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Marvel “Avenger” Anthony Mackie found out the hard way that Orwellian thought police are watching his every move and listening to his every utterance. The actor, who portrays “Falcon” on the big screen, dared to say a few nice things about Donald Trump — and was quickly grounded by an onslaught of racial vitriol.


What was it that Mr. Mackie said that warranted the “he’d love to get called a nigger” attack by New York Magazine staff editor Ira Madison, you ask?

Answer: It doesn’t take much. In an interview with BET on Monday he said:

“I would 100 percent want to run Trump’s campaign. 100 percent. … When you look at Trump, he’s an easy sell because you can sell him as the guy who worked his way up from nothing. And I think if you’re a ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ candidate, people would identify with that.”

Breitbart News covered most of the bases. In short, the racial invective was going to build until Marvel’s Sam Wilson bowed down to the Racial Thought Police.

It didn’t take long: “Sorry Donald, that wasn’t an endorsement. Just a bad attempt at a joke, I guess?” Mackie tweeted just hours after telling BET he was drinking Trump’s “Kool-Aid.”

Mackie Trump

It is rather bizarre that a man can keep his job at New York Magazine after saying Mr. Mackie looks like “he’d love to get called a nigger,” but by now we all know that saying vile and disgusting things is permissible with the right (or should I say “left”?) credentials.

I hope Mr. Mackie learns from this experience. Those who claim to be the most tolerant in the U.S. — men of Ira Madison’s political persuasion — almost always reveal themselves to be totalitarians-in-training when they must respond to independent thought. 


  1. I got to attend his panel at the Louisville fandomfest. Seemed like a pretty awesome dude.

    There’s a reason the Z man (who I don’t often agree with) refers to the left not as a political party, but a cult.

  2. Sheesh! Thanks for high lighting this bit of hypocrisy. When is racism not racism? I guess when we’re using it to shame someone into political compliance. Mr. Mackie does have a lot to learn, but one thing he needs to learn is how not to apologize. Seriously, when you’re dealing with bullies or totalitarians, don’t back down and apologize, double down and stick to your guns, especially of you haven’t said or done anything to be ashamed of.

    1. I was pretty bummed to see that he backtracked after the Twitter mob got riled up. I suppose his manager or someone was also pressuring him to defuse the situation, but like you said — he did nothing wrong.

  3. Wow. Twitter strikes again. I’ve noticed though it actually goes beyond that. From a cultural perspective, if one is African American and identifies with Republican candidates, ideals or says they are “conservative”, almost instantaneously they are ridiculed by other African Americans. I speak both from experience and from seeing it happen to others. Actually, it wasn’t until I shed the Republican label and said, “Oh, I’m Independent…” where others would still give me at least a dirty look but I was “passable” if that makes sense. I absolutely abhor the word “nigger”, but to see those of the same race throw that about to each other because you think maybe Trump has indeed made many good points… it’s incredibly naive, and speaks to pandering without doing proper research as to WHY you actually are Democratic. It takes away having a worthwhile discussion. It’s sad, and my wish would be simply for African Americans to take politics just a bit more seriously in that way. Phrases like, “Uncle Tom”, “House Nigger”, “Oreo” are thrown about hap-hazardly with no regard for what they mean, and how many policies on the left are actually enslaving to African Americans. Horrible, horrible response to Mackie.

    1. Thanks for offering your perspective on this one, The Orange Mask. I really appreciate it.

      I think you nailed it when you essentially said that it’s important for a man to know why he believes what he believes. So many people — of all races and ideologies — pull a lever for [insert candidate X here] without ever really holding their beliefs up to serious scrutiny.

      The thing that is downright bizarre to me is how liberal minorities think they have a license to say the most vile and disgusting things to anyone who jumps the political ship. If I behaved 1/8 as unhinged as these guys on social media towards political opponents I would be fired immediately. I obviously never plan on testing that out…but it’s still interesting to think about.

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