Carly Fiorina CNBC debate

The great thing about modern “feminists” with a microphone is that they regularly discredit their own brand of feminism. Take the women of “The View,” for instance. They spent Thursday cackling with each other over the face of Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

Collins: She looked demented! Her mouth did not downturn one time.  **audience claps and laughs**

Behar: I wish it was a Halloween mask. I’d love that.

Let us flashback to Sept. 10, when they got up on a moral pedestal to lecture Donald Trump for doing the same thing.

Behar: “You talked about Carly Fiorina in Rolling Stone magazine, and you said, “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? Are you making fun of her looks, Donald? Because I know you don’t like it…”

Trump: “Not at all, no. I’m talking about the persona, Joy. …”

Behar: “Then why don’t you talk about her brains instead of her face?” **audience claps**

It is interesting how that works: When the (liberal) women of “The View” lecture a man on disparaging a woman’s physical appearance, they are applauded. When the (liberal) women of “The View” say mean and disgusting things about a woman’s physical appearance, they are applauded.


Here’s a pop quiz: Do you know who treats women the worst in America?

Answer: Other women.

It is highly ironic watching Joy Behar — caked with 10 pounds of makeup to look her best — say Carly Fiorina’s face looks like a Halloween mask. If you put a mole on Joy’s nose and a broom between her legs, would she look like a witch? You decide.

Joy Behar

Here we have Michelle Collins — after professional makeup artists got her ready for television. What would she look like without makeup? Use your imagination.

Michelle Collins

Finally, we have Whoopi Goldberg of “rape-rape” infamy.

Whoopi Goldberg

These “feminists” do not care about treating women right as much as they care about getting congratulated for whatever they say and do.

When they tear down another woman — they want to cheered. When they chastise a man for tearing down another woman — they wanted to be cheered. They have zero moral authority, and should be relentlessly called out on their hypocrisy every time it rears its ugly head.


    1. I just love how they were trying to take Donald Trump to task last month and now they’re doing the exact same thing. Classic. They act as if the internet doesn’t exist…

  1. “Oh, but it’s OK when WE say it.

    “When we make fun of Fiorina’s appearance, it’s sophisticated satire. When YOU do it, it’s sexism.

    “When we criticize Carson, it’s honest disagreement about issues, and/or legitimate concerns about his qualifications. When you admit that you can’t see Emperor Obama’s new clothes, you are a racist.

    “In the 1980’s, we opposed arming Afghan rebels with rifles and Stingers to fight the Russians, because we had legitimate concerns about giving weapons to groups who might be radical Muslim extremists. If you criticize Obama for giving weapons to the parent organization of Hamas and Al Qaeda, or if you are against helping Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, then you are a racist and an Islamophobe.”

  2. “Do you know who treats women the worst in America?”

    Yep, it’s women, you nailed it. Some of the most appalling, cruel, outright immoral behavior comes from other women, especially from the left side of the aisle and feminists. That’s no joke, they can get nasty.

    1. There easiest place to see women being objectified is to go to the grocery store checkout line and pick up one of the magazines at the checkout counter. Photoshopped entertainers in skimpy clothing, usually posing or mugging seductively, are right next to the gum and candy.

      If I want to hear women say nasty things about other women, I just have to turn on a show like “The View” or, previously, something like “Fashion Police.”

      Then you have women like Lena Dunham. She goes out of her way to wear weird things in public (or nothing at all on TV) and then complains when she gets negative feedback.

    1. I believe its ratings are suffering this year. Still, something along the lines of 2.5 million women tuned in to its season premier. Imagine yourself locked in a room with 2.5 million Joy Behar clones…

  3. “If you put a mole on Joy’s nose and a broom between her legs, would she look like a witch?”

    I’ll get you my pretty. And you’re little Gamergaters too! lol

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