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Normally I would never post some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes along with running a blog, but lately I’ve had to make the point while there are mean people out there, we always have the power to respond with dignity and class, or with venom and vitriol. Take for instance the above comments (I omitted the last number of  the IP address), sent to me today. Little did our liberal friend know that I’ve always wanted to get a comment from someone named ‘Doug’s Dick Vacuum’ because that’s what “fag” (his word) conservatives secretly desire.

What isn’t a secret is that sometimes I like when liberals are mean, because so often they disguise what’s really on their mind. This particular guy thinks it’s okay to hurl gay slurs and he apparently has a thing against the  military (just like many of my college professors).

The question becomes: How do you deal with it? Normally, I just sort of laugh and delete the comment. I’m not sure if I was supposed to be hurt or offended, but if so it didn’t work. Since the troll commented on my “About Me” page he must know I was once an infantryman. Translation: it is almost impossible to offend me. I might think someone is a loser, lost, confused or just plain stupid, but in general I think the best way to deal with someone like “Doug’s Butt Buddy” is to ignore them.

Since the “Liberal Hunk” who wants me to “eat shit” provided a link to a story about how mindless it is to “support the troops,” here’s an excerpt. It will give you an idea of what I had to deal with for six years as I went through my undergraduate work at USC and then completed my Masters at American University:

Who, for instance, are “the troops”? Do they include those safely on bases in Hawaii and Germany? Those guarding and torturing prisoners at Bagram and Guantánamo? The ones who murder people by remote control? The legions of mercenaries in Iraq? The ones I’ve seen many times in the Arab world acting like an Adam Sandler character? “The troops” traverse vast sociological, geographical, economic and ideological categories. It does neither military personnel nor their fans any good to romanticize them as a singular organism.

Again, it’s quite fortuitous that becoming an infantryman actually makes you immune to attacks on infantrymen. Internet trolls make you say “Yawn. Moving on.”

Hard-core liberals go completely silent as guys like Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro mow down students in the streets, but they’ll go out of their way to portray American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines as mindless drones. These days, I usually just say a little prayer for the person and move on.

Perhaps the strangest trolling I ever received came from a website dedicated to finding out if I “hated America.”

The author (whose work I won’t link to, but you can find it quite easily) wrote:

“In asking that his superheroes be just as evil as he is, Douglas Ernst has set a new low for conservatives all over the country. You’d have to imagine that sometimes he cheers for the bad guys to win just so he can say the heroes should have tortured and killed more people to prevent disaster.

Things are starting to take shape now. Douglas Ernst can be compared to Adolf Hitler during his rise to power.”

Regular readers will find this post interesting, given that Superior Spider-Man creator Dan Slott has obsessed over a blog post where I called him out for flippantly inserting real-world genocidal maniacs like Hitler, Pol Pot and Genghis Khan into Amazing Spider-Man.

Note how Dan Slott handled the accusation that his character (who he put into Peter Parker’s body for over a year) was a monster worse than Hilter, and how I reacted to a the author of a website who literally compared me to Hitler.

On one side we have a comic book creator who was so offended that he took to almost every social media platform under the sun to scream about how offended he was; on the other side there was me, who basically ignored the guy.

My final response to him (at which point he ended his blog):

More power to you, sir. I’m confident my site will continue to grow, as it has done since day one. I’m also confident anyone who randomly lands on your little blog about me will think one thing: “It rubs the lotion on its skin,” — Douglas Ernst to author who dedicated a hate website to him.

As predicted, my blog has continued to improve and grow and thrive with new subscriptions.  The troll, seeing that his efforts would not alter me from my set course, eventually gave up.

If a giant aircraft carrier is cutting through the ocean and a small tugboat gets in its path in an attempt to stop it, we all know what happens — it gets crushed. Likewise, if one imagines they are a giant aircraft carrier, why would they concern themselves with the slings and arrows coming from a tugboat far below?

Be the aircraft carrier. Don’t be the tugboat. You’ll be glad you did.

Update: The liberal troll referenced for the purposes of this blog didn’t like that I exposed him as a troll. I normally wouldn’t do this, but I’ll be nice: All of your trollish messages are now going into the trash. I will no longer see them. If you want to continue to shout strange things into a digital trash can, go ahead. It’s really big, so feel free to go on for as long as you’d like.



  1. I’m sorry to hear about that, Doug. There are always people like that out there, especially on the internet where anonymous douchebags try to bring others down through personal attacks and name-calling. But you handled it quite well. And how did they get your e-mail? Was it your personal e-mail or your work e-mail? One also wonders if it isn’t the writer of that “article” from, using a fake e-mail account. I wouldn’t put it past anyone who writes for that “site.”

    With their disgusting behavior anonymous trolls really play into the hands of those who would like to place restrictions on the internet, as I’ve mentioned before.

    And I remember that blog that asked whether you hated America. I stumbled upon it once and shook my head at what I saw…. whoever its owner is/was, he had more than a few screws loose and WAY too much time on his hands. I mean, to break Godwin’s Law like that…. wow.

    1. If someone hasn’t commented before I have to approve of it before it goes live on the site. That’s because I get stuff like that. It’s very rare that I’ll delete something. If there’s even a semblance of thought put into it I’ll usually leave it up. However, I really don’t see how “Doug’s Dick Vacuum” adds to the discussion. I guess it’s good for a laugh…

      I always like when Dan Slott says I “broke Godwin’s Law”…proving that he doesn’t get what it is. If someone else mentions Hitler and you respond to that reference, you are not breaking Godwin’s Law. It would have been Godwin’s Law had Hitler never been mentioned in the book, only for me to then bring him up. Oy!

    2. Thanks for the clarification. I know you’ve mentioned in the past that you’ve deleted comments that lack substance and/or are profane like that. It is a good for a laugh, because it shows you how messed up internet trolls really are.

      “I always like when Dan Slott says I “broke Godwin’s Law”…proving that he doesn’t get what it is. If someone else mentions Hitler and you respond to that reference, you are not breaking Godwin’s Law. It would have been Godwin’s Law had Hitler never been mentioned in the book, only for me to bring him up. Oy!”

      Exactly. Slott himself was the one who mentioned Hitler, so it proves he doesn’t know what Godwin’s Law really is. That douche who created the hate blog dedicated to you did. He pulled that out of left field and bizarrely compared you to Hitler.

      You know, when I briefly stumbled upon the hate blog, i actually thought it was Lizard19 posting under a different name..

    3. You know, when I briefly stumbled upon the hate blog, i actually thought it was Lizard19 posting under a different name..

      Haha. Yes, there are quite a few similarities… I have to admit, that the posts were so over the top that they mad me laugh. I used to share them with my brothers and we’d all just be like, “What the heck?”

      There was one post where he said I hated my own grandmother right after she died. What do you even say to something like that? I wrote a memorial to her and he twisted it into some weird, wicked and disgusting thing. That’s why when certain comic book creators act as if they’re the only person in the world who has ever had something mean said to them I just laugh. Said comic book creator can’t even take it when I’m blasting a character; how would he respond if someone literally compared him to Hitler? I’m not sure if he would explode or implode into a black hole.

    4. As I recall, the only trolling I ever had to deal with at my old blog was some guy who called me a “racist” (the comment was deleted, but I saved it somewhere) and there were a few comments I just deleted because they had no substance. Stuff like “f**** you.” There were also a few off-topic comments I deleted; you probably know who wrote those, since he was banned here for a time. And even then, such trolling was rare.

    5. I just remember thinking, “is this Lizard 19?” when I read it. The writing style certainly was similar, filled with profanity, immaturity, logical fallacies and just plain nastiness.

      And I remember seeing that post he wrote about your grandmother as well. It was really disgusting. Basically, anyone who puts something out on the internet is bound to attract unwanted attention from trolls at some point. It’s all in how you handle it. You handled it well. Some, like Slott, do not and make “jokes” about wanting to “Jay and Silent Bob” critics.

    6. Lol, the lizard19 theory made me chuckle. That guy thought he was more……”enlightened” I guess I’ll say….than all of us; and he wasn’t shy about it; I don’t think he’d write under a different name. He wanted to tell us all, right here, how wrong we were/are.
      I always thought Doug played that well (not just with lizard), in the sense that the rants wouldn’t be deleted, and the authors just looked more and more foolish. By and large Doug was civil with them, as was “Doug’s cronies”(I have to thank Dan Slott for that one, we sound like the group of evildoers that gets unmasked at the end of scooby-do😄), and when it was obvious that they could back nothing up with civil discussion; they’d go off the deep end getting themselves banned, or they disappear. Doug is still here, the regulars are still here, trolls come and go; I think you’ve handled them well; and also Carl has handled some yahoo comments with class.

    7. Riddle me this: “The Slott who invented it doesn’t want it. The Slott who bought it doesn’t need it. The Slott who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?”

      Patrick, Carl, Hube and Truthwillwin1 — I hope you guys like the crony costumes I had made for you. They have really large question marks on them.

    8. Patrick, Carl, Hube and Truthwillwin1 — I hope you guys like the crony costumes I had made for you. They have really large question marks on them.

      Just like the Riddler?? NICE!

  2. Excellent article as always. Unfortunately for American Constitutionalists, conservatives, and believers in God, there never seems to be a shortage of liberal trolls with nothing better to do with their time than sling dirt. Guess this was the “opportunity to be creative” while living on the public dole, Pelosi was talking about.

    Good job Doug; your handling of this particularly foul creature was classy and nothing short of stellar!

  3. As I accept my crony costume I shed a tear and remember that no one has the right to not be offended. We have to learn how to react to adversity in a proactive manner.
    Ranting with all capital letters or profanity is considered yelling which usually proves that you have nothing of value to contribute to the conversation.

    1. He commented many,many times, Carl. 😉 But, like I said, if he’s continued since this morning I haven’t seen them. That’s the great thing about being the moderator — the spam button works.

    2. Trolls are really sad and pathetic people. They always expect to get angry, emotional response from people… but are completely flummoxed when you don’t and handle it with class. Like I said, you handled the idiot with the hate blog quite well, and now he’s disappeared back into whatever dark corner of the internet he came from.

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