Jonathan Gruber ObamacareJonthan Gruber made over $400,000 by the Obama administration for his contribution to crafting Obamacare, and millions of dollars advising others after its passage. Now that the news is out that he’s gone around the country bragging about how the Democrats deceived their “stupid” voters into giving them political cover to pass the bill, one would think the universities he spoke to would encourage intellectually curious Americans to view their videos. Instead, U.S. they have decided to go full-Orwell.

The National Review reported Nov. 19:

Universities that hosted Jonathan Gruber are now removing videos of the MIT professor from their websites after a series of candid admissions from the Obamacare architect ignited a firestorm against the health-care law. …

At least two colleges who hosted the professor have tried to scrub Gruber from the internet. The University of Pennsylvania removed Gruber’s October 2013 panel appearance — in which he laughed about “the stupidity of the American voter” — on November 10, but quickly reposted the video after withering criticism.

On Monday the University of Rhode Island took a page out of Penn’s book, removing a 2012 discussion where Gruber explains how the law was passed to “exploit” the American voters’ “lack of economic understanding.” URI offered no explanation on its webpage as to why the video was pulled.

Imagine an situation where a Republican administration is able to jam through a flat-tax in the middle of a chilly March night. Years later, countless tapes of an MIT analyst named Jonathan Gruber turn up bragging about how the administration, which paid him $400,000, duped the American people by exploiting their “economic ignorance.” What would happen?

Universities that originally hosted Mr. Gruber would schedule debates on campus along the lines of: “Gruber: Can Republicans be trusted ever again?” or “Gruber: What did the president know and when did he know it?” Instructors would give extra credit for attendance. Books would be written about the scandal by college professors across the country, who would then make them required reading. A single new chapter would be added each year, and students would be forced to buy the new edition instead of paying a quarter of the price for the used version. When students complained about their debt, those same tenured professors with six-figure salaries would blame Republicans.

But alas, Jonathan Gruber worked for Mr. Obama. The president will pretend like he didn’t really know the man, Nancy Pelosi will pretend like she didn’t know the man, John Kerry will pretend he didn’t know the man, and their friends in academia will do their best to send evidence to the contrary to the deepest, darkest depths of the digital ocean.

The American people are not stupid — hence, the need to deceive them on behalf of the Obama administration.

Moms and dads do have a lot on their minds, however, which is why Penn attempted to delete its video and the University of Rhode Island actually carried through with the decision. In time, memories get fuzzy or fade all together. If enough people forget the lies, then it’s easier to keep the charade going.

I can not ask this question enough: Do you trust these people to create a “fair” and “free” internet with “Net Neutrality”? If so, then watch American Commitment’s “All of Gruber Gate in Two Minutes” and ask again.

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    1. So you’re saying you don’t come out with a “new edition” of your book each year that changes one paragraph or one chapter, and then make your students buy that version? 😉 I’m sure there are ways around that now, but it was a little more difficult in 2001.

  1. To be fair that is not my choice that is a publisher decision…but I have taken part in the writing process. I understand the student hardship I had to pay for 100% of my college with that in mind I help the students out often on how to get the books for less (I have even let some borrow them when they could not afford them). Some changes are needed in updates but sometimes it does seem like a cash grab.

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