FCKH8 2By now most people have heard of the new “F-Bombs for Feminism” video making the rounds. It’s a 2.5-minute commercial for FCKH8, the “for-profit T-shirt company with an activist heart,” which features little children spouting debunked liberal claptrap in between strings of swearing fits.

An excerpt of the video includes:

“What the fuck? I’m not some pretty fucking helpless princess in distress. I’m pretty fucking powerful! […] Here’s some words more fucked up than the word ‘fuck’: ‘Pay inequality.’ Women are paid 23 percent less than men for the exact same fucking work. […] Pay up mother fucker!”

Luckily, viewers who wonder “What kind of adults at FCKH8 are so ironically blinded by hate that they would exploit children for political gain and profit?” get to see two of them. One even wears a “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt.

FCKH8 feminism“This is what a feminist looks like.” Indeed. It also happens to be what unadulterated, uncensored modern American liberalism looks like — and it is ugly.

Liberals make fun of the tea party and devoutly-religious Americans (I have already stated that I am not particularly fond of Mike Huckabee), but at least both of those groups have the moral decency to refrain from using children in such a repugnant manner. Would you rather sit down and debate the tea party — a group that came to D.C. for large-scale protests and left the National Mall cleaner than they found it — or members of FCKH8, who see nothing wrong with dressing a little boy up in a princess costume and telling him to deliver expletives on demand?

FCKH8 boyWhile women are being turned into sex slaves in the Middle East for Islamic State head-choppers, American liberal feminists are using their limited time, money and resources to argue that their gender is too stupid to successfully engage in salary negotiations. While Iranian women are executed for killing their alleged rapists, American feminists are busy stopping Ayaan Hirsi Ali — a victim of female genital mutilation — from speaking to college students.

It takes a depraved and disgusting soul to request a script like “F-Bombs For Feminism” and hire children to star in the finished product. Unfortunately, those are the souls trying to shape our culture.

If you lived inside a giant toilet your whole life, then you probably would not truly understand the disgusting nature of your existence. Similarly, FCKH8 and its ideological allies hope to slowly cover the American cultural landscape in intellectual feces in the hopes that, one day, no one will remember a time when they didn’t wallow in filth.

If FCKH8 and its employees want to be the face of modern liberalism, then give it to them. Make sure to tell all your friends about the organization, and then make a reasoned, dignified, and principled case for conservatism. Future generations will thank you.

You can see the video here.


  1. Pretty appalling stuff, isn’t it? What were they thinking? They weren’t thinking at all, but what really strikes me as a bit creepy is that these people don’t even have a moral compass, in fact, they seem to delight in rejecting the idea of having any morals at all.

    1. They seem to delight in rejecting the idea of having any morals at all.

      Bingo. You’re spot-on. The individuals behind this video have serious issues.

      There was a part of me that didn’t even want to write on this video because it was so disgusting, but at the same time I feel as though sunshine is the best disinfectant. I’m in a weird position where I want to identify these people and how morally bankrupt they are, but at the same time I don’t want to give them exposure. It’s a strange predicament.

    2. I know, it’s ironic ain’t it.

      Modern Liberal: I’m NOT a Nihilist!

      Person with half a brain: Do you affirm that there exists such a thing as objective morality (whether that morality is absolute or relative, since objective can be either or or both) and understand the difference between ontology and epistemology.

      Modern Liberal: No!

      Person with half a brain: Then why should we do what you say rather than a complete non-sequitur like ‘Rutebega’? What is the ontological/meta-ethical foundation that would make doing what ANYONE says objectively right or wrong? If things like rights and freedoms are given by men, then what value do they have? Are they then not just like paper money without being backed by anything (like our current dollar)? What, beyond purely legalism (which would include the threat of social ostracization, the threat of death, and so on) stops a person from just pulling rights and freedoms out of thin air as they deem fit, and even contradictory rights like, ‘I have the right NOT to be raped,’ and ‘I have the right TO rape?’ and what makes this legalism right?

      Modern Liberal: …

  2. I just did a quick search on FCKH8. It would seem that they’re not feminists, but rather simply scumbags. According to several people, they’re an organization that takes advantage of popular social movements like LGBT, Ferguson, etc. to sell t-shirts, merchandise and such. While advertising under this fake banner, they claim the money goes to charity. It doesn’t. They simply keep it or say they donate to organizations that don’t accept donations.

    Again, this was all taken from a quick search; therefore, their may be a multitude of errors. I just wanted to mention this idea that seems plausible and needed to be told since it’s so crummy. So please do mention any facts that I mishandled or outright missed.

    1. I mentioned that FCKH8 bills itself as a profit company. It says so on its website. Anyone who purchases its clothing should not be surprised that the profits — all or most of them — go into its pockets. Likewise, you would be surprised at how much profit “non-profits” often make for top brass (e.g., see Jesse Jackson).

      Who do you think is keeping this company in business? Who keeps it thriving? Do you think conservatives like me are buying their shirts? Or Carl? Or Nate Winchester? They are obviously making enough money to churn out effective ads and shirts made of quality material for its target audience: liberal activists.

      FCKH8 also says that it has an “activist heart” that caters to the LGBT community, liberal feminists, etc. Why? Because that is who works there. This company’s message is absolutely no different than liberal feminist Suey “only white people can be racist” Park. Zero. And she was featured in mainstream media outlets like The Washington Post and Time magazine. The only difference is that she doesn’t claim to give the proceeds from her speaking engagements to charity. But the message is the same. The ideology is the same. The philosophical roots are the same.

      Have you followed up on Gamer Gate? Who do you think are calling the gamers racists, a dangerous group on par with Islamic State, etc? Joss Whedon even compared gamers to the KKK. How disgusting is that? But he too, an outspoken liberal, gets a pass because he makes slick Marvel movies. You called FCKH8 a bunch of scumbags. Is Joss Whedon a scumbag?

      Who are the journalists at gaming websites making comments like “all men should die”? It’s liberal activists in the industry (i.e., the kind of people who buy FCKH8 t-shirts). What they are saying is just as despicable as FCKH8, but yet liberal Hollywood celebrities are defending them.

      I stand by what I said: When you see unadulterated, uncensored modern liberalism — be it from Suey Park, FCKH8, Joss Whedon, or the liberal Journalists attacking gamers — it is ugly. That is modern liberalism exposed.

      The Main Event has done a great job covering Gamer Gate. Check out his videos if you get a chance.

  3. “Is Joss Whedon a scumbag?”

    Ummm, yeah. Ever since Buffy. I thought that was obvious. 😛

    Also, he only made one Marvel movie so far, and time will tell whether it was truly slick.

    1. Slick is not necessarily synonymous with “enduring.” I’d say $1.5 billion in world-wide box office sales qualifies as “slick.” However, as I said in another thread, I don’t think it will age nearly as well as The Dark Knight Rises.

      Mr. Whedon definitely gives off a pompous vibe, that’s for sure.

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