Saida Grundy Boston UniversityTuition these days at Boston University is $47,000  a year. If that sounds steep, then consider this: Who wouldn’t want to take classes with assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies Saida Grundy, who says white people are a “problem population”? For a mere $47,000, you too can learn to define yourself by the color of your skin while adopting a weird sense of self-loathing that will stick with you the rest of your life.

Saida Grundy TwitterThanks to some amazing legwork by college student Nick Pappas over at, the world now gets to see who dispenses “higher education” these days at universities across the country. Fox News dug in a little deeper into Ms. Grundy’s account — before she locked it — and found out that not only are white males a “problem population,” but so is white masculinity. (Sorry Navy SEALs and Army Rangers — you’ve got to go.)

She tweeted: “White masculinity isn’t a problem for America’s colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges.”

She’s so angry about these “problems” that once a year she goes out of her way to try and refrain from purchasing goods and services from white-owned companies.

Said Grundy Boston College MLK weekAnd when she’s not lamenting on those “problem” white people, she’s trying to convince her students that looting by black people is no different than Wall Street trading. Got it? If not, then there’s a good chance you have been corrupted by “problem” white people (i.e., men who use logic and reason) like yours truly.

Said Grundy Boston CollegeFox News reached out to Boston University, which stands by its professor’s racist Twitter stream:

“Professor Grundy is exercising her right to free speech and we respect her right to do so,” Boston University spokesman Colin Riley said.

Grundy did not respond to a request for comment from, and has made her twitter account private.

Just think: for roughly $200K, you too can get a African-American studies degree from Boston University. When you walk into your first job interview, you can possibly berate a white man sitting across the table and tell him how much of “problem” he is for the rest of the country. You can pitch your top marketable skill — steering black people away from his business one week each March. When he doesn’t hire you, then it will be counted as proof that Ms. Grundy was right all along. You can go back for a Masters degree in African-American studies and possibly end up being a teacher’s assistant at Boston University.

Ask yourself (or Boston University spokesman Colin Riley) this question: If a Boston University professor said that black men were a “problem population” and then admitted that he went out of his way once a year to try and avoid black-owned businesses, how long would that individual be employed?

Years ago I had a job that allowed me to do quite a bit of traveling to colleges across the country. It was self-evident that professors like Ms. Grundy are the norm in certain departments. They might not say transparently vile things into their Twitter feed, but the same general worldview is pumped into the minds of impressionable young students.

Why would any sane white student on a tight budget — who is taking out tens-of-thousands of dollars in student loans — ever register for Ms. Grundy’s class? There are some left-wing professors who are fair, but there are others who expect students to parrot everything they say in order to receive high marks. With scholarships and big money on the line, it would make little sense to voluntarily enter a classroom where your mere existence constitutes a “problem.”

If I attended Boston University, then I would not be donating to it in my golden years. My guess is that if you do a little investigating into your own alma mater, then you’ll soon see rhetoric that will make you think twice about opening up your wallet when the requests for cash come rolling in.

These days, the only thing many colleges are good for is a degree in double-standards or hypocrisy. Sad.


  1. Uhg, that is appalling. Your point about many colleges is right on. Those are impressionable young minds and they often soak it right up. It is flat out indoctrination.

    I did have to smirk however, “white masculinity” is the problem? Apparently she is not fond of masculinity…..unless she finds herself attracted to it, in which case she leaves herself an out there. Masculinity is fine, just not the white kind. Although, who knows, perhaps she finds herself drawn more towards “white masculinity” and that is why she despises it so.

    1. I can play armchair psychologist with her all day. Haha. According to her tweets, white people are the problem and have been the problem throughout history, oppressing minority cultures — seemingly with ease. She is singularly focused on white strength — so much so that her life is in many ways dedicated to it. Indeed, she loves and hates it at the same time. How can one not have love for the thing that gives her life purpose?

      My guess is that there are some smart racists out there who use women just like her to make the case for white superiority. The reason why white men are a “problem” for her is because she’s defined herself as a perpetual victim and white men aren’t going away anytime soon. At the end of the day, I really just feel bad for the woman. The Pearl Jam song “Life Wasted” comes to mind when I think of her.

      “You’re always saying that there’s something wrong. I’m starting to believe it’s your plan all along. … I have faced it, a life wasted. I’m never going back again.”

    2. She’s probably right…but since we’re categorizing, sociology professors as a group are a fairly “useless” population.

  2. I was watching the Bulls-Cavs game yesterday and Derrick Rose hit a game winning, buzzer beating shot for a Chicago victory. The crowd went crazy with happiness and players/coaches/trainers of all races ran to the floor and hugged each other in the celebration….for one moment, everyone was happy they were there and didn’t give a thought about their differences -perceived or otherwise-; only joy. I wonder if Ms Grundy could even allow herself that moment if she were there.

    She is right though, there is inequality. A white man says blacks are a problem, and he’s ignored and labeled trailer-trash or some such thing. A black woman says whites are a problem and she becomes a professor. They both should be shunned; ironically, they both deserve each other.
    Much like a klan person hiding under a hood, she hides behind her now private twitter account when a light is shone on her words. Two wrongs don’t make a right; shame on BU and Ms. Grundy.

    I do hope she donates her entire salary of MLK week to charity since I’d assume some white people had a hand in hiring her and I’d assume some of white students’ tuition keeps her employed.

    1. I saw the highlights of that game and agree completely. That’s a great way to put it, Patrick. In many way sports show what the world could look like with less women like Ms. Gundy trying to always stir the pot. I have found that on the ball field and in the military (places where male masculinity is found in abundance), stupid racial stuff melts away. There isn’t a place for it in those arenas. Men just become men and they do their jobs. And then the shared goal forges a brotherhood between them that transcends race. How ironic is it that Ms. Grundy wants to destroy the one thing that should be channeled to make the world a better place.

      On a side note, I find it odd that during a week when people are supposed to reflect on King’s message (i.e., we should be judged by the content of our character instead of the color of our skin), Ms. Grundy goes out of her way to deny a man business based solely on his pigmentation.

  3. “White masculinity isn’t a problem for America’s colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges.”

    So what brand of the “toxic masculinity” kool-aid did you drink recently Miss Grundy? Seems to me you and Anita Sarkeesian would feel right at home together.

    1. I wonder if Ms. Grundy would like any of the songs on my weightlifting playlist? Heh. Probably a little too masculine for her. 😉

      “Fear is failure and this is my motivation. … I will not be denied!”

  4. People like that make people like me ashamed to be in my profession. How can one teach such hate and unproven narratives? I wonder how she would feel if all of the “problem people” stopped funding her and her hate filled class.

    1. The good thing is that you teach classes that give people marketable skills, Truth. I remember during graduate school I knew some girls who took a Women’s Studies class and they said it should just be called “I hate men.” I got a laugh out of that one. It’s hard to get a job after graduation when you spend years writing research papers on why men are all horrible people. It is possible to get a job if you know how to understand statistics, etc.

  5. You have a country pretty much built on the backs of slaves, basically giving “white masculinity” a massive head start on economic development. Its like if we were all playing monopoly and the first person got to roll until he passed go 10 times before the next player could roll! Yes you are going to have some people who feel a certain type of way when they see majority of the ghettos and urban areas are populated with minorities while the affluent areas are populated by white people. Then everyone turns around and puts down minorities when they see or hear urban culture. Its like all of america expects an entire culture to pull itself out of a negatively spiraling situation such as crime and poverty overnight. No one wants to help nor do most people even care.

    I am not condoning what the lady is saying, but I won’t sit here and say she’s wrong for saying what she wants to say. Its so funny to see these posts of “offended” white people. I’ve been offended all my life as a black man from an affluent family. I was the token black guy, and that right there is the problem. Poor is associated with minority, while rich is often associated with white. Everyone sees the well spoken black man and what does everyone say “oh you speak like a white person”. You see the white man listening to biggie smalls, and what does everyone say stop acting like a black person.

    You don’t want people to spend 50k to take her class? Laughable! What if the student isn’t white and wants to see how white America has treated black America for the past 200 years? This sounds like a German person who denies the Holocaust happened, it did, now deal with the repercussions like a man, humble yourself and take your lumps. For some reason no one does that here in America, oh well! 60 years ago, black people were getting hosed, had dogs sicced on them, and were beaten in the street by “white” police officers for peaceful protesting. There are people alive right now who probably got their asses kicked by the “white man” for being a certain color. So yea, I can see why some people could think that way! MLK was protesting in the 50’s, that wasn’t very long ago! The white man single handedly held down an entire ethnicity for hundreds of years and you pretend it isn’t or didn’t happen?

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Stephen. Since this post clearly struck a nerve with you, I’ll gladly spend some time on the highlights of your response:

      1. “Its like all of america expects an entire culture to pull itself out of a negatively spiraling situation such as crime and poverty overnight.”

      The kind of cultural implosion we see in urban communities these days (e.g., roughly 75 percent out-of-wedlock birth rates) started in the 1960’s, when black Americans pledged allegiance to liberalism. The disintegration of the black family unit has much more to do with the current state of urban communities than does any sort of Monopoly analogy you want to make about passing “Go”.

      2. I am not condoning what the lady is saying, but I won’t sit here and say she’s wrong for saying what she wants to say.

      You do see how your comment displays a stunning amount of intellectual cowardice, don’t you?

      3. This sounds like a German person who denies the Holocaust happened, it did, now deal with the repercussions like a man, humble yourself and take your lumps.

      I guess you’re not familiar with Godwin’s Law. Objective people can see that you just went a long way towards discrediting yourself right from the start. Regardless, I like that you went with the “take your lumps” line. It’s very telling. To you it’s not about acknowledging history and figuring out how to move forward, but instead on exacting some sort of weird racial revenge via public policy and ideological floggings. Again, that’s just sad.

      4. “60 years ago, black people were getting hosed, had dogs sicced on them, and were beaten in the street by “white” police officers for peaceful protesting.”

      True. And today’s black people used all that sacrifice to abort their children in numbers that are utterly shameful. They murder themselves on the streets of Chicago to the point where the city is referred to as “Chiraq.” They loot their own communities and burn businesses to the ground — and then women like Ms. Gundy liken it to Wall Street financial transactions. Worse, guys like you refuse to take her to task for her irresponsible rhetoric.

      5. The white man single handedly held down an entire ethnicity for hundreds of years and you pretend it isn’t or didn’t happen?

      Zzzz. No one on this blog is denying historical facts. Would you like me to go through a whole slew of historical injustices perpetrated by non-whites? We can start with the Aztec Empire. Perhaps the Ottoman Empire. We can go through China’s history if you would like. We can revisit the Rape of Nanking. How long are you going to allow yourself to be a prisoner of the past, Stephen? Just wondering.

    2. When you’re poor and segregated, basically weak and ignorant… what do you expect to happen? Poverty and sex go hand in hand for a slew of reasons. I’m basically saying people have a right to hold some animosity towards their “own” country for its past actions which has set the stage for all present and future events.

      People were brought here to a country stating “all men are created equal” except those people,then ran off into the ghettos and slums after being freed after they were done being exploited, and then when they act the way poor and ignorant people do, people have a dumbfounded expression, “why are you stealing”, “because i’m hungry”!!!! Poor people don’t have anything to pass on to their children except more poverty and ignorance. When you’re raised on welfare and foodstamps what would you expect? Yes thats why most jails are filled with minorities. Can’t have families when daddy’s in jail for selling a bag of weed.

      We don’t live in China or Mexico. I’m not a chinese or mexican citizen, I am American, so who cares about Nanking?

      I am by no means a prisoner of the past, most of my friends are white, I don’t care one way or the other what this lady says but colleges and universities are meant for higher learning and multicultural opinions, expanding one’s perspective, basically freedom of speech. If you don’t like the class or professor don’t take it!

      If you hadn’t noticed, the very tone and narrative of your post is white>black. I’ve seen all sorts of racists and prejudice people…. all masked by these statistics and fun facts, basically more reasons to look down on someone.

      Anywho your entitled to your own opinion as well! So whatever floats your boat!

    3. “When you’re raised on welfare and foodstamps what would you expect? Yes thats why most jails are filled with minorities.”

      Indeed. Liberalism has failed black Americans. I agree. It’s a shame that as a whole they refuse to acknowledge that fact.

      I suggest you look at the statistics. Immigrants from all over the world seem to be able to pull themselves out of poverty at astoundingly faster rates than blacks who have roots in America that go back generations. I find it strange that the “white man” is keeping them down, but not immigrants from Mexico, Cuba, India, China, Africa, etc.? What is more pernicious to modern black American culture — white guys like me who go about their business being productive citizens, or World Star Hip Hop? Just wondering.

      “We don’t live in China or Mexico. I’m not a chinese or mexican citizen, I am American, so who cares about Nanking?”

      Again, thank you. Your responses are incredibly telling. You care about history — but only history that allows you to comfortably continue to blame “white people” for the problems of black Americans. You want to use America’s past as a racial cudgel, but deep down you know that you can’t do that if you broaden your horizons past an extremely limited view of human history.

      “If you hadn’t noticed, the very tone and narrative of your post is white>black.”

      No, it’s not. It’s that Ms. Gundy’s decision to view black people as perpetual victims makes the case that white people are superior. I’m sorry that the point escapes you.

      Like I said: Mexicans, Cubans, Indians, and “brown” people from all over the globe come to America and don’t seem to have a problem assimilating and thriving within their adopted homeland. Within a few generations, they do quite well for themselves. I’m happy for them. The only people who seem to have a problem are those who adopt the worldview of Ms. Gundy. My advice for the Ms. Gundys of the world is to look inward for a change instead of pointing fingers at “white men” who are busy being productive, law-abiding citizens.

      Take your mind-forged manacles off, Stephen. You’ll be glad you did.

    4. Yes new immigrants do quite well, not people raised 3 generations on welfare, where its so ingrained into their culture. You’re comparing people who have the motivation to get up and leave their country to provide for their families to people who are born and raised in this country who have no motivation? OK!

      I am addressing this countries problems, not world events! Your deflecting the issue to irrelevant things. Yes mankind has been screwed up and evil since the beginning of time! I understand that. But China and India didn’t advocate slavery in America which ultimately lead to black america’s current poor economic situation. Then you turn around and look down on these people because they weren’t as fortunate as yourself?

      So because other countries have had their share of tyranny and hardship its ok for us to overlook the reason behind the issue?

      Have you actually taken this class? Or are all your opinions based on 3rd party assumptions and opinions?

      I do very well for myself, I have no qualms with my status in life. I just find it disappointing that their are people out there so quick to judge based on such shallow logic.

      “What is more pernicious to modern black American culture — white guys like me who go about their business being productive citizens, or World Star Hip Hop? Just wondering.”

      I’m sorry I forgot how amazing you were! Its white guys like you who look down on other people thats more offending and harmful, why compare it to hip hop? Oh Hip hop is part of the black urban culture therefore its bad! I understand your point now! Why even mention that unless you’re trying to prove some asinine point. Yea, I get it, you don’t like poor black people rapping! Lets move on!

    5. “Then you turn around and look down on these people because they weren’t as fortunate as yourself?”

      You know absolutely nothing about my personal life. Should I call you Professor X? Can you read minds? My guess, based on what you’ve said about yourself and your IP address, is that the road to my success was quite different from yours. Mine started out leaving my home at 18 years old and enlisting in the Army as a mechanized infantryman. It involved working overnight shifts at Target. It involved going to school full time while working full time. It involved unpaid internships and apartments with cockroaches and no furniture. You’ll have to forgive me if I laugh when Professor X-types like yourself talk to me about my so-called “white privilege”.

      I don’t look down on anyone. I’m simply stating facts that you don’t like (e.g., high rates of out-of-wedlock birth rates in urban communities), so your response is to squeal and act like I think I’m better than they are. Nice try.

      “Why even mention that unless you’re trying to prove some asinine point. Yea, I get it, you don’t like poor black people rapping! Lets move on!”

      You like to move on when you have to face facts that you don’t like, history that makes your own worldview look small and limited, or cultural commentary that shines a light on the problems facing urban communities (e.g., glorifying destructive behavior through their preferred platforms of entertainment).

      Again, I commend you for acknowledging that liberalism has left urban communities in an incredibly difficult bind, even if you won’t explicitly come out and say it.

      Here’s a personal anecdote for you: My wife’s family immigrated to the U.S. when she was seven years old. She spoke no English. If the “white man” is so racist, how come she and the other families in her community have gone from living in poverty to attaining the American Dream in such a short amount of time? Does the “white man” use his magical power to help out immigrants like my wife? If not, then perhaps you will finally acknowledge that it’s not the “white man” who keeps inner city black Americans back as much as it’s their own poisonous behavioral patterns.

      Exit Question for Stephen: Will future Stephens still be complaining about the “white man” in 3030?

  6. Where to even start:

    “You have a country pretty much built on the backs of slaves”

    I think you should learn more about history that statement alone almost renders the rest of your comment void.

    ” No one wants to help nor do most people even care.”

    Wrong I care and help daily.

    Second how do you even know what color I am seems like you may be racist to assume that you now I am a “white male”. I am offended that a person would spread hate and views that are not supported with facts under the roof of a institution based on education. She can say what she wants but there is also a proper audience and having college dollars go to that seems silly.

    “You don’t want people to spend 50k to take her class? Laughable! What if the student isn’t white and wants to see how white America has treated black America for the past 200 years?”

    Sure but let’s use facts, what she teaches is far from fact. If she were getting paid to teach based on facts I would be fine with it…oh wait I have taken classes like that.

    Was there some shameful actions, yes but let’s be clear that there has been change. Things are not perfect sure but they are far from what they were. No one here is saying this did not happen, but the teacher being discussed is not presenting facts she is presenting personal views that tend to neglect key factors.
    Can you say a white man has never been discriminated against?

    I have never owned a slave and you have never been one, it may be time for you to stop using that as an excuse.

    She can say what she wants but college is for education based on facts and logical theory not biased racist rants.

    1. Nice dodge.

      I work with minorities and poor white people everyday and often I find the culture they have is the problem. They have families that hold them down due to racist beliefs and other issues. If you know your history you will see that most minorities that come here start poor and still end up poor. The key is they pass what they have to their family along with the desire to build and have more and you see each generation build more wealth. We have equal opportunity but no one can promise equal outcomes. The major problem is that we have a group of people in depressed areas that are teaching each other that they cannot do better. I had a student that cried in my arms with joy before graduation because he was amazed at his opportunity that he never knew existed, he was told by family and friends that he would not likely live to see 25 due to his color and where he lived. Could you imagine everyone in an area not expecting to live past 25, if so what would that do to your world view and motivation? There is still racism but it works both ways as well. We have a large population holding themselves back and are blind to the American dream. The gentleman I mentioned now has a family and he works teaching other that the culture of pity does not work. It is easy to blame failure on others and the road to success is hard and does not come with a certainty but it can be achieved.

      I have seen it, I have done it, and I teach it.

  7. I am most definitely not psychic BUT I will try to predict the future here . After all of this racial indifference simmers down what do you think will happen ? Take a second to think . Will there be any change for the better for blacks in society ? I am going to say yes to some degree as far as availability but no to a different degree as far as actions. What I mean is liberalism has become the addiction for a majority of the black race for many years. If you think a race can pull itself out of the funk that has not only been trained but also trains to complain to get things accomplished in a heavier degree compared to taking action and grabbing books and applications then you will not get the point. In the process of complaining about lack of resources, you still have the problem of can black society use the resources ?

    After all of this winds down, you will see the same behavior occur in black society. Same crime rates, same self mutilations, same robberies, same drug usage, same attitude. Even if a big check was handed out to black society to try to compensate for slavery it would not help. Toss books their way and have job fairs in the ghettos and you will find something very troubling. Not only will white society be racists still, but black society will also be racist toward itself. Black business owners who have been victims to rioting can testify how hard it is to climb out of the funk in the projects especially when they base their business there, then you have black people burning down what they spent their life opposing the excuses and complaints to create. They themselves focused more on getting somewhere by far then how white population is keeping them from getting somewhere. Once they have gotten somewhere out comes the children trained to resent white people to burn and loot their businesses eventually once a cop shoots a black person.

    The ONLY way a person, never mind a community but even just a person can change is if they take the step to confront their bad thoughts and/or behaviors. Well asking a group of people to do that when the catalyst is white people is near impossible. A greater threat would have to distract them from the resentment. Have we gotten anywhere in our own lives stewing over injustice no matter what color we are? No. It is impossible to. Aggression can only add opportunity but you still have the character problem that plagues the black community. There are many other poor communities never mind in just the United States but also worldwide that are not burning their own buildings and committing crimes at a high degree. There are thousands and thousands of trailer parks loaded with white folks that have little crime. They are tremendously poor as well.

    What I choose to do as a white man is just know that regardless of the raising hell that occurs race wise, once it simmers down there will be the same life situations across the nation. I do feel frustrated at times but in the back of my mind I know that the secret to change is within ourselves confronting our own weaknesses and turning around training our own minds to think properly so that we can change. If black people are pointing the finger so much, as a community not only will nothing change but you will find that it will get worse and worse. It won’t stop. You can’t burn your own business owners’ buildings to the ground, kill each other at the highest rate in America and then hope for better opportunities. The only thing that could possible help is if more people stood up that were black and said wake up, let’s do away with solidarity and focus more on being an American rather than mental separation to color and then let’s fight crime together OR you can continue to call white people the devil, talk about how much is available to the white population and be distracted from joining the small number of black people that are a success because they took the steps to focus inwardly rather than outwardly. Resentments are a tough thing to move past. They really are, however they will not change the future positively. My psychic prediction, black people will have it even worse 10 to 20 years from now. Promise this will come to pass. Character, not complaining is what changes things. Tell me I am wrong.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Sean. As you said, at the end of the day Americans need to look inward to truly change their lives. I’m assuming you saw the story of the Baltimore mom who slapped her son for trying to take part in the riots. She rightfully did her best to steer him away from the wrong crowd, but it came out that she is a single mother trying to raise six kids on her own. Are “white men” responsible for that? I think not.

      Single mothers obviously love their children and it’s possible to raise them well, but only a partisan hack would argue that a population with a large percentage of absentee fathers is not going to have problems. That has nothing to do with race. It is a cultural problem that is exacerbated by bad public policy.

  8. oh one other thing I forgot to mention ….the comment about we have a country that is built on the backs of slaves that was made ……. if that were true , then black people today would an amazing success . Think about what you are saying . If black people had the character to build this country , then once handed freedom they would only succeed even with challenges in front of them as most all people do regardless of color that start out with very little and later on has built up much . Again , character will do that . If you are a hard worker as a slave then you will be a hard worker as a free man . It is just not possible to say we are the backbone while at the same time collecting welfare at an alarmingly high rate equivalent to the white race that is a tremendously higher population. Again though , none of this will make sense unless you are the type of person to reach for growth rather than excuses . Character always prevails . As they say , true colors come through . Rioting , excuses , racism , training children to hate , on and on develops character . Keep up all of these things and I can promise that it wont be me that suffers as society continues to disconnect an a higher rate each year from the black ” life is unfair” population . Matter of fact if anything out of frustration I will sit here with a smile to counteract the annoyance of it all and basically enjoy the results of what is just natural factor to change and watching the complaining people prove to me even further that change is a individual heartfelt determination that has zero to do with what anyone else is doing . Has zero to do with what is unfair . Has zero to do with race .

  9. Sorry I missed your response back to me Douglas , most definitely , the major element to proper behavior is a balanced household . The number of black people that are single and having babies is a staggering amount which is quite odd considering they top the charts over all races but are at a 13% population , which 20% of that 13% is currently incarcerated . What the problem is though about any of these truths , black people have lost total faith in any form of government data that would require any form of responsibility or repentance ……so when comparisons of welfare in relation to percentages they just simply dont care about whether or not it is even true .

    In alot of cases I am reading the ” white devil ” in comments and such throughout these trying days of racial warfare . Parents breeding and teaching their children to think of white people as white devils . It is funny because if you go to the Bahamas honestly there are alot of black people there that feel the same about white people as well . You should see the kids reactions over there when they see white people . The difference is although they are secluded there is a greater pride in those people that live in the Bahamas . The children are dressed in uniform and go to school looking the same. They dont have alot of crime there .

    The poisonous mind will never get anyone anywhere . President Obama will not be in service as President for another term so the leaders that passively insert support for racism will no longer be of service to the United States of America . One thing I can be sure of is that there will not be another black president for a very long time . Is it coincidence that the first time a black skinned non black man is president and all hell breaks lose due to lack of leadership in a sense of handling issues of racial separation in a mature and responsible peaceful manner . Obama has taken the country by storm with quite an ego I might add implementing communism into our country so is it a surprise that he would have a lack thereof with handling racial sensitivity ?

    My ex wife is from Bulgaria where communism had haunted the entire country for over 100 years even after it was overthrown . Communism looks good at first ( for dependent people that lack insurance and jobs and such ) but unfortunately as most irresponsible people behave , they dont care to look down the road at the government “owned” society where you now have a commander and not a man of service . Talk about developing trust issues . It is similar to a drug deal peddling out freebies to get you hooked then capitalizing afterwards . I have never understood Liberal ways but I can say that they are most definitely not interested in their children’s futures but rather their own current circumstances .

    1. “One thing I can be sure of is that there will not be another black president for a very long time .”

      It is a shame that one man and his administration can tarnish the view of many. There are many capable black people that could be president but it will be a challenge. Many white people have also stunk up that position and it leaves one to believe we need significant change in order get back in a good path.

  10. Seems to me a compassionate, empathetic, well educated person might recognize our history of human ignorances for what they are/were…ignorance.

    Wouldn’t it be really cool if some/many Americans and other free people were willing to recognize and accept that mankind, aka the human species, is constantly evolving, learning from our ignorance and taking affirmative steps to correct the ignorances some or many humans embrace?

    Sadly, slavery and racism are human ignorances that many humans once embraced and encouraged.

    Sadly, today there are Americans who obviously prefer to focus on the ignorance/mistakes of our human past, causing continued resentment, pain and mistrust, and in my opinion placing obstacles for healing now and in our future.


  11. I am so sick of this, why is this any different then using the N word, I have a freedom of speech also??? Why is it that all of our Collages hire these P.O.S liberal racial and Lie telling Professors. Why is it that my children have to suffer through black heritage month every year and not learn anything about American History? Why is it that we can teach about alternative lifestyles, but Christianity is forbidden? Why is it we have to fight to keep the pledge of allegiance and any of the values that this country was founded upon? She should be fired for her RACIEST remarks. I am so tired of this We owe you attitude, and how Thugs and Murderers are Martyred and our Police are Criminalized weather they are black or White trying to defend our rights. Soon if this continues we will be no better then ISIS and sharia law.

  12. I love it when leftists play Professor X with me and try to say I’m “privileged,” completely ignorant of the fact that I’m anything but privileged and haven’t always had an easy life. It just shows how insanely obsessed with race they really are. And when you bring up things they don’t want to hear, such as the out-of-wedlock birth rates and the fact that Democrats have failed African-Americans through programs like the Great Society, they explode and say you’re “racist” and “privileged.” Or you bring up other incidents of cruelty throughout human history, such as the “Rape of Nanking,” they say “Who cares about Nanking? Slavery in America! Slavery in America! Slavery! White Privilege! Achievement Gap!” and similar nonsense.

    If you want another example, just bring up FDR’s internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. They’ll say something like, “well, it was secretly masterminded by Republicans!” (to quote my cousin) I’m dead serious.

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