Time magazine recently held a fun poll to see which words should be “banned” in 2015. Its readers decided by an overwhelming margin that the word ‘feminist’ has become toxic. Feminists went into full totalitarian mode, and soon afterward Time’s Nancy Gibbs was apologizing to them — thereby proving the point of every single person who voted in favor of banning the word.

Time poll results feminismHere’s what Time had to say before attempting to scrub its poll results down the Memory Hole:

“TIME apologizes for the execution of this poll; the word ‘feminist’ should not have been included in a list of words to ban. While we meant to invite debate about some ways the word was used this year, that nuance was lost, and we regret that its inclusion has become a distraction from the important debate over equality and justice,” (Nancy Gibbs).

Time couldn’t stand up to the likes of Planned Parenthood, which ironically has a big problem with aborting words, but not a problem with aborting millions of future feminists.

Planned ParenthoodFeminists stand up for the “right” to kill little girls and boys in the womb and they tweet about killing “all men,” but if you want to kill a word during a playful online poll, then you’re apparently a horrible person.

Helena Horton GamerGateFeminists may have gotten Time to walk back its original editorial decision, but in the process they once again have demonstrated to large swathes of the American public that they are out of ideas. When American feminists are forced to go after men who are busy sending rockets into the far reaches of space, the time has come where they are largely irrelevant. When American feminists find themselves trying to ban victims of female genital mutilation from speaking on college campuses, it is clear that intellectual bankruptcy is close at hand.

Time magazine may be able to erase most of the evidence of its poll results, but feminists can not easily erase the reputation they’ve built for themselves in recent years. The louder they screech irrational diatribes into the digital marketplace of ideas, the less influence they will wield.


  1. Radical Feminism has become the cultural equivalent of the screaming and crying psychopath who has robbed the bank and has hostages; the rational folks outside try to negotiate with it and give it what it wants within reason in hopes that it doesn’t hurt anyone inside.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Cirsova. The thing that I find peculiar about these women is that they spend a lot of time going after targets like the guy who landed a space probe on a comet, guys who just want to play video games, and Time magazine editors who publish fun polls for readers. Meanwhile, the Islamic State group is selling women as sex slaves in the Middle East…

    2. I’ve found that every problem that 1st world feminists say that feminism is the solution for, the quicker fix would be westernization. When your justification for 1st world feminism is “In some countries women are stoned to death, can’t drive or vote or own property or suffer genital mutilation” one needs only look at the places where these things are still a problem. Ironically, it’s only the liberal intellectual tradition of the west that allows for such a lazy and cushioned lifestyle that individuals who face no real oppression can see themselves as the mirrors of those who actually do.

    3. Ironically, it’s only the liberal intellectual tradition of the west that allows for such a lazy and cushioned lifestyle that individuals who face no real oppression can see themselves as the mirrors of those who actually do.

      To me, it’s always interesting to watch people who don’t particularly have any dragons to slay invent them. As you essentially point out, we’re supposed to believe the life-long accumulation of “micro-aggressions” (e.g., a scientist who wears a shirt with busty cartoon characters) is somehow tantamount to what women in, say, Saudi Arabia go through. Heh.

    4. I’ve seen the same sort of people argue that you can’t just get rid of FGM because it would be too much, too soon, to expect from the culture. Micro-solutions to micro-aggressions don’t solve macro-problems.

    5. Modern feminists continue to prove just how irrelevant and immature they really are. At one time, feminism was about women being equal to men. Nowadays, they flip out about things that don’t matter, such as how female characters are portrayed in comics and on book covers (ironically, the covers I speak of are on books aimed at women), about a fictitious “War on Women,” about a rocket scientist’s shirt and about an innocuous poll from Time Magazine.

      They ignore the real horrors faced by women in the Middle East and ban women such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a victim of genital mutilation. They want to silence people with whom they disagree, and think it’s perfectly OK to send out Tweets about “killing all men.” It’s pathetic and disgusting.

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