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Timothy Wolfe, the president of the University of Missouri system, gave into demands of student protesters on Monday and resigned. The decision was in response to charges he was not doing enough to respond to racial injustices on the campus in recent months. Lost in the shuffle, however, is the story within the story — the harbinger of an America where women like communications professor Melissa Click have their hands on the levers of power.

Media converged on the school in the wake of Wolfe’s decision, and students and faculty who demanded media attention earlier in the day suddenly wanted total control over journalists — in a public space, no less — with “muscle.”

YouTube video uploaded Monday shows future tyrants shoving student photographer Tim Tai out of a “safe space” (Yes, they really demanded a “safe space” in a public forum). They then called for thuggery on student photographer Mark Schierbecker.

Click: You need to get out! You need to get you!

Schierbecker: No I don’t.

Click: **grabbing camera** You need to get out!

Schierbecker: I actually don’t.

Click: Alright. Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?! I need some muscle over here!

Even Jake Tapper was taken aback, tweeting: “@melissaclick was that you on the video calling for ‘some muscle’ to remove a student journalist from a public space?

Jake Tapper Melissa Click

Yes it was, Mr. Tapper. Yes it was.

Melissa Click

There is a certain urge to sit back and revel in the fact that liberal administrators are now under an attack — from the left — by the foot soldiers they have trained for years. It is no laughing matter, however.

Here is what I said Oct. 24 when Williams College abruptly pulled the plug on an author’s speech because its organizers thought students would resort to physical violence when their “safe space” was threatened:

The kids at Williams College are being taught a dangerous lesson if threats of violence against unpopular speech are rewarded. Intolerant students are likely to mutate into intolerant political leaders down the line. One doesn’t need a college degree to know that intolerant political leaders easily mutate into totalitarian thugs.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Piers Morgan had a show on CNN. He used to laugh and say things along the lines of, “Do you really think Americans will one day be threatened by a tyrannical government?”

It takes willful ignorance to look at the “safe space” culture permeating the nation and not see how the seeds of tyranny are being sown far and wide. We do not need to ask “if” the seeds take root, but “to what extent.”

Anti-free speech “muscle” on college campuses today will be running for public office tomorrow. Many of these students will become entrenched in executive agencies. They will reach the highest echelons of influence within the entertainment industry and hold positions of power at major news organizations.

Ask yourself: If they ask for football team “muscle” to prevent journalists from doing their job at the college level, what will they do when they have the full force of the U.S. government at their disposal?

University of Missouri staff anti free speech

The anti-free speech “muscle” of Mizzou had a big win on Monday, which means that its allies on campuses across the country will now seek to duplicate or surpass their ideological peers. I implore any young person attending college to push back twice as hard the next time your wannabe police-state overseers request “muscle” to do their dirty work.

University of Missouri activist thugs


  1. How far away are we from another Kent State? As a Viet Nam veteran, I have seen this scenario before. Let me assure you that it does not end well for the Country or individual citizens. It has always been interesting to me that “Progressive ideology” drives the “bus” to the place they say they abhor!

    An example of this is nuclear proliferation and the deal with Iran. Former Senator Sam Nunn, a liberal from the State of Georgia has worked tirelessly over the years to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Those efforts have now been undercut by this reckless deal that has been negotiated for the political vanity of a few. How sad for us all!

    1. Thanks for the comment and historical perspective, Bill. I appreciate it. I agree with you about the bus drivers going to the destination they claim they want to avoid. It will be interesting to see where this particular “bus” finally ends up.

  2. I can’t even understand what these nut jobs are arguing that the guy did wrong.

    Some of the horrifying events they were decrying involved people driving by in vehicles flying the confederate flag in what they thought “might be an attempt to intimidate them” — i.e. some people drove by with car decorations they don’t like. Good lord.

    Also supposedly someone made a swastika somewhere. You know, that well-known symbol of racism against black people.

    It sure seems to me like these jokers have done far more in concrete terms to actually restrict others’ rights than some people engaging in their free speech rights and some act of petty vandalism that may have had nothing to do with them (or, as happens often in these cases, was done by them).

    For anyone in that guy’s place, I recommend this:

    Click to access SJW_Attack_Survival_Guide.pdf

    Particularly focus on #3: DO NOT APOLOGIZE. These are not normal people. They will only use an apology against you.

    1. I made a comment in one of the blog posts not too long ago that these activists make it less likely that guys like me will ever give an inch, precisely for the reason you just stated — they take any apology and use it as a cudgel to try and beat more concessions out of you. As you point out, they are not interested in honest discourse. They want control.

      The funny thing about these activists is that they try to project strength, when in truth they are incredibly weak. They’re on a campus with tens of thousands of other young kids. Do they really not think there will be jerks on campus who will jump at the opportunity to get a rise out of them? Some loser smears his poo into a swastika on a door and they’re going to demand administrators lose their jobs? How dumb is that.

      If these kids can’t handle a college campus in Missouri, then how are they going to navigate the professional world once they head off to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Washington, D.C., Miami, etc.? Sad.

  3. There are only two things to laugh about in regards to Social Justice Warriors. One, “South Park” has had a solid string of episodes mocking political correctness. (“You’re sad that people are mean? Well, I’m sorry; the world isn’t one big liberal arts college campus. … You wanna put all your s*** up on the Internet and have every single person say, ‘Hooray for you.’ F*** you!”)

    Two, the SJWs eat their own, as Joss Whedon and a number of others have found out. Those pieces of schadenfreude have been truly delicious.

    Otherwise, the SJWs are totalitarian scum, with this story being one of the most extreme examples (if not the most extreme, period). It’s amazing that die-hard liberals have become what people in the ’90s accused religious watchdog groups of being. Complaining about something offends you (whether in public or online) is one thing; trying to stifle dissenting views any way you can is an affront to America. They are making the country worse every time they throw one of their fits, and they need to stop. It’s like what you said, Doug: the only way to beat them is to push back. They are only strong if people roll over for them; they fold like lawn chairs when confronted (not to mention throw massive temper tantrums).

    1. I’m really glad that South Park has stepped up to the plate and handled the current “safe space” culture with utter brilliance. Every time I hear “safe space” from now on I will think of that song… 🙂

      These SJWs are ideological goblins. They were just learning to crawl when I was in college, and now they’re walking upright and have taken off the diapers. I have always maintained that, proportionately, they are far worse than any U.S. Christians they often like to mock.

      I’ve worked at a lot of conservative organizations and I’ve dealt with a many social conservatives, and they overwhelmingly shun popular culture and prefer limited government over an ever-expansive administrative state. They lament changes in the culture, but mostly prefer to hang out in their own little religious “safe spaces.” They may place themselves up on a moral pedestal of sorts, but deep down they know they are sinners — like all of us.

      The SWJ wants its safe space, but (just like the video), but they actively seek to expand it — by force, if necessary — wherever they go. They have a deep yearning to control others. They seek jobs in government and other institutions that can warp the culture to their desired ends. They not only put themselves up on a moral pedestal, but they have a weird God-complex. They do not see themselves as sinners — it’s always someone else who must pay for “unearned privileges” or [insert historical injustice, real or imagined, here].

    2. not to be nitpicky, but their diapers are definitely still on.

      Society used to have little tolerance for immaturity, but to this newest generation it’s a way of life that demands respect.

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