Bill Maher APWhenever someone tells me that liberalism is a mental disorder I get slightly uncomfortable, but occasionally it’s hard not to think that when a guy like Bill Maher demonstrates that moral relativism has done something incredibly weird to his mind. The HBO host turned into a giddy schoolgirl when atheist guest Sam Harris called Islam the “mother lode of bad ideas,” but on Friday night he labeled the late Navy SEAL war hero Chris Kyle as a “psychopath patriot” for calling al Qaeda-inspired Sunni terrorists, those who use children as suicide bombers, and future-members of the Islamic State group (the men currently chopping off heads in Iraq and Syria) “savages.”

Mediaite reported Mr. Maher’s opinion on “American Sniper” and Chris Kyle Jan. 23:

Hurt Locker made $17 million because it was a little ambiguous and thoughtful. And this one is just ‘American hero. He’s a psychopath patriot and we love him.’ You know, I read some of the quotes from the real Chris Kyle. He said: “I hate the damn savages.” Talking about the Iraqis: “And I’ve been fighting and I always will. I love killing bad guys. Even with the pain, I loved what I was doing. Maybe war isn’t really fun, but I certainly was enjoying it.’ I don’t know. Eisenhower once said, “I hate wars. Only a soldier who has lived it, can.” I just don’t see this guy in the same league as Eisenhower. I’m sorry. And, if you’re a Christian — I now this is a Christian country — ‘I hate the damn savages,’ […] it doesn’t seem like a Christian thing to say. […] The idea that Americans cannot see an ambiguity — that someone has to be pure hero or pure traitor — is ridiculous.”

It wouldn’t be an installment of HBO Real Time without taking a cheap shot at Christians, would it? In October, however, Bill Maher was loving every minute of atheist Sam Harris’ conclusion that Islam is the “mother lode of bad ideas.”

CNN reported Oct. 16:

Ben Affleck’s appearance on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on Friday turned into a somewhat heated discussion when Maher and author Sam Harris voiced their opinions on Islam.

“Gone Girl” star Affleck took umbrage at the pair’s contention that Islam is, in Harris’ words, a “mother lode of bad ideas” and that liberals are squeamish about criticizing Islam for stances on women and LGBT issues because people “have been sold this meme of Islamophobia, where every criticism gets confused with bigotry toward Muslims as people.”

Bill Maher’s rants on Islam are prolific — and many of them do not contain the kind of “ambiguous and thoughtful” commentary he praises The Hurt Locker for. Most of them are not very ambiguous at all, and yet he bashes a guy who was deployed to Iraq four times for calling Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s henchmen and like-minded Iraqis “savages.” Telling.

In Bill Maher’s world, American snipers must be held to the General Eisenhower standard for articulating their world view or be deemed a “psychopath patriot.” If you’re a Christian, then you must utter each word and phrase with the tact and grace of a saint — even if you watched your buddy’s face get blown off while deployed to a war zone. If you’re an atheist, then you can make blanket statements about how Islam is inherently bad, and it’s considered nuanced. Is that a sign of a mental disorder on Bill Maher’s part, or are viewers just watching what happens when a man gets lost inside the maze of moral relativism he’s created in his own mind? It’s a tough question.

On Friday’s episode or “Real Time,” comedian Bill Burr tried to tell Mr. Maher that it isn’t right to “sum up a man by one quote taken out of context.” The host was having none of it, because doing that has served his bank account quite well for many years now. One might say that twisting a man’s words to further a political agenda is not a “Christian” thing to do, but since Bill Maher is an atheist — and right and wrong is simply dictated by whatever he decides on a moment-to-moment basis — then it’s no big deal.

Keep finding ways to slime veterans who served their country to the best of their ability, Bill Maher. Most Americans are willing to cut an Iraq War veteran with four tours under his belt some slack for not describing the experience as if he were a five-star general (yes, that’s right — five-star) who would go on to become the 34th President of the United States. With every petty insult hurled at Chris Kyle by men like Michael Moore and Seth Rogen, modern liberalism’s true colors are revealed. For that, I thank them.

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  1. Hey Doug, I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and, like always, you’re spot on. Chris Kyle’s use of the word savage is proper terminology. Those who rape, strap bombs to children, subjugate and pour acid in women’s faces certainly fit the description (as for the profanity, I find it ironic that a man like Bill Maher would take issue with that). If Kyle was as empathetic toward these lunatics as Mr. Maher would have him be, there would be an extra 160 insurgents in the world right now. And it would’ve been America’s heroes who would have paid the price for that. Bill Maher is a coward for acknowledging the evil perpetuated by Islam (something a great many leftists fail to do), then proceeding to attack a man who had the courage to do something about that evil. God bless Chris Kyle and all our armed forces. And thank you, Mr. Ernst, for your service.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Sal. I hope you stick around and let me know when I’m on track…and when I’m not. 🙂

      Guys like Maher generally “support” the troops as long as they’re filling sandbags after a hurricane. When it comes to those troops actually doing what they’re trained to do, then suddenly you get the “psychotic patriot” or “coward” comments seen by Mr. Maher and Michael Moore.

      I plan on reading Nicholas Irvingon’s “The Reaper” sometime soon. I heard that was pretty good, so I’ll try and review that if time permits. If you’re into what drives these guys to do what they do, then be on the lookout in the next month or so.

      Again, thanks for the kind words and stopping by to add to the discussion.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if these “stars” are just nuts or do they have a long term agenda. The twisted logic they use has not attachment to reality. I will never understand how someone uses their freedom to trounce the people that maintain it for them.

    1. That’s the interesting thing: Chris Kyle was obviously talking about very specific Iraqis (and the foreign fighters with al Qaeda who came to join them) in his book — not all Iraqis or all Muslims — whereas Bill Maher has made countless blanket statements about Islam. Using Bill Maher’s own logic, he is more of a “psychopath” than Chris Kyle could ever be.

      I really do think there’s a lot of jealousy and envy involved on a deep subconscious level. Bill Maher sits around an air conditioned studio surrounded by people who clap like seals when they agree with him and sit in muted silence when they don’t. Meanwhile, someone like Chris Kyle volunteered to be put into harm’s way to stand up for what the principles he believed in.

      I think guys like Bill Maher ask themselves when they’re alone at night how they would react on the field of battle, and the answer terrifies them. Instead of admitting that, they look for ways to tear down the men who do what they cannot.

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