Marco RubioFlorida Senator Marco Rubio has entered the 2016 race for the White House, which means that there are officially no reasons for Republicans to care about anything Jeb Bush has to say. Only people who are fascinated by political dynasties and those who are obsessed with the past will be left in Mr. Bush’s corner, no matter how much of Karl Rove’s money he brings to the table.

The Associated Press reported Monday, April 13:

MIAMI (AP) — Sen. Marco Rubio on Monday took on Hillary Rodham Clinton in his first words as a presidential candidate, telling top donors he is running for the Republican nomination because the 2016 race for the White House should be about the future, not the past.

The first-term Republican from Florida, 43, also told his most generous backers that he feels “uniquely qualified” to pitch his Republican Party as one that will defend the American Dream.

Nothing could send a worse message about the state of American culture than if the 2016 American election was between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. If the Republican Party wants to get trounced (again) this next presidential election, then it will nominate a crusty old white man with the last name “Bush.”

Jeb Bush APIf the Republican Party wants to have any chance at winning, then it will nominate an intelligent, charismatic, conservative man who really is the American Dream personified — who also happens to be good looking. Mr. Rubio also gets bonus points for having tried to work with Senate Democrats on immigration, even though they stabbed him in the back.

If conservatives refuse to cut the guy with Cuban immigrant parents some slack for being the lone adult in the room on immigration reform, then they deserve to lose.


  1. Rubio, Cruz, and Walker will cancel each other out, and Bush will get the Republican nomination. Hillary will get the Democratic nomination, because her gender automatically entitles her to it. (Elizabeth Warren is the right sex, but lacks the name recognition factor.) The office has become a dynasty, shared back and forth by two rich families.

    1. If Hillary is the nominee, that would basically be like Democrats finally admitting that Hope and Change was a giant sham. Obama was supposed to be the candidate of the future, which was partially why Hillary was rejected in 2008. The logical choice to continue the “Hope and Change Express” would be to put Elizabeth Warren up front. It will be interesting to see if Martin O’Malley can topple Hillary.

      I refuse to believe that Republicans are so stupid that they would nominate Bush. If that happens, then I’m staying home on election day.

    2. I refuse to believe you think Rubio was the only adult in the room when it came to immigration, especially since you admit he was dumb enough to got back-stabbed, he doesn’t call for the outright annexation of Mexico, and he doesn’t expel any and all Muslims from this country and repatriate them back to their countries of origin.

    3. I don’t even know what “dumb enough to got back-stabbed” means. In the real world, elected officials actually have to make a good-faith effort to work with people who they disagree with. Marco Rubio did just that — like an adult. That isn’t dumb. It’s incredibly smart.

      Your Muslim comment is equally weird. Are you talking about stripping Americans of their citizenship? That’s kind of scary, if that’s what you’re saying. Feel free to clarify and tell me who this Republican candidate is who is sending Muslim Americans to “their countries of origin.”

  2. The winner of the presidential election sells a more optimistic picture for the country during the campaign (whether that comes true or not is a different story); if Rubio can do that he will be in good shape. Energy and optimism is what did Clinton in for the 2008 election. Even without the dynasty tag, I don’t know if Bush is that visionary guy.

    I’m personally not as hung up on the last name, I think Jeb did a pretty good job in Florida; but I am in total agreement that we need some new voices for the conservative side. I wish Rubio well.

    1. Patrick, it’s nice to see your well-reasoned comments again! Vunderguy (i.e., Emmanuel, PersonIsPerson) can learn a thing or to from you…

      As I said before, I’m sure Jeb is a nice man. And yes, I believe his record in Florida is respectable. However, the sense of entitlement that comes across from the Bushes and Clintons really bothers me. Even Barbara Bush was openly dismissive of the idea of another Bush running for president. She “changed her mind” once Jeb seriously went down that road to stop the “even his mom says it’s a bad idea” attack ads from happening.

    2. I don’t want political dynasties, either. I really hope it doesn’t come down to Bush vs Clinton on Election Day 2016. Another knock against Jeb is that he supports Common Core.

      And Emmannuel’s comment was just weird and the tone was kind of uncalled for.

    3. Emmanuel doesn’t comment here for ages and then he just shows up out of the blue with some snarky comment. Note to Emmanuel if you’re reading this: My patience has run out with you. You are officially on Lizard19 status. You have no one but yourself to blame.

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