Ann Coulter Hannity Charles CookeThe spike in popularity of ersatz conservative Donald Trump has its fair share of downsides, but it also has an upside: opportunists like conservative wave surfer Ann Coulter, whose idea of Reaganesque was once Chris Christie, are exposed.

National Review’s Charles Cooke faced off against Ms. Coulter on Thursday night and exposed the “collective insanity” of so-called conservative pundits, who now gloss over every bit of evidence that The Donald is merely a Trump in conservative clothing (e.g., Clinton campaign contributions).

Mr. Cooke said the following while appearing on Fox News:

“I have to say that I’m just astonished by the collective insanity that seems to have marked the conservative movement over the past couple of months. Donald Trump, who has put forth no plan whatsoever except to pretend that Mexico is going to pay for a wall, is being taken seriously. […] I think what the objections are is that you have a man in the Republican debate who praises single-payer. You have a man still talking about funding Planned Parenthood. You have a man who has flip-flopped perhaps on the wealth tax and on gun control. A man, who on any other circumstances, would have been laughed at through the primary. […]

He said on this show … that he was fine with the progressive income tax. … The day before he suggested he was in favor of a flat tax. Literally 24 hours before. He’s making it up as he goes along and we are all falling it for some reason. […] He cozied up to Hillary Clinton and he gave the Democrats a bunch of money. […] Is pro-assault weapons ban now pro-gun? He was in favor, on the record, of an assault records ban. Is that now pro-gun?”

Boom. Mr. Cooke dropped a series of intellectual tactical nukes on Ms. Coulter’s head. Her ally, Sean Hannity, sat in silence while it happened. She, on the other hand, was left to come up with a list of tortured responses that revealed that the one thing Ann Coulter knows best is where her book sales come from. If you want to be a best-selling conservative author, then one way to do it is to shamelessly ride whatever wave the most rabid right-wing activists are on.

Here are a few of Mrs. Coulter’s attempts to parry Mr. Cooke’s blows:

        • “I don’t think voters go out and think, ‘well, he’s been consistent for 20 years on this.’”
        • “As far as I know, he’s never been anti-gun.”
        • “He’s not a politician. He’s not familiar with all the deceptive ways Planned Parenthood will sneak through funding for abortion.”
        • “He was at the Republican National Convention talking like a conservative.”

Chris Christie is now a “RINO” to pundits like Anne Coulter, but Donald Trump is somehow a conservative. Crony capitalism is the mark of a fake conservative, but yet it’s no big deal that Donald Trump epitomizes crony capitalism. Republicans in Congress can’t be trusted, but the guy who donated to Hillary Clinton multiple times can. Donald Trump showing up to a convention and “talking like a conservative” is now proof that he is a conservative. The willful ignorance is astounding.

Trump Democrat donationsFor individuals who just want a president with no filter, Donald Trump makes sense. For individuals who just want to make the Republican establishment pay for looking down on the Tea Party, Donald Trump make sense. For individuals who just want to burn the whole system to the ground, Donald Trump (and Bernie Sanders) make sense. There are legitimate reasons for backing Donald Trump, but citing his “conservative” credentials is not one of them.

The truth of the matter is this: Certain conservative talk show hosts and their favorite pundits are a.) scared that Donald Trump will direct his fire at them if he is criticized, or b.) want to curry favor with the billionaire because he has money, power, connections, and he probably throws great parties.

Principled leadership is what America needs to thrive, but right now a lot of people seem to think it’s a man who calls all of his critics “losers.” Sadly, Ann Coulter and her friends in the media have decided to stoke the flames of anger for ratings and book sales instead of setting the Republican Party up for success.

Update: Tell me again why any Republican would want Ann Coulter as a political ambassador.

Coulter Trump Abortion Tweet


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Daniel. I appreciate it.

      “Let us dispense with this preposterous notion that Ann Coulter is arch-conservative or far-right. Adding arch or ultra to conservative implies more; Coulter is less. Coulter may be arch but she’s not conservative; she may be far but she’s not right.”

      Well said. Thanks for sharing your blog post.

    2. I like a lot of what Ann has to say…usually. Like you say, she knows her audience. But her mission has never been so much to promote real conservatism as it has been to promote who she views as electable Republicans. In her mind, the key is for the GOP to win (at any cost) and then maybe, through some combination of hope and unicorn magic, we’ll get trickle-down conservatism in our country. So you’re quite accurate in your description of her as a surfer. She thinks Trump can actually win, so who cares about his bonafides. Never mind the trail of phony conservatives the past two presidential elections have left in their wake…

    3. She is definitely a smart woman. I cannot deny that. I just feel as though at some point in time she became a caricature of herself. It’s like she embraced all the lies that liberal media outlets made about her over the years. It’s a shame that she’ll say four things that are observant and then kill any shot of most Americans listening to her by making her fifth comment completely outrageous.

  1. Doug,

    I have been reading your blog on and off for the past couple of years and have enjoyed it. I came for the comics and stayed for the politics. I understand your article and while I think Trump is not a conservative neither is the Republican Party. I am 41 and looking to retire next year after 20 years of military service and truly fear for the future of our country. I am not worried about myself but what will be left for my children. I did not leave the GOP, the GOP left me.

    After voting Republican for over 20 years what has it gotten us? During the 1990s a small restraint on the Dems and a speaker who resigned in disgrace. The 2000s, two wars, trillions in debt and massive expansion of government – DHS and Medicare. What have the Republicans done to stop Obama? Nothing, all they have done is cast meaningless votes and endorse his plan.

    While Trump is not a conservative neither is the Republican establishment. I am tired of getting lectured by both sides of media elite and vast media/government complex. It is time we returned to our small r republican values. The best Republican candidate is the one who says “as president my first action will be to follow the constitution and I will do this by returning to the original four departments of the executive branch- State, Treasury, War, and Attorney General. All other cabinet departments will be shut down.” And, “my next action will be repeal the seventh amendment, we do not need term limits but return the election of senators back to the state legislatures.”

    I am sure I will never see the candidate we need for the Republican Party and right now I can’t even find a republican candidate that I can vote for but at least Jesse Jackson and I agree on one thing, “stay out the Bushes!”

    Continued good luck with your blog.

    1. Scott just wrote my reply for me!! MORE<- to Republicans running for federal and state offices, campaign finance records show? //
      Not a Coulter fan, nor Cooke fan and didn't watch their exchange on Fox, of which I am not a fan. I am a fan of Trump's weird ability to engage people in this political process and to shake up the GOPe works. If I had to vote tomorrow, it would be for Ted Cruz.
      I remain one of your biggest fans and hopefully, your favorite twitter mom.

    2. I remain one of your biggest fans and hopefully, your favorite twitter mom.

      You’ll always be my favorite Twitter mom, gin. 🙂

      I was just telling a friend on another platform that it makes much more sense for those who those who like Trump to back Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz is a fighter, he’s solidly conservative, he isn’t afraid to upset people, and he’s incredibly intelligent.

    3. I meant to include this with the link above. I think of NY as being Democrat’s haven. Trump is a business man, so naturally will contribute to both parties. Did you know that since 1989, Trump’s contributed over $350,000 MORE to Republicans running for federal and state offices? Wonder if Lachlan knows that?

    4. But that’s the thing: Someone like Mark Levin will rail about crony capitalism all day long, and then he’ll basically zip it that Trump is the definition of a crony capitalist. For whatever strange reason, guys like Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. are all basically giving Trump the kid-gloves treatment. I think it’s because they don’t want Trump going after them.

      Imagine if Rush criticized Trump. How would Trump respond? I can think of a few things he could say that would go viral and take up multiple news cycles.

    5. I have been reading your blog on and off for the past couple of years and have enjoyed it. I came for the comics and stayed for the politics.

      Thanks for reading, Scot! I’m not sure you realize just how much that line meant to me. One of the main objectives of this blog was to do just that — provide a good bit of blogging on movies, comics, etc. … that would also retain a decent amount of readers for the political fare.

      While Trump is not a conservative neither is the Republican establishment. I am tired of getting lectured by both sides of media elite and vast media/government complex.

      I totally feel you on this, my friend. I think those who are energized by Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders are very much tapping in to the same frustrations. If someone votes for Trump as a giant middle finger to the Washington, D.C. elite (remember, I lived there…and moved because I couldn’t stand it), then I get it. The problem is that if Trump were to be elected, then what? He would have 535 members of Congress to deal with, and all his money and everything he did in the private sector wouldn’t mean squat. Is Donald Trump really a great negotiator, or is he wealthy crony capitalist with a really good army of lawyers? I do not see him successfully negotiating with political leaders as Ronald Reagan once did.

      Anyway, thanks again for reading and thank you for dedicating 20 years of your life in service to this nation.

  2. To Scot: Those things are never going to happen.
    To Doug: Several years ago I used to think that Ann Coulter’s snark was terribly amusing. But for some reason I began “growing” out of the snark habit myself, and as a result I got more and more sick of Coulter. She has ridden the snark train all the way to the bank, but her narcissistic pleasure in causing a ruckus has overridden her occasional ability to show logical prowess. She offers no solutions, so i don’t listen to her anymore.

    1. Jack,

      I understand those “things” will never happen, but that is the other thing that makes me sick of the political establishment. The attitude of we can’t change anything, thank God that Washington, Jeffrson, Adams, and the rest didn’t feel that way. Someday we may have to pledge our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor and it won’t the the chattering class of coulter, Cooke, and the rest of republican media establishment that does it. It will be others who understand that liberty can lost too quickly.

    2. There was a moment years ago when Ann Coulter was at CPAC and she referred to John Edwards as a “faggot.” I think that was where she jumped the shark for me. There was no reason whatsoever to do that. She did it at CPAC knowing that a.) it would get her publicity, and b.) that the mainstream media would use it to smear all conservatives as racistbigothomophobes (one word).

      It bothers the heck out of me that there are countless conservatives trying to change perceptions while staying principled, but someone like Ann Coulter puts them in a difficult place because she enjoys throwing drive-by rhetorical bombs. She says mean and spiteful things just to hurt people, and that is wrong. It’s one thing to engage in a rough-and-tumble debate. I’m okay with that. I just don’t like bullies, and somewhere along the line she turned into one.

    3. From what I’ve read about her, she was –always– that way, going back to her college years. I think she’s hugely stuck on herself, and gets malicious amusement out of upsetting people. I mean, who writes an entire book about how great and unfairly-maligned a man was Sen. Joseph McCarthy?

    1. It’s a bit odd to me how she wears that cross around her neck on so many television shows while simultaneously talking about all the people she “hates.” Sometimes it’s hard not to wonder if she’s some sort of liberal mole meant to perpetuate as many negative stereotypes of conservative Christians as possible. How can that thought not creep in when she expends such an enormous amount of creative energy trying to say mean and hurtful things? Didn’t she date Bill Maher for awhile? They seem made for each other…

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