing his coat getting destroyed so his firm behind is now for all to see.

      I know this would require a brave sacrifice from either Chris Pratt or Ryan Reynolds, but deep down i know they are willing to make that sacrifice.

    1. Your long lost son, Doug? (I could see you two playing those roles in a wacky buddy cop comedy…)

      Hmmm. I’d need a good nickname. “Razor and Ernst” isn’t quite doing it for me. 🙂 Regardless, I’m up for a buddy-cop YouTube movie with him whenever the call comes. Haha.

  5. I haven’t seen the video, but I’ve heard enough from Sarkeesian to get a good idea of what she said. She is such a fraud. The goal posts are always in motion there, just out of reach, but always far enough to be outraged by.

    I remember when it was all about the complete lack of females in games, “Where are all the female characters?”, then it became about female endangerment, “Games only have female characters who need to be rescued.” Of course, characters like Lara Croft defeat both of these premises, so the goal post gets moved again. “Female characters are all sexual objects.” I wonder what the FemFreq response would be for Evie Frye, the strong, capable, modestly dressed main character from the main-stream corporately owned series ‘Assassin’s Creed.’ Perhaps she’s fat shaming women everywhere by being too athletic? Really, you could just let your imagination run wild and it wouldn’t match the lengths the social justice crowd reaches just to bully people.

    1. Really, you could just let your imagination run wild and it wouldn’t match the lengths the social justice crowd reaches just to bully people.

      That’s really a good way to sum it up, Sabezan. There is no end to their list of grievances. As you point out, even attempts to appease their anger can easily be turned into new offenses. That is why it is best to push back. Their anger and rage is relentless.

  6. It’s troubling that people take her serious enough to have the following she has. As Doug pointed out anyone who leaves the house can see that women like to flaunt their butts.

    Comparing the male butt to female butt is apples to oranges when discussing appeal. I have no data to back this up besides personal experience. I would say arms, chest and abs rank higher than the butt for male features. Those physical features are front and center when it comes to heroes.

    1. “Comparing the male butt to female butt is apples to oranges when discussing appeal.”

      I agree. I could go into why that is, but I need to try and keep this a PG-rated blog. 🙂

    2. Ha! Now let’s not get carried away here!

      Some women prefer apples and some prefer oranges…. 😉

      Just the same, there are plenty of hyper masculinzed video game characters and no one ever talks about that. Men are certainly sexualized in games, and sometimes perhaps even in a worse way. I mean, all that armor and weaponry is usually there because so many things are trying to kill them. So while she may be oogled sexually, his sexuality generally revolves around displaying how well he can get himself maimed and try to avoid being killed.

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