Benedict Cumberbatch

Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” is acting mighty peculiar when it comes to the millions of migrants from the Middle East and northern Africa flooding into Europe. Benedict Cumberbatch says politicians aren’t doing enough, which is odd considering towns like Sumte, Germany (population: 100), have been ordered to accept 750 migrants.

The Hollywood Reporter details what the actor is telling audiences after his “Hamlet” performances in London:

Benedict Cumberbatch spontaneously shared a message onstage: “F— the politicians.”

The actor, currently starring in Hamlet on the West End, made the comment on Tuesday during his now-regular post-performance plea for support of the Syrian refugee crisis, according to the Telegraph.

While asking for donations from London’s Barbican Theatre stage, he also called it an “utter disgrace of the British government” for not doing more to pacify the crisis.

What does Mr. Cumberbatch suggest British officials do? Should they mimic Germany and open the door to 800,000 migrants before the end of the year? Should they dive head-first into militarily action in Syria and Iraq? Like most actors who wade into public policy debates, he avoids specifics. Detailed plans are not conducive to feel-good platitudes or telling others to “f–k” themselves.

Syrian migrants

The New York Times reported Oct. 31:

In early October, the district government informed Sumte’s mayor, Christian Fabel, by email that his village of 102 people just over the border in what was once Communist East Germany would take in 1,000 asylum seekers.

His wife, the mayor said, assured him it must be a hoax. “It certainly can’t be true” that such a small, isolated place would be asked to accommodate nearly 10 times as many migrants as it had residents, she told him. “She thought it was a joke,” he said.

But it was not. Sumte has become a showcase of the extreme pressures bearing down on Germany as it scrambles to find shelter for what, by the end of the year, could be well over a million people seeking refuge from poverty or wars in Africa, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

In a small concession to the villagers, Alexander Götz, a regional official from Lower Saxony, told them this week that the initial number of refugees, who start arriving on Monday and will be housed in empty office buildings, would be kept to 500, and limited to 750 in all.

Before Mr. Cumberbatch retires to his mansion in a gated community, or heads off for a beach vacation on the other side of the world, he says “F–k the politicians” — but that apparently doesn’t pertain to European politicians who are fundamentally transforming entire towns overnight.


One a scale of 1-to-10, with 1 being “I love Jews,” and 10 being “Kill the Jews,” what will the town of Sumte, Germany’s average score be with its news residents?

On a scale of 1-to-10, with 1 being, “Gay people should be treated with dignity and respect,” and 10 being, “Kill gay people,” what will the town of Sumte,Germany’s average score be with its new residents?

On a scale of 1-to-10, with 1 being, “I love Benedict Cumberbatch,” and 10 being, “I don’t know Benedict Cumberbatch, but if he’s an infidel then he should probably die,” what will the town of Sumte, Germany’s average score be with its new residents?

Towns all across Europe aren’t just being asked to take in a few migrants here and there — they are literally being culturally upended. Citizens of small towns in Germany and Austria and Hungary are now cultural minorities, and they are supposed to like it.

Indeed, European politicians like German Chancellor Angela Merkel should certainly be excoriated for their handling of the refugee crisis, but not for doing “too little.”

Cumberbatch’s “Hamlet” is playing in London’s West End. Perhaps London should take in enough migrants so that Londoners are outnumbered 7-to-1 by men and women from Syria, Libya, and northern Africa. Then we can fast-forward in time 20 years and see if the local population still appreciates Shakespeare and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

My guess is that Mr. Cumberbatch would live far away from such a cultural reality.


  1. This is dreadful thing. Mr. Cumberbatch is a charming man indeed, but like many stars he has to go an open his mouth and ruin the whole fantasy. 😉

    Also, it is very maddening how many of these people are so well off, meaning insulated from the consequences of their own beliefs. So while he lives in his little gated off community celebrating his compassion and love for humanity, the rest of us must confront the harsher truths and uglier realities behind those words, the “wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

    1. Mr. Cumberbath is a great actor and no doubt a very eloquent speaker, but he has perched himself quite high on a moral pedestal.

      It is incredibly easy to tell other people what they should do when you have the resources to live anywhere in the world, hire the best security, and never have to experience first-hand the flaws of your preferred public policy initiatives.

      I probably would not have mentioned him in this post if he wasn’t so sanctimonious. Telling politicians to “f–k themselves” for doing too little is laughable. The last thing London should be doing is trying to take in hundreds-of-thousands of migrants. I love how Saudi Arabia won’t take in any migrants, but they’re willing to build mosques in Germany. Classic.

      Are the Saudis just benevolent gift-givers, or are they hoping Europe opts for cultural suicide? I don’t think it’s the former.

  2. Just another limousine liberal preaching what he wants others (the common people) to practice.

    These spoiled brats live in places like Westchester or Pacific Heights, surrounded by walls, fences, and armed private security. Their children, if they have any, attend exclusive private schools with carefully selected classmates and staff.

    They never have to deal with the consequences of the policies that they advocate. They are not worried about businesses closing and jobs being lost. They don’t care if their education policies for public schools result in high school graduates who are unemployable. They are not worried about the influx of criminals from Mexico and terrorists from the Middle East. They don’t care if the “Ferguson Effect” is resulting in fewer and fewer police officers at the same time that our revolving-door legal system is resulting in more and more violent criminals at large. Or if crime is up, on the streets and in schools, because police and teachers are afraid to take action for fear of being falsely accused of racism.

    If Cumberbatch thinks it’s reasonable for a village of 100 residents to take in over 700 immigrants, then let him put his money where his mouth is. He should be required to invite at least seven strangers (foreign refugees, or British or American homeless people) to move into his house or apartment, and let them live there, permanently. That’s if he lives alone. If he has a family, then he should be required to take in at least seven refugees for every family member living with him.

    BTW, assuming those able-bodied young adult male Syrians really are refugees (and not terrorist Trojan Horses), then they should be sent back home with M-16 rifles and ammunition to fight ISIS. They could fight alongside the Kurds (including Kurdish women), who have been standing their ground instead of running away to Europe and America with their tails between their legs.

  3. Can we cease the celebrity endorsement of presidential candidates for the foreseeable future? Nobody should take these upper class chuckleheads even remotely serious. They’re basically the modern day equivalent of court jesters. A celebrity endorsing political candidates is like having Google Ideas give their endorsement to Anita Sarkeesian, Randi Harper, and Zoe Quinn in curbing online harassment. Both are a complete and utter jokes in their own right without so much as nary a punchline.

    1. “Can we cease the celebrity endorsement of presidential candidates for the foreseeable future?”

      I don’t know why I put that part in now that I think of it. I just got done watching the CNBC debate, so that might still be on the brain I guess…

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