Jon Stewart Caitlyn Jenner Daily ShowIn the endless media coverage of Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn Jenner, Jon Stewart provided neutral observers with a prime example why his routine is a sad stain on the American cultural landscape. The Daily Show host selectively edited morning show clips to assist him in his efforts to bask in self-serving claptrap masquerading as compassion.

Mediaite reported June 2:

Caitlyn, when you were a man, we could talk about your athleticism, business acumen — but now you’re a woman. Your looks are really the only thing we care about, which bring us to phase two of your transition: comparative f**kability. [clips of TMZ and morning shows play, which compare Jenner’s face to Jessica Lange and body to Kardashian women.] Look, we want to give a woman a compliment here. We just need to make sure another woman gets taken down a peg in the process. It’s how that we maintain the balance.

Well, we’re almost all the way there. Let’s complete the transition. [cut to morning show clips talking about Jenner’s good looks at age 65.] There you go! That’s the caveat we were missing. Remind her she has an expiration date now! […] [cut to clips of morning shows talking about Vanity Fair cover, Photoshop] I mean, you take away the corset and the makeup and I don’t know if anyone wants to bang her! So Caitlyn Jenner, congratulations. Welcome to being a woman in America.”

Mr. Stewart’s audience lapped it up, as always. Anyone with the ability to think objectively, however, can see the absurdity of his claims.

  • Fact: Caitlyn Jenner went to Vanity Fair and leveraged media contacts to gain maximum exposure.
  • Fact: Caitlyn Jenner posed for Vanity Fair in a swimsuit.
  • Fact: Magazines like Vanity Fair heavily use Photoshop.
  • Fact: The Kardashians have made a very lucrative career out of objectifying their bodies.
  • Fact: Caitlyn Jenner is promoting “I Am Cait” by talking about the application of makeup, beauty, etc.
  • Fact: Morning shows talk about popular culture.

Caitlyn Jenner, like all the other Kardashian’s, worked to make sure that everyone was talking about Vanity Fair’s newest cover. Jon Stewart then pulls from TMZ and morning news shows and feigns outrage at coverage that is a.) completely logical given the subject matter, and b.) exactly what Caitlyn Jenner knew people would talk about.

If a man undergoes cosmetic surgery, takes hormones to alter his body chemistry, has professional makeup artists transform him into a Jessica Lange stunt double, wears a swimsuit and then poses for the cover of a magazine, then it stands to reason that television hosts will talk about Jessica Lange, swimsuits, makeup, and family members who became famous for their part in amateur pornography.

Jon Stewart found a way to take the Caitlyn Jenner story and turn it into a “look what an awesome woman-respecting guy I am!” segment for The Daily Show. He reached into the digital sea of America’s 24-hour news cycle and pulled out whatever bits and pieces he could to make it happen. When it was done he sat there smugly while his audience clapped on cue. It was an embarrassing spectacle, but one worth noting.

Pride and vanity, like a virus, is contagious, which is why it is always easy to spot avid fans of the comedian — condescension oozes from their pores like breaking blisters on a child with chickenpox.

There are plenty of discussions worth having that involve Caitlyn Jenner, but it is a good bet that most of them started by Jon Stewart are rooted in a kind of self-worship that no one is immune from — man or woman.


  1. Pathetic, isn’t it? You know what really irked me? The inherent misogyny behind it all. I mean come on, I’ve been a woman all my life and yet we gave Jenner the espn courage award for faking it for six months. Stewart goes on TV thinking he’s helping and portrays women as nothing more then flat two dimensional sex objects. Then to pour a bit more salt on the wound, he slips in a bit of sexual shame, trying to imply that there’s something wrong with women wanting to look good for men in the first place. It’s not just condescension from Stewart, it’s patronizing condescension, but effective because the world is full of stupid people.

    1. The world is filled with stupid people. Luckily, Jesus was such a smart guy: his parables are incredibly insightful, and yet they can be understood by children… 🙂

      I used to get asked why I bothered writing on stuff like this, and it’s because Mr. Stewart influences a lot of people. Our culture is filled with men and women in within the entertainment industry or the media who think just like him.

      I know people who essentially walk away from popular culture all together and, while I get the reasons why, I still think it’s a mistake. They want you to give up. They want you to walk away. They want you to just get swept away by the tide. I can’t do that. I’m not going down easily.

  2. *Gagging* I wish I hadn’t just had a snack. This kind of trash makes me sick.

    So, Stewart just pulled the big ol’ “war on women” card, like any good little liberal yes-man.

    What I took away from this is that he believes women are only seen as objects, as eye-candy, and that it’s a sin for them to age, and a double sin to *gasp* look a day over 20.

    The only semi-laughable thing about this is that he used a man as the example. Bruce/Kate/whatever…


    No kidding, Stewart just put together a bunch of propaganda right out of the feminist handbook of life rules or something.

    But since the left is so obsessed with their imaginary “war on women” feminism&LGBT stuff, I’ve just one burning question.

    If it supposedly sucks so badly being a woman in North america, (and it really doesn’t), why are so many men trying to manufacture themselves into women? I’m not sure what the ratio is for which gender gets the majority of sex-change, but am pretty sure it’s men into women mostly. at least, from the cases I’ve heard of.

    Over and out.

  3. When the spotlight fades, Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner will commit the ultimate act of selfishness by taking his (her)
    own life. Bet on it and how sad that will be for his children !

    1. I hope to God your guess will be wrong. But fear it could turn out to be correct.

      And if it comes to that, what a terrible, needless end to a human life.

      It would leave his family with a lingering feeling that it never should’ve happened. None of it. And it didn’t have to happen.

      But I hope you are wrong.

    2. I’ve read quite a few articles on Jenner this week and I remember seeing some troubling statistics on transgender suicides. That would be incredibly sad.

      I try to be careful with how I discuss this topic because I have no idea what could be swirling around in a man’s head that would make him go under the knife, fill himself up with drugs, etc. It makes no sense to me. What I do know is that saying gender is totally a “social construct” is wrong. Anyone who adopts that line of thought will soon find themselves in a world of philosophical contradictions.

    3. I have no theory as to why anyone would do this other than they are unhappy and are looking for happiness in the wrong place. It doesn’t help that nowadays, the media and social networking is pressuring people to go trans-gender and turn gay. Just another theory, but really, it’s as if this whole thing is some kind of fad, and so many people are wanting to fit in, so they’ll try anything just to do that. And this was all fallout from years of previous indoctrination by the left again, in the form of environmentalism and the nuclear world-end scare of the 80s and 90s.

      For years, we’ve been bombarded by messages in the media and in school, telling us we’ve totally screwed up the universe, that humans are responsible for everything that has or will go wrong. In the 80s there was also the “OMG somebody’s gonna push the button and the world will end!”

      I never bought into any of that crap. But at least now I don’t have to sit in a classroom and keep quiet while that junk gets rammed down my throat in the form of “I have to study this and do a report on it if I want to pass and get my credits.”

      If people are killing themselves because they are convinced life just isn’t worth living, the leftwing media and programs need to own up to their responsibility for that. They’ve turned so many minds inside out with this toxic trash.

    4. I don’t foresee any prominent figures in the media owning up to the negative part they play, at times, in terms of warping the culture. Jon Stewart’s thing has always been to try to be taken seriously, but then when he goofs or says something incredibly ignorant he pulls the “I’m just a comedian. Why would you take me seriously?” card.

      We all basically operate within a certain cultural mosaic, and the media we consume alters the “painting,” if you will. We have free will and at the end of the day we must take responsibility for our own actions, but the artists, musicians, actors, video game designers, writers, etc. all have their own paint brushes. They like to pretend that they’re all Leonardo da Vinci when, often times, they are nothing more than petulant children with cans of spray paint, sullying things that were once beautiful.

  4. Stewart’s shtick is high school locker room posturing, posing as intellectual commentary.

    Jenner got the espn courage award. Were Noah Galloway and Lauren Hill even considered?

    The definitions of “courage” and “hero” have been dumbed down. The Progressives are uncomfortable with real heroes like Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell. Or with police officers and firefighters. But if the bar is lowered so that “living your truth” is “heroism,” then anybody (even a twerp like Stewart) can be a hero, without even having to get out of bed in the morning.

    1. It’s basically the same thing as calling an NBA player who comes out as gay at the end of his career a courageous guy while the Islamic State group is literally throwing gay men off tall buildings in Iraq.

      The problem with all of these stories is that they’re framed in a way where anyone who tries to offer a sense of perspective suddenly becomes the bad guy. We have it so well in the U.S. that we invent dragons that need to be slain. That’s why someone like Jon Stewart is willing to go to great lengths to turn resoundingly positive coverage of Bruce Jenner’s transformation into some sort of weird proof that there’s a “war on women” going on — and that he’s one of the good guys.

  5. Jenner’s no hero. Turning yourself from a man into a woman isn’t “courageous.” And I also think it’s a joke that he’s getting an ESPY Award. It should’ve gone to Lauren Hill, or Stuart Scott, or Noah Galloway.

    1. Yes, you mentioned some people who were far more deserving of an award.

      But liberal/progressives only consider someone “brave” or “heroic” for doing anything that goes against the norm, particularly if it is bound to unease, offend, or otherwise, make the more straight-laced among society feel bad.

      There was an article being read aloud on a TV station here, an article I turned off in disgust, because it was about transgender stuff and how “brave” some of the people were for speaking out in the midst of some “Bible belt” community.

      *Rolling eyes*

      So, that made anyone else in the community who didn’t agree with that agenda a coward, I suppose?

      There was an ep of another show about Madalyn o’Hair’s murder, and it chose its words carefully to vilify her own son for exposing her mistreatments of him and others in his book. It used the word “attacked” instead of exposed. Yet when it went on about how Madalyn had written an article about her would-be killer, David Waters, it only said she “exposed” him for his theft and made innuendoes that he was gay.


      Madeline attacked.

      Her son e’exposed’.

      If I was to put that show together, I’d reverse those terms.

      But that’s how insidious this stuff is.

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