Republican control of the House and Senate. Republican businessman Larry Hogan’s win in Maryland’s governor’s race. Republican Charlie Baker elected governor of Massachusetts. Republican businessman Bruce Rauner’s win in Illinois’ governor’s race. The list goes on and on, and yet President Obama apparently thinks it has nothing to do with him.

The New York Times reported Nov. 4

The Republican capture of the Senate culminated a season of discontent for the president — and may yet open a period of even deeper frustration. Sagging in the polls and unwelcome in most competitive races across the country, Mr. Obama bristled as the last campaign that would influence his presidency played out while he sat largely on the sidelines. He privately complained that it should not be a judgment on him. “He doesn’t feel repudiated,” the aide said Tuesday night.

A Democratic operative speaking to Business Insider put things much more bluntly. Besides calling election night a “bloodbath,” the individual said:

“This is a tsunami. Heads will roll at 1600. And if they don’t, shame. […] The president has 60 days to clean house, regrow his spine, and lay out an aggressive, centrist agenda. If he fails at any of those, he might as well just start writing his memoir. … Democratic operatives who refuse to acknowledge this is the White House’s fault are out of their f***ing minds.”

Indeed. Salty language aside, the comment begs the question: Is Mr. Obama out of his mind?

It was only days ago that the president said, “I’m not on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.”

If Mr. Obama is the head of the Democratic Party as the President of the United States — if voters consider him to be the living embodiment of the liberal policies that he readily concedes are on trial — then a rejection of those policies are on multiple levels a rejection of him. To deny that voters were sending a message to the White House is to deny reality.

If you call a terrorist group a “jayvee team,” and then six months later they credibly control large swathes of the Middle East, then voters will repudiate you on election night.

If you say it is not likely that the Ebola virus will show up on American shores — and it does weeks later — then voters will repudiate you on election night.

If you say “we don’t have a strategy yet” when asked how the United States will deal with terrorists chopping off the heads of American journalists in a mini-caliphate, then voters will repudiate you on election night.

If you promise people they can keep their heath insurance, and millions of people lose their health insurance soon afterward, then voters will will repudiate you on election night.

Men who can not see reality, even as a political “bloodbath” takes place before their very eyes, are not the kind of individuals who should have their hands on the levers of power. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama is the president and the American people put him there. It appears that many citizens are now trying to make amends for earlier mistakes, but it is a shame that so much self-inflicted pain had to occur before a course correction could be made.


  1. It is rather clear that the liberals are now on damage control as they now try to spin this as a good thing for Hillary. This is clearly an indication that people are not in agreement with the current situation. I find it funny how certain liberal writers on twitter have been somewhat silent. Maybe they will keep their mouth shut since they now know they were not in the majority…or at least the voting majority.
    Laugh at this article if you will.

    1. I’m not sure how anyone can credibly claim that last night’s Republican landslide was somehow a harbinger of smooth sailing for Hillary Clinton’s future political ambitions. You basically have to be a shameless political hack to write something like that. That sort of mentality is exhausting to deal with, which is why I was thrilled when I finally got to move out of D.C. It exists everywhere, but obviously it’s more concentrated in the nation’s capital.

    2. I edited your comment, vunderguy. I know this is new, but try not to mention where I live. Long story short…I have to occasionally deal with some weirdos because of this blog. 😉

  2. That was a shellacking; here in Colorado even the republican losses were impressive; once popular Denver mayor/now governor Hickenlooper was taken to the wire by his republican opponent and Jared Polis, poster boy for Boulder county liberal politics had his closest race of his four terms. Never thought I’d see an over 30% republican vote in boulder county.

    1. That is surprising! Due to its status as a college town, I’ve often heard Boulder referred to as the People’s Republic of Boulder.

    2. Yes, they refer to themselves as the PR of Boulder; and are quite proud of it….when Colorado univ. switched to the PAC-12 for a conference one of the reasons touted in the paper was that they were more ideologically tied to Berkley than the Midwest.

  3. I spoke too soon…LOL

    Look at how the uninformed react. I particularly find it funny where David gets his “news”.

    Or the Cowboy smackdown.

    Looks like the lies to hide the truth has begun.
    People did not like the change they had and they found that the current group was not working.

    1. It’s funny how liberals are OK with millionaires (Hollywood types, green activists) who agree with them but any millionaires who donate money to conservative candidates such as the Koch Brothers are, to them, the devil incarnate. Yet another double standard.

  4. More fun with Ron Marz, when called out on his baseless statements he wants to run. This guy is from Marz.

    Ron Marz‏@ronmarzNov 5
    @Chad9976 Why do you think the GOP is constantly trying to disenfranchise minorities? They don’t want people to participate.

    @ronmarz seriously? You get all your political insight from daily kos and think progress?

    @Chad9976 Since I don’t visit Daily Kos at all — buy why let facts stand in the way of snark? — I guess we’re done here.

    Chad Polenz‏@Chad997624h24 hours ago
    @ronmarz you’re not providing facts. Just rhetoric.

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