IFLS Super PredatorAnyone who watched Popeye growing up will remember his phrase “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!” That is how countless fans of science ironically feel while reading stories shared by the editors at “I Fucking Love Science.” The site, which was started by Elise Andrew, has well over 21 million followers. Admittedly, much of the content is interesting. The problem is that often times what is shared is a.) political claptrap masquerading as science, or b.) ridiculously packaged for clicks instead of accuracy. To make matters worse, its doomsday fare attracts environmental activists who wish everyone (but themselves) an early death.

IFLS comments section compilation

“We need a global pandemic that wipes out 80 percent of the human population,” says John Elliot. What are the odds that Mr. Elliot believes he should be part of the 20 percent that survives? Magic 8 ball says “Bet the wind farm on it.”

“We need to be extinct,” says Juanka El Lokopro, with the obligatory sad-face emoticon.

“Humans are a virus,” says Sara Haddox.

Go through any doomsday post shared on the “I Fucking Love Science” Facebook page, and you’ll find that it is in no short supply of self-loathing activists who are really excited for people to die — as long as it’s not their friends and family doing the dying.

IFLScience earth story

Check out the post “Humanity has already used an entire earth’s worth of resources this year,” and once you get done laughing you’ll realize that “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn actually buys into such absurdity. Sadly, the administrators closed down the comments section for that particular story. I wonder why…

IFLS Ice Age

Perhaps the most peculiar thing about rabid IFLS readers is that they also tend to be the most hostile towards religion. They hang on Neil “tall tale” deGrasse Tyson’s every word, which is fine, but it begs the question: If God does not exist, and we’re all just a bunch of sentient cosmic accidents, why does it matter if humans are “super predators” or if we use “an entire earth’s worth of resources” in a year?

If free will does not exist, then environmental activists really should not get mad that a dentist killed a lion in Africa for $50,000 — he couldn’t help himself. According to the atheist environmentalist, hunters are merely puppets acting out the demands of atoms and molecules bouncing around inside their heads. If there are no universal truths that can be discerned through logic and reason, then it really doesn’t matter if a man chooses to look after a rare tiger or opts for something entirely different (e.g., mounts its head on a wall).

The moral of the story here is that while IFLS is an interesting website, it should be called IFLPTS (I Fucking Love Politics, website-Traffic…and Science). Its editors tend to conflate their opinion with scientific fact, and its readers are often the kind of people who make fun of others while simultaneously wishing for global pandemics.

Who are the radicals: Guys and gals who agree with the editorial point of view of this blog, or guys like IFLS’s John “We need a global pandemic that wipes out 80 percent of the human population” Elliot? Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section below.


  1. LOL, well said. I read IFLS for the comedic factor and try to pretend that all the comments really are satire, too. The blood thirsty, self flagellation of all of humanity, is enough to rival the perversion of the most extreme religionist. Shrieking about hell from the pulpit nearly pales in comparison to wishing death on 80% of the population.

    1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read something on IFLS and then sat there staring at the screen for five minutes thinking “Should I do a blog post on this? Is this website really worth it?”. Today I just finally broke down because I couldn’t take it anymore. Some of the headlines and commentary are just so over the top, and yet it takes itself seriously.

      It’s essentially like, “We’re all going to burn to death in a scorching inferno of our own making — or freeze to death — or something! Be afraid of heat…and cold…and things…because people! Rarrrrrg!”

  2. The environmentalist movement has always been more about nihilism than science. Finding out that the earth isn’t warming as much as certain climate scientists claim, should bring relief to anyone genuinely concerned about the planet or it’s inhabitants. As you’ve seen, the impending destruction of the earth isn’t a ‘concern’, its a fervent hope!

    Environmentalism has all the trappings of apocalyptic religion. There are signs and portents everywhere, and every disaster is a prophecy that the end times are near. A time when mother earth will snatch her followers away in an earth rapture while the ignorant ‘masses’ are killed by acid fog and warming induced hemisphere-sized super-hurricanes.

    The constant attempts to do something about it, to ‘stop the disaster’ are known by the adherents to not work. It’s as if theres a need to show an un-believed God that they are the good guys, that they tried and they can feel morally superior to their ideological foes.

    The great dream…to be able to say “I F****** TOLD YOU SO”.

    1. Environmentalism has all the trappings of apocalyptic religion.

      I agree. The weird thing is, if you call them on it, then they’re very likely to go into denial mode. I think I share this video once every three months somewhere on the blog, but I can’t help it. It always makes me laugh.

      For me, a person can’t essentially call life on earth a cosmic hiccup and then say, “But you should totally care about the trees, man! The trees!”

  3. I’ve felt absolute loathing for environmental wackos ever since talking to some immigrants from China. They described how the one-child policy was enforced on them, how they conceived a second child inadvertently (the government implanted the wife with a birth-control device after the first child) and how the government forced them to make a choice: give up your first child, dump her in an orphanage (where she might well die) and you can keep this child. Otherwise, we’ll abort your second child. Of these agonizing options they chose the latter, finding out after he was killed that their second child was a son, which they had always wanted.

    This is the reality of all the “we need to reign in the population” garbage of the environmentalists, which you’ll see after almost every doomsday post. The murder of innocent, wanted children to “keep the population from getting out of hand.”

    I was even more disgusted when I discovered that the one-child policy was actually an outgrowth of Western evangelism for reducing population growth in the mid-20th century. In fact these sorts of policies are still caveats to aid packages for many third-world countries. Eugenics is still doing evil many years after Westerners supposedly stopped believing in it.

    On top of that, “overpopulation” is a “problem” which has never been proven to exist in the first place. Densely packed countries have been successful and sparsely populated countries have been poor in many cases; there’s no clear correlation between population levels and economic success or failure. If anything, too little population is a bigger problem than too much has ever been. Having a lot of productive people is far better than having fewer.

    Anyway these people are literally inhuman. The example of China is there for all to see. That’s what their policies would be like in action, but they don’t bother to look at it, to learn about it before spouting off. I have nothing but contempt for them and their foolish worldview.

    1. As you point out, humans aren’t the problem — they are the solution. It is the ingenuity of the human mind…our entrepreneurial and creative spirit…that has lifted billions of people around the world out of poverty. The United States of America is one of the few countries in the world where poor people tend to be overweight! We have amazing technology, and its actually pretty clean. When we do have accidents, we have the technology to clean it up.

      Political systems that harness the innate ability inside all humans and directs it in productive ways are always preferable to those that see people as “a virus.”

      Whenever I hear someone talk about “conservation” I laugh and think, “Instead of worrying about how many hours I keep my lights on, why don’t we continue to improve technology that will render such discussions moot?” The future is going to offer all sorts of advances that at this moment we can’t even dream of, and when that happens we’ll look back and say, “Wow. I can’t believe there was a time when anyone took radical environmentalists seriously.”

  4. Humanity is the only noteworthy moment in the long history of this planet. For the multitude of billions of years that our universe has existed, planets have formed and been snuffed out with no legacy, no story, and no point in existing. Our planet is the only we know of with a species that has the capacity to self-contemplate. Ours is the only species with the capability to create a legacy that can survive even the death of our home planet and solar system. Ours is the rarest of species; the only one as I believe to have a soul. To extinguish it for the sake of a salamander, an owl, or whatever other animal species will inevitably be wiped out with the death of our sun, it would be a crime against Creation.

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